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This was such a great weekend that I'm hoping I can make it my "Groundhog day" and just do it over and over, or preserve it in amber so I can enjoy it at my leisure.

Friday was Pinter's Moonlight at the Donmar Warehouse with [livejournal.com profile] dreamsewingmiko. Not only did I get a really engaging, intelligent play, but I got four hours with someone who's company I really enjoy. Lots of girlie bonding time and catching up and discussing plans for the future, like the Jerez flamenco festival and that trip to Patagonia I'm dreaming of (after seeing the article in the New York Times). On top of it we had Mexican food at Lupita and then gelato at Scoop, and the weather was amazing.

Boat on banks of River Stour, Fen Bridge in the background (n... on TwitpicAmazing weather was the theme for the weekend as [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and [livejournal.com profile] wechsler and I went to Colchester (awesome ruined monastery!) to canoe on the River Stour with Nomad Sea Kayaking. Not only did we get a lovely paddle on the river (with flowers blooming everywhere!), we saw some gorgeous country, literally right out of (or in) Constable paintings, and we had so much fun afterwards we went and took a walk down the banks of the same river, from the Dedham boat house to the Fen Bridge to the town of Dedham. It was a gorgeous little wool town that looked like a movie set. Then it was taxi to Colchester, nap to London, taco making and Alhambra. Really, it was such a nice, nice day and evening.

Sunday was London time, starting with the recording of the "As Yet Unnamed London Theater Podcast" that I'm getting involved in. It was nice talking shop about shows with people that I mostly know, and much easier (if less social) than meeting up in a pub. Then it was off to the Southbank for the London Chocolate Festival with [livejournal.com profile] exedore. We had a nice visit with each other and wound up sitting around in the sun doing nothing at the Victoria Embankment besides admiring the tulips and talking BS - we both had time to kill before seeing our next people of the day. I tried (once he left) to squeeze in the "British Art in the Age of the Comet" at the Hayward, but either it wasn't very exciting or the sun was just too awesome for the gallery to compete.

Beautiful wisteria covered house in Dedham #fb on TwitpicAt any rate, next stop was Euston to pick up Lisa Crispin, a very nice lady I met at a testing conference last year. I took her and her husband to the Wellcome Collection to see the Dirt exhibit, which was a nice collection of narrative, medical specimens, literature, and some nice fresh art (includingn a piece by Bruce Nauman). I thought it was fairly thought provoking but am afraid I had to rush through the last room due to running out of time! Then we headed over to Angel to see the puppet theater version of the Tempest they're doing in conjuntion with the Royal Shakespeare Company. People, do not be mistaken: this is not a puppet show, it's a cut down version of the Tempest with world class actors that just happens to have puppet versions of Ariel and Caliban (most appropriate ways of depicting them, I think). Tickets are only £12 and it's a STEAL at the price, I tell you, a STEAL. Buy yourself some tickets while they're still available and go go go. I think it's probably suitable for 8 and above (it's about 90 minutes long, no interval) - I haven't had time to write my review up yet but I was embarassed by how little I paid.

I forgot to mention: we ran into a pirate while we were canoe... on TwitpicAnd then it was home and a nice long chat with my new roomie and dishes and laundry and MAN I was tired. What a great weekend it was though! I had fun, I was happy, all my self doubt and self loathing were nowhere to be seen ... Where is the amber that it's hidden in? All I have is a few photographs ... but at least I can share them with you. Just imagine our terror as this pirate-captained boat bore down on us as we headed upstream ... yes, the weekend was just that fun.
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I'm off to Egypt tomorrow. Don't worry, I'm not going to Cairo, but rather Dahab. If anyone needs to get a hold of me, when I'm not actually diving or looking for the holy grail with Indiana Jones, I'll be at the Tropitel Dahab Oasis. I'm not worried about student protest as this is a remote town on the Red Sea. Sharks might be a problem but I'm hoping not given there's been no attacks in the last month or so.

In a surprise change of events, J is going with me. If you don't read Twitter, you probably didn't know this. As a result, I've packed playing cards and Carcassonne.

Last night I went to see Love Story, a musical based on the movie. I'd never seen it but had heard enough of the plot to ... well, it's not like they didn't tell you in the very first song what was going to happen to Jenny. It made me want to see the movie, because the male lead was so intensely unlikeable I just have to imagine he was portrayed better in the film. I just wanted to clobber him.

ANYWAY I've got to get out of here early tomorrow so ... see you all next week.
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I visited most of these states during two really long road trips, one in 89 and another in 95. I don't feel like I've really "done" the south, though. And I probably drove across Tennessee but I don't remember doing it.

visited 35 states (70%)
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And I've got a lot of places left to see the rest of the world - South America and Australia for a start, then sub-Saharan Africa, India ... the world is my oyster, I've barely cracked it!

visited 24 states (10.6%)
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I spent yesterday in a boat being toted from island to island in Croatia's Elaphite chain. The first, tiny island we passed looked like the setting for The Tempest: wind swept oak trees, flowering thises and that's, with some giant agave plants to add to the otherworldliness. It wasn't that it looked bizarre; it was just so very Mediterranean, and not piney. It was cool.

Higlight of the trip for me was, not the swimming on Lopud (which was nice, with super clear water and few people) but the Thyssen-Bornemisza modern art there. I'll look it up later but the exhibit was something like "My horizon" or "Infinite Horizon," and was a dark room with a narrow band of LED florescent type lights seamlessly around the room. I walked up into it from a ramp during a bright bit and fumbled my way to the center of the room, where I watched the colors slowly changing and the room getting darker; suddenly all the lights fused together and I was no longer in a box with four walls, I was staring into infinity _with a horizon line_ everywhere I turned; it felt like a circle now. I got a little disoriented. I could hear Amy leaving and walked to where I thought the exit was; suddenly the horizon line was wobbling madly and I felt dizzy and thought I was going to fall over. Then I realized I had just, in fact, walked to within about 4 inches of one of the walls, and the wobbling was caused by my walking. So really, a very cool exhibit & really glad I made the effort to see it. The little hermit crab that crawled out of the shell I picked up off of the sandy sea bottom, he was cool, too. (I did put him back.)
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Last night I came home from seeing The Mousetrap and finished my review for Joe Turner's Come and Gone (currently playing at the Young Vic). I'd pretty much finished writing it but needed to research the national origin of the various performers to see to what extent the dialogue coach had scrubbed an "English" accent out of the actors rather than anything else. My hypothesis was right: only one of the people on stage was American, and he was the best performer of the night. He's also pretty famous in general, so maybe there's more to his performance than the ease with which he handled the accent of his character. Still, this had me up until 11:30. What was I thinking? I needed to get some sleep. This became even more apparent at 4 AM, when I started having a coughing fit. I got it down for an hour or so then lost some more sleep. Bleah.

I took my hacking and coughing self to work despite this (and very much due to not getting paid for sick days off work my first year). Woke up to some rather depressing tweets from people who'd been to the show I went to last night (the Mousetrap): one saying she was thinking about washing her hair to get it clean because it had been coughed on so much; the other saying she was "probably fighting off the cold Webcowgirl had given to me." It was really irritating. I have just had these colds settle in my lungs and I don't see myself as being communicable at day five; I don't have a runny nose or anything, just a dry, hacking cough. Hypochondriac jerks.

I made it through day at work with only about two coughing fits. Got my tickets to visit my uncle in Munich before the end of the day. Then, cough or no cough, I had an appointment with my Pilates instructor today, so I was going hell or high water (you don't want to stiff people for these things). Her house was on the more northern end of the Northern line and decorated with what I thought was great taste: old rock posters carefully frames, freaky bobble-head dolls, sweet springer spaniels hiding in the kitchen. She took it easy on my ankle but had me doing all sorts of fun stuff that challenged me in various ways. At one point, I was doing an exercise where you lie on your side with feet braced against a bar and one hand holding onto a horizontal bar on springs, then curve your torso upwards, led by your arm. The set of reps on my left side sucked; but then when I did the final set, I finally understood that you lift using your torso and not by pulling yourself up by your arms. This is a big deal because I am weak with my arm muscles, but suddenly VROOM I was able to curve up just like I was supposed to. I was so pleased I did three more on that side and then went back to the other side and did another set just to try to get it right. It was totally different and cool. We also did some semi-uh, what are they called? It is this thing you do when you balance on your butt with your body in a v, your legs pointing in front and your arms up overhead. Anyway, you can do an exercise where you lay on your back and hold onto a bar over your head and kind of rise into this position, the bar curving an arc in front of you, your arms following the bar and your body rising up into this V, your butt curling underneath you to get you into the right position: oh yeah, "teasers" they are called. Anyway, they are hard to do, and I have not done one once since I moved here, but the muscle memory was there, the way your tailbone curves underneath you to get you into position, and doing them made me feel happy. Afterwards I felt a bit shakey from working out all of those poor degenerated muscles, but I had a glass of water and played with the dogs and saw that one of the rock posters on the wall was for a Siouxie/Love and Rockets concert I went to at Irvine Meadows back in 1986 (memories!) and felt pretty damned alright with the world. I get to go back next week. Yay. :-D



May. 7th, 2010 11:46 pm
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Today I left work early, met Amy at King's Cross, and headed up to Bradford. My goal is to see the Wakefield Tulip Society's 175th show; nobody here knows what I'm talking about. Apparently my tulip geek goes up to 11. I'd made plans to do this much earlier in the year, and had been really looking forward to getting to know the town from [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug's point of view, but that fell through, sadly enough. But A and I are here and we spent our evening eating curry and then playing cards in a pub; shockingly low key but good for both of us. Now what I need is a recoommendation for a tea room in Wakefield, as we'll be having lunch there before the exhibit opens to the public. Suggestions, oh LJ hive mind?
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Well, today was mostly oriented around driving to Cocoa Beach to catch a boat at 2 PM for a 2 hour manatee tour in the Thousand Island nature preserve. It was gorgeous; multiple mangrove swamps surrounding a giant lagoon (the so-called Banana River), with all sorts of wildlife just everywhere. I kept a tally of birds: Minor blue heron. Great blue heron. Cardinal. Anhinga. Brown pelican. Osprey. Ibis. Cormorant. We succeeded in seeing dolphins, who were racing back and forth against seawalls (protecting people's houses from erosion) catching fish, and also some manatees, who were doing their manatee thing (eating) but being very shy about coming near the boat. That was a little disappointing but we enjoyed the two hours of chilling out under the boat's canopy, and the scary fundies sitting across from us kept to themselves while the pack of four gay boys got more and more fun as we kept puttering around the channels between the islands. It was supposed to be roasting hot and humid today, but it was cooler near the coast and the breeze was pleasant; really, I thought it was just perfect.

Though short on manatees, this tour was a great nature lesson, and I took some notes, for your edification (and my memory): we saw three kinds of mangrove. Red mangrove: roots drop down, covered w/barnacles. Black mangrove: spiky upwards roots. White mangrove: expansive roots. We also saw lots of Australian pine, which the Nature Conservancy is working to rip out to help restore the little islands to better health. If I come back to Florida in the next two years, rather than staying in Orlando, I'd like to settle myself at the Beach Place guest houses, Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach, where I could walk straight to the ocean, as we did after we were through with our boat ride. We never made it to the wildlife preserve we were going to see, but we had a great time doing what we did do and didn't feel rushed.

We then headed back to Orlando and stopped by the Clarion to pick up my rather tardily-arriving pile of tea from Silk Road teas; then went to Number Uno for more Cuban food (they treated us like kings and asked about my sister and my niece, which was totally gratifying) and then went to I-Drive for a round of Pirate theme goofy golf. It was just ridiculous and totally fun if a bit sweaty; it was cruel that so many of the holes had a water feature that actually meant the ball, if hit incorrectly, would be swept away into a pond in the middle of the property. The water also raised the ambient humidity to near-sauna levels. That said, I did get to shot a hole inside a cave, a lifetime first for me. (Pix are on FB if you're interested.)

We finished up around ten then went back to the hotel, where we got the accounts sorta settled and then packed, took showeres, and did the normal end of day/end of trip stuff. I figure I'll be heading out of here around 2PM tomorrow; I've got a late checkout, but it's not nearly as late as I'd like it to be, so I'll have some time chilling in the lobby. This has really been a great trip - this part, anyway - and I certainly won't mind staying here for a while longer and getting in one last swim during the heat of the day.
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It's been a busy week - after seeing The Little Dog Laughed at the Garrick Mondayh night (LastMinute still haven't published my review but I got permission to do so myself - they're doing a big redesign and I'm not going up until it's done), it was rush rush rush. I got in another Ozu movie and then got my hair done and went to two days of nearly entirely useless management training.

Now I'm off to Madeira for five days of sun and relaxation. I've packed one SF book, one Sookie Stackhouse, and The Master and Margarita. Hope I made the right decisions here ...
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I just spent three days (or two days and three nights) in Madrid with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler.I've wanted to show him the town where ham is king and delicious cider is available everywhere for ages; this was my third trip so I hoped I could do a good job of hitting the highlights.

Well, travelling Easyjet did not help, as we arrived about two hours later than expected and missed having a late Spanish dinner (they start around 10 PM); it also meant that I slept until almost noon the next day (because by the time we got to the hotel it was 2 AM). Fortunately our hotel, the Hotel Moderno, where I stayed with [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug when she and I went, was very much open when we arrived. I appreciated its location even more this time: right on Puerta del Sol, behind the Corte Ingles, next to La Mallorquina (one of the best bakeries in the world) and a few blocks from the Chocolateria San Jinez.YAY!

The majority of day one (which pretty much started out as "hey let's find some lunch now") was devoted to the Thyssen-Borgenzia museum, which had a great exhibit on called "Tears of Eros." It claimed to be examining the relationship between sex and death, but mostly to me it was an excuse to group together great work by artists I really like in themes I personally found interesting. So we had Millais, Von Stuck, Moreau, Bougereau, Matisse, and even Bill Viola (no idea what key Ijust hit here) looking at Adam and Eve (and the snake), Nymphs and Sphinxes, Andromeda and St Sebastian (? - w/ the arrows), St. Anthony, Narcissus and Endymion - it was great! We took about two hours to go through the exhibit and afterwards I bought the catalogue. We _also_ wound up spending another two hours going through the main collection, about which I'll say it included Rafael and O'Keefe and had a room full of Gaugins and leave it at that.

Oddly we did not make it out to a flamenco show or even to see the guitarists at the Meson de la Guitarra - the waiter at the restaurant we went to for dinner was so rude it just about had me in tears, and then it was hotel room and reading time. Oh well. Guess I'm feeling a little sensitive or something.

Sunday, well, it should have been El Rastro day, but the rain was sheeting down outside and I decided to just catch up on my sleep and wait for it to clear up. Finally it let off and we went to the other branch of the Tears of Eros show, which was continued in a gallery a few blocks from the hotel. I was hoping to catch the Convento de Descalzados Reales (16th C religious art), but the four remaining tours were all booked up. Ah well. Lunch was Cocido Madrileno- a soup course followed by big chunks of various pork products on top of garbanzo beans (plus wine and dessert). It was perfect for a pre-winter day. Then we headed over to the Botanical Gardens and poked around amidst the spots of sun for another two hours or so. We started to get cold and tried to do the Prado, but as Sunday was free day there was a line of an hour to get in and we just couldn't do it. Instead we headed back to the hotel and I (ahem) tried to find some work clothes at El Corte Ingles. No luck, really, but it did pass the time nicely before dinner. Post dinner we went to Meson de la Guitarra but the guys were off; still, we sat around and drank sangria and shot the breeze and absorbed the atmosphere until we were both seeing crosseyed.Cutest breakfast in the world: "mixto" with egg on Twitpic

Today was the usual waste a lot of time packing morning with a great breakfast at La Mallorquina (a toasted ham egg and cheese sandwich with a circle cut out for the egg yolk to show through), then shopping for souvenirs here and there because pretty much every museum in town was closed. We wound up getting chocolate again at San Jinez, much nicer without the crows of Saturday. Then it was pretty much time to head to the airport - or would have been if we hadn't had our plane run an hour late again. Damned Easyjet, they are costing me sleep. Anyway, it was a pretty fun weekend (if only we'd flown BA) and I only missed the internet just a tiny bit, really.
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Suddenly I'm thinking that given the cost of going to the States (or Australia), my best plan could be Kerala. The food sounds great, the weather will be good, the culture is fascinating, and there is no chance (really) of anyone coming to visit us for Christmas ... so I may have the winning option here!
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I got my vacation info from work (how many days total I'll have, as it turns out 1.5 days less than I have now) and also was informed of how much "pro-rated" vacation I'll have for the rest of the year ...

and I did the math and it turns out there's really just no way in hell I can swing going to Australia this winter - it kind of relied on being able to take another 2 weeks vacation at the beginning of the year (which is when the Tango Foxtrot vacation days were reset), which I won't have - my total number of vacation days are through the end of March.

Ah well. Time to figure out what to do for Christmas.

In the meantime, it looks like my last "effective" day here will be Friday, and then I'll have three weeks to "kill" before the new job. I'm having fantasies about using some of this time to go to Scarborough again, and of course I'm out of the country next week (and in Penzance over the bank holiday weekend) ... but does anyone have some great ideas of what or whom I should see or do between now and August 30th?
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It seems appropriate that while on vacation I'd find time to write, right? So I did get my review of Time and the Conways done today prior to my nap. I like the free time but I'm sure over time it would prove frustrating.

It was a fun day: we saw the Norman castle, the church where Anne Bronte is buried (one of the few graves not to have been moved - seemed rude to be using tombstones as paving stones), and the lighthouse. We skipped dinner (and karaoke!) in favor of eating at the apartment. It's probably going to turn out to be one of the cheapest weekends away ever.

Tomorrow: concert at the Victorian spa (11), boat ride, mock naval battle on a pond, trip to the Sea Life Center, and hopefully more karaoke.
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We're in the house in Scarborough. It's an awesome place - full of really interesting books (I'm guessing maybe 2000 or so), musical instruments, and interesting things to cook with. It's also decorated with fascinating antiques, shiny things, and bits and bobs from around the world (for example, the bathroom has a Tibetan mandala painting). It's like taking a vacation inside someone's mind, with all of their memories and experiences. I feel ridiculously at home here. In fact, I love it.

Out the front windows, over the red tiled rooves is the little protected fishing harbor, with the touristy beahfront promenade (gambling arcades, ice cream shops, chippies) curving away from it. Hovering behind us is a hill with a castle on top - maybe Norman but I'm not sure. We're about to walk out the door and find out, though. Later on I'll report on the Knickerbocker Deluxe and the other karaoke joint on the waterfront. (Note: regular updates on my Wewbcowgirl Twittr account, including photos. Much easier to manage from a phone than LJ posts.)

Oh yeah - also expecting a call from a recruiter today. Will report back on that.
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My big excitement for today was going to be my big work lunch early birthday dim sum do (aside from the "wow" of getting my review of English National Ballet's "Ballets Russes" program finished or finishing Whitby Witches, a special treat I'm saving for after work).

Only ... nobody wanted to go. There was a bit of an emergency at work, but of the 8 people who weren't emergenating, none of them could be bothered to leave the building.

So there was J standing at the restaurant at 12:35, waiting for me, and I called to say, "Fuggedabout it, it ain't happening." So we went and took some cheap sandwiches to the park.

Only ... one person did show up, later. And there I was at a park really far away. I felt like a heel.

Then the store guard at Boots told me off for taking a picture of the Nivea products there as there are "no photos allowed in the store." Bullshit, really. I was just trying to enable [livejournal.com profile] lastwordy to tell me EXACTLY which one of the Nivea creams she wanted. And as, er, a birthday present, I was going to buy myself some of that Super Anti Aging Cream, Contains Genuine Virgins. Only now it's SCREW YOU Boots, I'm doing my shopping at SuperDrug, even though apparently it will mean I look older, faster.

I've had nothing to do at work today. The build is a piece of crap but it ain't my baby's stinky diaper even if it kept everyone from coming to my lunch. Tomorrow AM is my screen with Tripadelic and I can't wait.

Also, I've got a hankering to go to Salcombe but it takes forever to get there. Wah!

I'm glad I'm going to Pilates tonight. It is really just a very good thing.
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Mondays are often a good day for me, as I'm at work with enough sleep and tend to feel more able to handle the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune," as it were. But today is payday, and I've been approved for some training next week (giving me something to look forward to), and I'm going to see a play tonight with my friends C and Josela, so I am feeling pretty good about today.

[livejournal.com profile] wechsler has uploaded pictures from our trip to Nice on his Flickr account. They're awesome! (Also the source of the new user icon, which makes me laugh every time I see it.) I swear that I was reverse aging while I was gone.

Whinging about having nothing to read appears to have been tremendously successful as I now have piles of books winging their way toward me. Some of them winged their way with me after [livejournal.com profile] bathtubgin's do on Saturday, and I've started The Whitby Witches (which she lent to me). I'm not expecting anything genius, just a fun kids' story with magic.

Overall not a bad weekend, even though I spent most of Saturday moping after feeling like I was kicked to the floor Friday night. I wish I could get my happy back faster after people upset me - I hate watching valuable weekend time waste away when I've got so much to do but am to crushed to move. Since it ended well, at least, I'm in a good mood today, and that's what counts.

Also: in a series (in which I read Jo Clayton books around the world): me and Dancers Rise, by Jo Clayton, Entrevaux train station, France.

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I nearly got one, too, Dubrovnik for (pound sign)133. But I had breakfast and it went up 30 quid by the time I came back. BAH.

Crap, I meant to say "Oh yeah, don't forget my unbirthday party June 20th" but I should probably wait and post that when I'm actually in a good mood.

Kinda down today. Feel like keeping up this blog is a waste of time - I could just go back to putting things up on my old Greymatter site if I want to diary, but my content contributions here don't seem to be building community - the huge effort I made to get things online while I was gone didn't really generate any response. Maybe Twitter for ambient awareness, Facebook for keeping up with people far away, Wordpress for art writing, and Greymatter to keep an online diary is the way to go. My LJ use seems to be dying off pretty naturally - I'm having to remind myself to use it these days.

It's gray outside and I've got lots of cleaning to do, then later some grocery shopping (we had breakfast without bacon or sausage today, so sad!) and maybe a visit to the dosa shop. And I need to do the budget for the month. Ooo baby.

I would sure like to hear from Tripadelic about that resume. I need to be done with my job, really.
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Yesterday was a fine and sunny day, and we took advantage of it to visit Entrevaux, a mostly untouched medieval town that seemed like it should be the set for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The real point of going there wasn't seeing the town so much; it was taking the teeny little train way up into the mountains. We saw all sorts of adorable abandoned (mostly) train stations, old water tanks, ancient side cars, and lots of gorgeous scenery, all along the river Var.Since we were crazy and caught the 9 AM train, we actually got back in time to do something else; in this case, visit the Chagall museum. Unfortunately giant paintings of old testament scenes don't really do it for me; we thus chose to flesh out the lovely sunny day with a visit to Phoenix Park, which looks like it has a brilliant Asian art museum, but which we visited for the flowers, birds, and animals. Unsurprisingly our good weather broke while we were there and a front rolled in, but we got back to the hotel without getting rained on too much - and I got to try Jasmine ice cream.

Today was not really what I was expecting, as [livejournal.com profile] wechsler woke up with a fever. I suspect ye olde 24 hour flu. I am also feeling a bit under the weather (just tired, headachey, and congested), so the piles of naps we took today weren't unsurprising. W did rally enough to make it to the Matisse museum, but since he was sitting down in every other room I decided we'd best skip the Roman ruins on site and head back to the flat for some chillin'. When he finally woke up at around 6 he wasn't even energetic enough to walk the three blocks to the beach, and sadly due to some holiday (Assumption? Accession? Ascention?) all of the pharmacies are closed. I do home the paracetamol is helping with his fever, cause that's all we've got.

Thus tonight is quiet. I went out and got some roast chicken takeaway, and I really have no idea what tomorrow will hold. I'm guessing tonight I'll finish my Jo Clayton book and maybe take a shower (woo!); W does't even seem up to a board game, poor thing. And, sadly, there is no internet in the room, so I'm forced to write from the lobby of the hotel. Not ideal, really.
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Man, I;m exhausted after a heavy day of walking, walking, walking. Nice is cool, like Miami Beach with lots of baroque architecture (actually fin de siecle) to mess things up a bit. I imagine it being La Paz's fantasy about what it wants to be when it grows up. Our hotel is actually not in a great part of town, but the hookers I saw last night were really good looking. It is near the beach and almost quiet enough, though I slept poorly last night. It was actually raging warm when we arrived and I worried it would be intolerably hot and humid today, but a few clouds rolled in and it cooled down. Sadly nothing can be dne about the prices: Nice seems like one of the most expensive cities I've ever travelled in. Even the house wine is expensive. Price didn't stop me from going wild at the world's most amazing gelato shop. I skipped the olive and avocado flavors and went for peppered vanilla and lemon verbena; today I got rose and violet. MMMmmm.

a href="Http://yfrog.com/0esbe">This is what it seemed I did all day, though I also shopped a bit. I found a great tea shop and bought two different 2009 2nd flush Darjeelings (just arrived!) as well as tea from Iran and Kenya. I also got some killer cheese at the market next to our hotel (this is a big plus and will affect what we eat for the rest of the trip). Somehow this wound up killing far more of the day than I expected but somehow tea buying trips get very conversational.

This computer is really irritating me so I'm going to skip the rest of the day and say that tomorrow we're taking a tiny train up into the hills behind Nice, and I have a sneaking suspicion we're going to wind up at Marineland Provence. WOO HOO. I'm dehydrated again today but at least I'm not sunburned, and I'm really happy about getting to eat Tunisian food for dinner tonight.
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Wechsler & I are off to Nice courtesy of the free Aer Lingus tickets I won from the Metro. Supposedly have wifi in hotel (La Buffa, in Frommers) but no phone so expect much less posting.

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I'm on the train to King's Cross right now, arriving in London in about 2 1/2 hours. It's a holiday in England today, "May Day" bank holiday. I have no idea what it's supposed to be celebrating, really (much like Labor Day in America, which is a day that's all about not working), but I'm not one to turn my nose at a free day off work. My computer is really open so I can work on my resume, which I will be doing for a good hour at least. I've got a cheese scone, a muffin, some really nice cheddar, and some water in my bag, but I'm not the least bit hungry as of yet since I've had another huge breakfast (bacon and scrambled eggs on toast plus lovely thick yogurt). My suitcase itself is overhead, and it's become very heavy, what with the beer, lemon drizzle loaf, and antique plates in it - but it was heavy beforehand anyway as I've got several books in it. As it turned out, we had great weather this weekend so I spent almost no time reading at all.

The landscape rolling by is full of sheep and horses. There are lambs everywhere. The horses seem to be of a much heavier stock than I'm used to seeing - probably better suited to the weather up here. It really is quite a bit colder than it is in London up north.

I wound up reading the "Little House on the Prairie Cookbook" this weekend and it has got me thinking: I really could make my own cheese. I'd have a hard time getting a cooling room set up, but I just bet I could do it. Maybe in the fall I'll check it out; my house gets really cold and the guest room is probably the perfect temperature for aging cheese properly.


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