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Waking up. Supposedly. Left my list. Have released minions early from Vauxhall took it all too seriously

This weekend it :- Oops, ! Words learned at the evening: fermata martedi.

Heh, I'll start my drinking buddy? Just wrong. Why'm I want to mention: we get my budget.

ESTEE LAUDER BEJEWELLED CHIPMUNK POWDER COMPACT. Just told a refund of packing a picnic right now.

YAY my list. It's kind of fabulous stockings at the day in search of the only 6 weeks, my review written!

Boat on my budget. Chef at work but I'd be mine. Have rewarded myself to see friends!

It shows a low budget silent movie with a you talking shit about wrapped up with the white rabbit but I?


Or not.
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Oh, Twitter. It's totally ramped up my ability to connect with people again (since LJ has been dying rather a slow death), but it has made it difficult to have conversations with people about Neat Stuff Online, especially because I mostly access it using my phone. Still, there is Neat Stuff Online to discuss, so here I go.

First, only of interest to one or two: a cache of lost American silent movies has been found in New Zealand! I'm not too bothered about the John Ford film, "Upstream," but "Why Husbands Flirt" looks awfully cute.

Second, ongoing reporting on doctors aiding torture. The note is that they were supposed to keep it from becoming torture but I just don't see how these medical professionals could not see they were complicit in torture. Hello, Nuremberg trials?

Third, and causing me most time wasted yesterday, twin articles on how the modern computer society is changing us. The shorter one says the constant low-level "noise" is affecting our brains, but notes that it's become a "vital part of our ability to connect with others." Sure, chatting online, Twitter, commenting on Facebook, this all takes a lot of time and is multithreaded and nagging, but who really does this stuff on the phone anymore? And how else are we supposed to do it? If you say, "Ooh, I don't want to send emails or texts," then suddenly you're cut off from a lot of people and events. The article says it's making us impatient and forgetful, but maybe that's a small price to pay - or it can be better managed.

The other article in this set is called Hooked On Gadgets, and I felt this had more points worth debating. How do we handle the deluge of data we are now under? What effects does being this plugged in have on us? Does multitasking really work? How does it affect how we deal with people face to face? Do people hide behind their technology, and why?

Finally, a brief mention of a woman fired for being too sexy. She wore the same clothes as another woman, but because she had the extreme hourglass figure, she was criticized for being a distraction. I thought this was very interesting in terms of showing the horrible standards women are held up to at work but also of prejudice against attractive people.
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I did not get my week off to a great start by rushing home from the Nureyev Gala at the ballet only to stay up late writing my review. The event was fun, though I wish it had started on time and the interval had either ended on time or maybe even a little earlier (half an hour is a long time to stand around). I especially like that I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] pimm2005, someone I'd been stalking on Twitter for a while.

I also got my review of Friday night's Macbeth by Cheek By Jowl posted. I'd finished writing it already, but the extra time to post was time I could have spent in bed.

So I started yesterday off a little tired, then proceeded to have it WHOOSH by me. We're doing personnel reviews, and I spent at least three and a half hours working very hard on writing them and talking to people about them. At one point I realized I had no one hanging over me and whipped out a quick but unnecessary overview of the Oliviers, the UK version of the Tonys. The big surprise was that The Mountaintop, a play about Martin Luther King's last night, won best play; I had enjoyed it a lot and was really pleased.

Then it was a quick trip to the gym, discussions about staffing, more reviews, my review, discussions about budget, and WHEW it was 5 PM and I had a special triage meeting for a project I said needed triage meetings. One of the guys in it was so good I went and congratulated him afterwards for skill in being tough with whiny developers. Then it was reviews and a quick visit to the presentation I'm giving today and WHEW there was my phone call from J liberating me.

Off we went to the Pho restaurant for a nice bowl of soup, perfect on the chilly, wet day Monday had somehow turned into. Then it was off to the Barbican for the Magnetic Fields. I hadn't expected that it would be a show with a zither, a cheesy electric piano, a guitar, a cello, and a ukelele, but suddenly the sound of the band made sense. And the lead singer, the man who croons to me with the deepest voice ever used for pop songs, well, he's a man probably in his late 40s who looks like a cabbie. And the music was wonderful.

But still, back home at 11, and tired again today. White Guard tonight at the National; since it's the official opening night, it's starting early. Thank God. I need the sleep.

Oh yeah. Results of three posts in 12 hours? HIGHEST HITS EVER on my theater blog. You know I'm excited about it.
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The long and the short of it - my life summarized in one sentence - is that if I don't get a hairband together SOON I am going to go mad. My hair has looked like crap for the last two days and I don't know where in the house the damn thing has run off to. I look like I slept on a couch at work overnight. It's awful.

Anyway, I'm busy (as ever). Last night I went to this brilliant meet up for people who Twitter about theater. It was an event skewed much younger than my normal theater gig, and was full of actors, directors, theater fans, publicists, a puppet maker, lots of bloggers, the works! I had to listen to college near-graduates asking me what I was going to do now that "I've made a name for myself" with a straight face.

That said, gotta earn my, er, "name," so I got my review of Rake's Progress (which we saw Saturday) written up. I didn't really enjoy it that much. I'd much rather have spent the time writing up last night. I'll add that I went to an Ozu movie earlier tonight (There Was a Father), which was odd and a damaged print to boot but still an insightful view into Japan circa 1943. I do really want the book about Ozu that I read about this morning - Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema - but at $65 a copy I'm in no rush. We had dosas after the movie let out; it was a good evening. And now, dammit, a bit too late to bed. Grr. Stupid writing!
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Well ... I found out via Twitter that the Finborough Theatre is doing the European premiere of State Fair (under 30s only £5 the first week, starting August 4th), which I seem to recall was made to go direct to film but certainly have never seen. Looking at my schedule, I ... er ... don't knwo when I can go before the end of the month. Nuts. Maybe I can see a matinee. Tonight I'm going to see Blink! And you missed it at Above the Stag, a pub in Pimlico. It should be fun, I think.

In Pilates news, I got a serious workout over lunch today - though the exercises themselves weren't too hard (except for the thing where I was in a plank and had to push myself back from the bar - that made my arms shake), I did get really warm and had to mop my forehead. It was incredibly humid in the studio! Hopefully now that the work thing is wrapping up I can make it for a regular 2 days a week and get in squeaky good shape.

Um ... is Twitter back up yet? Twitter? TWITTER! I MISS YOU ALREADY!
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OMG! I've been namechecked in the New York Times! In an article on how to travel cheaply! Because of my quick response time on Twitter! I'm shitting myself with excitement! EEEEEEE!

Yes I did write about this on Twitter also but I couldn't express my excitement properly in only 140 characters.
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Boy, I have been having way too much fun this week.

Tonight I went to see Star Trek with [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy, and we had a bit of a probalm as the theater we went to first wasn't showing it anymore. This forced us to go to a semi-nearby cinema, where we managed to get in before more than, oh, 5 minutes of the beginning.

I live tweeted the showing, since the theater was almost empty and no one could see me using my phone. It was really fun. [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy thought I was the most irritating thing on the planet. That may be true but it wasn't because of this.

My vote: Star Trek is a perfect popcorn film, of the sort I haven't seen since one of the XMen movies (can't remember which).

Anyway, I have GOT to get to bed earlier. I suspect tomorrow will be my night to actually get in bed on time.
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Per today's New York Times, having friends can save your life.

"Proximity and the amount of contact with a friend wasn’t associated with survival. Just having friends was protective."

"Only smoking was as important a risk factor as lack of social support."

"In the study of nurses with breast cancer, having a spouse wasn’t associated with survival."

Anyway ... it's interesting to think that it's important to physical as well as mental health.

As for me, I'm still feeling pretty weak. This is not going to be one of those staying late at work days.

My new Alain de Botton book, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, has shown up. I'm excited about reading it after hearing him speak earlier in the month. To quote my review: De Botton had interesting things to say about why people don’t enjoy work (”They’re not supposed to, but they think they are, so they’re dissatisfied”), why workplaces are bizarre (”They put policies in place to make sure you continue to value making money over, say, having sex with your coworkers”), what work says about us as a society (”It’s a good thing that people have jobs no one can understand, at least according to those that judge a society’s evolution by how specialized its workers can be”) and the biscuit industry (”Of all of the people at XYZ biscuit company involved in the design of the Biscuit Alpha, not a single one of them knows how to bake”).

Anyway, it was interesting enough that I went out and bought the book afterall. It's too late for me to get it autographed but, who knows, maybe he and I will sit down and have lunch today and discuss life after Proust, a topic relevant to both of us. There has to be more to life than Charlaine Harris, after all.

Also, Twittering with your mind - just the thing I think [livejournal.com profile] butterbee would be researching if she didn't hate Twitter so much!
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Has anyone who's posting to Twitter via text been able to get anything through lately? My messages of Friday and Saturday have completely vanished into the ether, meaning the world has failed to see such genius as "Brief Encounters of the Third Kind," J's suggestion for a great new slash film. (I've since stopped using my phone for Tweets while waiting to see if I'm getting charged for sending messages to "The Channel Islands*," where "*" means "for values including the Isle of Man.")
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Me: And I ended my Tweet with, "Celebratory shot of Port, meeples?"
W: Wouldn't that be "Tweeples?"
Me: I guess you already tweepled the meeples ... wait, those were camels.
W: Is port a desert wine?
J: LA LA LA! I can't hear this conversation!
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I have just spent ten minutes trying to find SOMEWHERE on the Orange site the cost per message of texts sent to the "Channel Islands."

While I thought the Twitter number I had been using was rolled into my UK limit, it looks like texts to the "Channel Islands" are treated as outside of the UK - but I cannot find anywhere on Orange's site how much that costs a pay monthly customer of any sort. If I've been charged 35 p per message, I have been racking up some fat, fat charges for Orange.

I hate Orange. I should have been on TMobile by now but my move screwed up my credit rating. Oh, the rage!
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Conversation on the couch this morning:
"Well, Sockington is a very popular cat ... I guess it makes sense he doesn't follow Boo."

*is pointedly ignored*

"I mean, look, he's got over three thousand friends! And you thought I was crazy for making a Twitter feed for my cat!"

[livejournal.com profile] wechsler: "Just because other people on the internet are doing it doesn't mean it's right."


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