Feb. 3rd, 2011

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I really have every intent of writing up my trip to Egypt, but only when I've finished catching up on my sleep. I managed to write up my trip to American Ballet Theater at Sadler's Wells last night, but only because I skipped taking a lunch break.

Today mostly was kinda shitty because I started out by losing the equivalent of $120 on my way into work. Then I had to yell at someone at work for falsifying records and undermining the test process. Then I had to deal with the fact we just don't have enough people to do all of the work but due to some idiocy they don't want us to hire contractors anymore but we (the company) committed to doing the work without worrying about whether or not we had enough people to do it right. So the day at work ended with me not feeling all that cheeful.

On the other hand, I did get a certificate from one of the two pubs I organized team lunches at for a free lunch for ten, so that was cool.

But my ankle spent the day acting like it was going to pop again and I'm exhausted now (after Pilates and a trip to the Kinetica art fair). Night, all.


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