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I know I am just a very sad sack but I'm excited that my review of the ballet The Blue God caused my site to experience the second highest number of hits ever: 511 yesterday! I completely savaged it as, well, it was bad, and in a sloppy rather than a camp way. It was also a letdown as it was supposed to be a recreation of the Ballets Russes performance but the only thing it really had was the set and costume - not even the music. Bah. It was a raging let down. On a positive note, this makes yesterday's blog hits second only to the day I gave Carlos Acosta a dressing down (811) that beat all the majors to the press; the third day is still Tuesday, May 25, 2010, when I had 493 hits.

I also had a very enthused review of the Little Angel Theater's The Tempest, which wasn't so much "The Tempest as performed by puppets" but "The Tempest with the two magical creatures performed as puppets and the rest done by top-class Royal Shakespeare Company actors." It was just fantastic. But no one is really reading that one, so I'm telling you again here, it's great and at only £12 a real steal.

Yesterday after work (already forgotten) I went to Pilates with Alison up north, which was great fun, then headed down south the Vauxhall tavern to meet J and [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug for some drawing at the Dr Sketchy event. Our models were both stunningly gorgeous; one looked like Anna Mae Wong, the other like she'd stepped out of a Paul Gaugin painting. It was a really good evening and hard to believe it constituted "hump day" since it all seemed to be going up."
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The recording of the "As Yet Unnamed London Theater Podcast" made Sunday is available for your listening pleasure. If you don't care for theater, this will probably be deadly dull. On the other hand, Phil from the West End Whingers and Ian of Oughttobeclowns are actually my friends so for me it's just like sitting in a pub talking shit only trying to be better about taking turns.
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I've been doing lots and lots of writing on my blog lately as I've been seeing all sorts of ballet. The Mikhailovsky was in town for two weeks, and I saw their Swan Lake, Cipollino, "Mixed Rep" and Laurencia; now I've moved on to the Bolshoi (who had a week overlap with the Mikhailovsky). The Bolshoi isn't doing nearly as innovative programming but they compensate with tremendous dancers; the performance of Giselle I saw on Monday - well, the dancing of the character Giselle - was truly amazing. It got me all motivated to go and see Le Corsaire on Tuesday so I could see that Natalia Osipova girl again. What a star! I'm also seeing Spartacus (one of the most hilarious, over the top ballets ever - slaves and crucifixions and orgies, oh my!), on Saturday, while tomorrow I'm planning on seeing the Bolshoi's mixed bill, featuring Petrushka, the ballet about the fucked up puppet.

So yeah, I've been writing reviews like mad, and I haven't even been able to link to them here because, er, I've been going out too much to do any of my diary blogging. Last night I saw yet ANOTHER ballet, one that wasn't even the Bolshoi or the Mikhailovsky: it was the new production by Carlos Acosta, my "dancer of Great Note" since I've been here (and a show I was able to drag [livejournal.com profile] mabel_morgan to, to my pleasure). I'm sort of sad to say that I hated the show, but my anger at the money I wasted on my tickets is being tempered by the fantastic traffic it's bringing to my theater reviews blog. Until today, my busiest day had been Tuesday, May 25, 2010, when I had 493 visitors; when I checked an hour ago, my blog was already at 464 for the day. And THAT is something worth being happy about - it certainly justifies the effort I made to get my review up before I went to bed.

Meanwhile tonight I'm off to Above the Stag to see "Blink! Twice," a production of great songs from forgotten musicals. I saw their previous show "Blink! And you missed it" and loved it, so I have high hopes for this show (though I know I'd enjoy it more if I had someone to go see with me). Seriously, though, I have been burning the candle at both ends for the last two months and I need to slow down; hopefully an extra round of Pilates next month will help get me to normal levels as the candle has been getting rather short.

Oh yeah, I had a great visit with my uncle in Munich last weekend. He's been really depressed most of the last yeaer; hopefully I can tempt him out of his shell and convince him to spend some more time with me next year, and maybe get him to do some travelling with me.


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