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I know I am just a very sad sack but I'm excited that my review of the ballet The Blue God caused my site to experience the second highest number of hits ever: 511 yesterday! I completely savaged it as, well, it was bad, and in a sloppy rather than a camp way. It was also a letdown as it was supposed to be a recreation of the Ballets Russes performance but the only thing it really had was the set and costume - not even the music. Bah. It was a raging let down. On a positive note, this makes yesterday's blog hits second only to the day I gave Carlos Acosta a dressing down (811) that beat all the majors to the press; the third day is still Tuesday, May 25, 2010, when I had 493 hits.

I also had a very enthused review of the Little Angel Theater's The Tempest, which wasn't so much "The Tempest as performed by puppets" but "The Tempest with the two magical creatures performed as puppets and the rest done by top-class Royal Shakespeare Company actors." It was just fantastic. But no one is really reading that one, so I'm telling you again here, it's great and at only £12 a real steal.

Yesterday after work (already forgotten) I went to Pilates with Alison up north, which was great fun, then headed down south the Vauxhall tavern to meet J and [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug for some drawing at the Dr Sketchy event. Our models were both stunningly gorgeous; one looked like Anna Mae Wong, the other like she'd stepped out of a Paul Gaugin painting. It was a really good evening and hard to believe it constituted "hump day" since it all seemed to be going up."
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The recording of the "As Yet Unnamed London Theater Podcast" made Sunday is available for your listening pleasure. If you don't care for theater, this will probably be deadly dull. On the other hand, Phil from the West End Whingers and Ian of Oughttobeclowns are actually my friends so for me it's just like sitting in a pub talking shit only trying to be better about taking turns.
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This was such a great weekend that I'm hoping I can make it my "Groundhog day" and just do it over and over, or preserve it in amber so I can enjoy it at my leisure.

Friday was Pinter's Moonlight at the Donmar Warehouse with [livejournal.com profile] dreamsewingmiko. Not only did I get a really engaging, intelligent play, but I got four hours with someone who's company I really enjoy. Lots of girlie bonding time and catching up and discussing plans for the future, like the Jerez flamenco festival and that trip to Patagonia I'm dreaming of (after seeing the article in the New York Times). On top of it we had Mexican food at Lupita and then gelato at Scoop, and the weather was amazing.

Boat on banks of River Stour, Fen Bridge in the background (n... on TwitpicAmazing weather was the theme for the weekend as [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and [livejournal.com profile] wechsler and I went to Colchester (awesome ruined monastery!) to canoe on the River Stour with Nomad Sea Kayaking. Not only did we get a lovely paddle on the river (with flowers blooming everywhere!), we saw some gorgeous country, literally right out of (or in) Constable paintings, and we had so much fun afterwards we went and took a walk down the banks of the same river, from the Dedham boat house to the Fen Bridge to the town of Dedham. It was a gorgeous little wool town that looked like a movie set. Then it was taxi to Colchester, nap to London, taco making and Alhambra. Really, it was such a nice, nice day and evening.

Sunday was London time, starting with the recording of the "As Yet Unnamed London Theater Podcast" that I'm getting involved in. It was nice talking shop about shows with people that I mostly know, and much easier (if less social) than meeting up in a pub. Then it was off to the Southbank for the London Chocolate Festival with [livejournal.com profile] exedore. We had a nice visit with each other and wound up sitting around in the sun doing nothing at the Victoria Embankment besides admiring the tulips and talking BS - we both had time to kill before seeing our next people of the day. I tried (once he left) to squeeze in the "British Art in the Age of the Comet" at the Hayward, but either it wasn't very exciting or the sun was just too awesome for the gallery to compete.

Beautiful wisteria covered house in Dedham #fb on TwitpicAt any rate, next stop was Euston to pick up Lisa Crispin, a very nice lady I met at a testing conference last year. I took her and her husband to the Wellcome Collection to see the Dirt exhibit, which was a nice collection of narrative, medical specimens, literature, and some nice fresh art (includingn a piece by Bruce Nauman). I thought it was fairly thought provoking but am afraid I had to rush through the last room due to running out of time! Then we headed over to Angel to see the puppet theater version of the Tempest they're doing in conjuntion with the Royal Shakespeare Company. People, do not be mistaken: this is not a puppet show, it's a cut down version of the Tempest with world class actors that just happens to have puppet versions of Ariel and Caliban (most appropriate ways of depicting them, I think). Tickets are only £12 and it's a STEAL at the price, I tell you, a STEAL. Buy yourself some tickets while they're still available and go go go. I think it's probably suitable for 8 and above (it's about 90 minutes long, no interval) - I haven't had time to write my review up yet but I was embarassed by how little I paid.

I forgot to mention: we ran into a pirate while we were canoe... on TwitpicAnd then it was home and a nice long chat with my new roomie and dishes and laundry and MAN I was tired. What a great weekend it was though! I had fun, I was happy, all my self doubt and self loathing were nowhere to be seen ... Where is the amber that it's hidden in? All I have is a few photographs ... but at least I can share them with you. Just imagine our terror as this pirate-captained boat bore down on us as we headed upstream ... yes, the weekend was just that fun.
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This weekend I ...
Saw a play (Eight Women) at the Southwark Playhouse
Hosted someone at my house
Went to a graduation ceremony in Cambridge
Ate dinner and played games with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler and his parents
Went to a town called Waterbeach (near Cambridge) to see Alan Shipp's "National Hyacinth Collection" (apparently most of the people in Waterbeach are called Shipp!)
Returned to London in time to see Band Wagon at Sadlers' Wells with [livejournal.com profile] booklectic
Wrote my review for Eight Women
Went to [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug's for dinner

Seriously, I did all of that between 6PM Friday and 11PM today. Work is going to feel like a vacation after this.
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Wow, I posted on Twitter that I was looking for a roommie, and 10 minutes later got a response from someone in the Twitter theater community that she was looking, and for the price and dates I was offering ... she came by that evening and is moving in April 1. So for two or three months or so I will be having a female theater junkie living with me, and I'm exciting about having someone who I can come home and witter on about shows with. It'll be fun!

Speaking of which I went last night to Watford (somewhere north of London) and saw a very good play called Love Love Love. I think the play imagines it's about how selfish the hippie generation was (and how they're responsible for how shit England is now) but in fact it's really about how fucked up families can be and still function. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Tonight I went and saw a show called the "Hot Mikado" up in Finchley (at the Arts Depot, no, I can't really tell you where it is either). It was definitely an amateur production and while I enjoyed the songs and dancing and the way it had fun with the real Mikado but it was just too sloppy in too many important ways to actually refer anyone up there unless they're a desperate G&S fan looking for a new good time (or they have a friend in the show in which case they already know about it). The Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan society did not have actors who flubbed lines. And it wasn't horrible, but ... though truth be told I liked it a lot more than Ordinary Days.

Of course it doesn't help that I'm sick. I came down with something yesterday and spent the day in a conference blowing my nose and sneezing. Thank God the last talk of the day involved two women wearing super hero costumes and attempting to kindnap a giant stuffed ladybug and (later) sing Abba songs with the lyrics changed to be about software testing. It was utterly surreal and I loved it.

Cold or no cold I'm off to Inverness tomorrow to visit [livejournal.com profile] noirem, a trip I've owed her since Christmas. I think it will be lovely to see her and her lovely boy and I'm looking forward to four days with no work. Oddly despite the major bad things that have happened this week I'm feeling fairly calm and not stressed out by life. I'm also really enjoying reading Gods Behaving Badly, a book [livejournal.com profile] varina8 gave me when I came to Seattle.

Calm. Good. I'm wondering if my mental health strategy, and the Get Happy plan, are actually working. I'm avoiding stressful events and people, focusing on doing things that make me happy (like reading silly books and seeing my friends), and taking care of myself with Pilates (also good for serotonin I think) and counseling. I feel like I'm bouncing back faster from bad things. That does kind of make me think I'm on the right track. Who knows, maybe it will stick.
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First, some Twitter links: a beginner's intro and how Twitter has changed the world.

People comment on how much energy I have. It surprises them that I can do as much as I do. I think part of it is that I keep going after I run out of energy - I can get by on willpower and fumes, and the willpower carries me on much longer than most people do. Good or bad, who knows.

At any rate, this weekend was a classic example of me doing ten times more than any normal human being. It started Thursday night, when I left work to go to ... Germany! My flight left late and by the time the slow PM train connections kicked in, it was 1:30AM when I finally got to my hotel at Bochum. The nice thing was that I made good progress reading a great new (to me) mystery series, "The Coroner's Lunch" by Colin Cotterill, during all of that flying time. But worn out I was.

The next morning (a mere 8 hours of sleep later), it was a German breakfast, a visit to the tea store, and then off to Dortmund, where we were going because, apparently, it was close. The churches and architecture weren't great (I think it was heavily bombed), but the "Dortmund U" museum had a pretty good collection, although the Fluxus art was exactly the kind of pretentious wank [livejournal.com profile] exedore hates. However; chocolate covered garden gnome!

After a lunch on the go, we went to the train station again, not to go back, but to go to Unna for the Light Museum. It's an old brewery with a bunch of custom installations in it (and some not so custom): my favorites were the James Turrell piece (the usual "room with white panel in back and changing array of colors) and the thing with the strobe-lit raindrops falling down in a curtain on both sides of a walkway. A lot of it was uninspired neon but ... overall it was a great museum.

Then we headed back to Bochum, had a short turnaround for dinner, and went out for the main event: Starlight Express at a custom-built theater. Yes, it was in German, yes, it was fun, like the Transformers meets Xanadu. But at the end of the night I was cream crackered, willing to pay for a taxi to save us the walk to the hotel (I didn't have 20 more minutes in my feet), and in bed ten minutes after we arrived.

The next morning [livejournal.com profile] exedore left early. I had more time but couldn't sleep much longer; it was sad as I didn't wind up getting to London until 4 PM but was really worn out for no good reason. And yet I went out, to see the musical Ordinary Days at Trafalgar Studios. I'd said I'd go dancing with [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug afterwards, but walking out of Charing Cross station I realized I probably would have benefited from skipping the play and went back home immediately after the show.

Sunday was chill out day at last. I was wanting to see people though, and got lucky as [livejournal.com profile] babysimon was up for lunch and came with a bonus [livejournal.com profile] trishpiglet, who gave me homemade cupcakes <3 . Then the three of us went shopping; bliss for me as I've been a solo shopper regularly for nearly a year now. I also had a [livejournal.com profile] wechslercat for dinner and Attenborough watching, so it was a good evening.

Last night meanwhile was the new Frankenstein production at the National Theater. They had two actors who were flat as pancakes, but a much bigger problem was the script. I'll do a full writeup today (I think), but I'm starting to agree with people who say it has no interval because they don't want to lose the audience. I suspect most of the people coming just want to see the TV star live, and, well, he does roll around naked for about the first ten minutes - but as the role is dual cast, I got the other guy. Ah well, at least I got to see a naked guy on Valentine's Day, so it wasn't a completely wasted evening and the company was good.
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I'm off to Egypt tomorrow. Don't worry, I'm not going to Cairo, but rather Dahab. If anyone needs to get a hold of me, when I'm not actually diving or looking for the holy grail with Indiana Jones, I'll be at the Tropitel Dahab Oasis. I'm not worried about student protest as this is a remote town on the Red Sea. Sharks might be a problem but I'm hoping not given there's been no attacks in the last month or so.

In a surprise change of events, J is going with me. If you don't read Twitter, you probably didn't know this. As a result, I've packed playing cards and Carcassonne.

Last night I went to see Love Story, a musical based on the movie. I'd never seen it but had heard enough of the plot to ... well, it's not like they didn't tell you in the very first song what was going to happen to Jenny. It made me want to see the movie, because the male lead was so intensely unlikeable I just have to imagine he was portrayed better in the film. I just wanted to clobber him.

ANYWAY I've got to get out of here early tomorrow so ... see you all next week.
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I'm still sick, which is boring. On the other hand it doesn't appear anyone wants to actually do any work this week, so the speed I'm going at at the office seems to be about right for the rest of the crew. I busted my nuts getting some paperwork together so I was "ready to go" the first day back to work; the people I was supposed to meet with (from our parent company) didn't have time to bother with me for THREE WEEKS. It both pisses me off and makes me glad I didn't try to work any harder over the holiday.

On the other hand, it has all made it clear that there will be no work being accomplished until after the reorg, which is supposed to officially kick off at the beginning of February. So I've booked a trip to the Red Sea, where I will do the open water diving part of my PADI beginner SCUBA cert, for the last 5 days of January. The first half of the diving certification course I'm going to do here in London, a week from Saturday, as a matter of fact, and as it's a one day course instead of two I'm going to have to pack a bit of studying in over the next several days. I've got the book and DVD at hand thanks to the guy who sits next to me at work, so I'm all ready to go with the home study. I'm also planning on making a day trip to see Petra, the rock city in Jordan featured prominently in one of the Indiana Jones movies. It's been on my life list of places to go for ages, and it's the thing that pushed me to just do this trip despite the fact I am having to go by myself (and I hate travelling alone, it frequently does my nut). But look at this post I wrote in 2008 just after coming back from Egypt and still not seeing everything: I can always go back, after I visit Greece and Turkey and Morocco and ... and somehow I actually have visited all of these places in the last two years! It seems kind of amazing! Anyway, so sunshine and pretty fishies and Petra and rah. :-)

I've also been to two shows the last two evenings, both of which were excellent. Get Santa!, which I seriously went to see because tickets were available for only 5 quid (and still are for tomorrow evening's performance) was a brilliantly fucked up play about how a 10 year old sees Christmas and what they would do if they Ruled The World - or, worse yet, if their TEDDY BEAR ruled the world; it actually wasn't cute at all but rather sinister and completely awesome. Then tonight I went to see this silent live action animated movie musical called The Animals and Children Took to the Streets which also fully inhabited the world of dream logic and was pretty well awesome (though not as good as Get Santa!). It was sold out but we got there at 6:30 and queued for tickets, and I do feel our time was well rewarded despite the very crowded conditions inside the theater. I loved it, but full details will have to wait for my write-up, which I think I will do soon.

Anyway, so that's my new year trying to get off to a better start. Pretty much when I picked up the book of Charles Stross short stories and went to see the Big Sleep (a perfect film) at the BFI, things started improving.
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I was thinking of making a resolution that I wouldn't blog until I'd written a short story, kind of as a push to get myself to write a short story, kind of because, well, I've really never written any fiction before. But I didn't think that was right, to stop blogging altogether, as, well, how much time do I really spend doing this? It seems like it's very little. But I did actually spend time writing a short story (!) tonight. I think I can do this because I already know how it ends: it's a dream I had two nights ago, and it seemed like a perfect fairy-tale length type story. Hopefully I won't lose the voice and I'll get it finished; it shouldn't take long.

Meanwhile I went completely bat-shit wild on my theater blog and did three posts yesterday.
One of them was the predictable "this is what I saw and loved in 2010" post; one of them was "this is what people saw and loved on my blog in 2010" (with tips on what seems to drive traffic to a theater blog - summary: people are cheap); and finally a preview for a big ballet week that's happening in April, a "Diaghilev festival" that promises opportunities to see ballets I've only ever seen pictures of before. Yes, I am very excited about this; who hasn't seen and drooled over that famous picture of Nijinski as the Faun?

Okay, well, maybe not all of you but I sure have. Anyway, I had to write about it, in part because I need to see if I can find some people to go with me, in part because I wanted to know if it would be worth the money given I hadn't heard of any of the dancers or the troupe that's performing. And that's some writing I just couldn't put off.

In other news: I'm still sick, [livejournal.com profile] wechsler is still here recovering from surgery, and after a week and a half absence [livejournal.com profile] theta_g is back under the roof, too. We'll be back to a two person household tomorrow. And hey, January: I have no idea what to expect, but I'd really like to start out with a finished short story.
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Vanity Fair is going great - I'm at page 588 and it seems like it's very close to the end. Reading it today reminded me that I want to go to Lyme Regis again, preferably with [livejournal.com profile] robot_mel and [livejournal.com profile] beluosus, if I can convince them to go some time this winter. Somehow I think I could get some good writing and reading there and also enjoy the sea air, though truth be told it might be a bit brisk for a while yet.

Today was ... well, work, you know, it's just too strange for words these days. Nobody knows whether or not they have a job if they were told they might not have a job, which is about 2/3 of the compay. The dust isn't going to settle until January. Bleah. But the good part is that afterwards I went and had a drink with [livejournal.com profile] babysimon, whom it was a treat to see. As ever these days my emotions were right at the top (ditto for my post-show drink with Booglystix yesterday); it's like I don't even have any skin, I bruise on touch and my eyes leak with almost no provocation. Anyway, I tried to convince him (and <lj user=trishpiglet) to go to Egypt with me this winter on a sunny holiday; we'll see if I am successful. My mistake was continuing in my quest to see Dracula at the Greenwich Playhouse. I was stymied at every turn, and believe me I made several: the streets weren't signed, the houses weren't numbered, I made nearly a complete circle and ultimately discoved this "theater" was over a pub. It was some info painfully missing from the publicity. I arrived ten minutes late but still barely at the start of the show. It turns out it wasn't a musical: it was just a straight version of Dracula. There were some puns and sexual innuendo ("Screw loose-y! Screw Lucy!" screamed Renfield) but mostly I was wondering just when they would choose to have the intermission, as I was dying to leave. Finally Lucy "bit it" and I made a run for it, making it home at a relatively early 10:20. I actually took a bath, though the water just couldn't get very hot due to the air temperature being so cold right now; still, I might have worked the knots from last night's Pilates session out a bit. I even read in the tub; this is a good book, but I'm looking forward to finishing it and getting on with my William Gibson.

The lodger

Oct. 24th, 2010 12:32 am
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So just how much do I explain my personal life to my lodger?

I think the answer is: not at all.

Great night watching musical Juliet and Me at the Finborough: there was tap dancing and an actor inadvertently launched a maraca at me during a very strange "south of the border" sequence. But the highlight was really the nice visit I had with the guy I went to the show with; we have far more in common than I thought. He may be my post-[livejournal.com profile] theta_g lodger: the need for one is clearly not going away.

Tomorrow is book club and a movie at the Barbican; I need to get 40 pages more read of Lady Chatterley's Lover before then. I don't think it will be too hard; it's actually a very good book, and very thoughtful. What I want to do is have pancakes for breakfast with someone and go for a walk in Richmond Park as it's supposed to be sunny, but that kind of stuff is all part of my old life and learning to live without it is part of my new one.
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Work has been a mess this week due to the reorg. I don't feel motivated to do my longer term focused work as I've been too busy catching up on "do you have a job" and "what are you going to do" and "can I leave at 4:30 today like everyone else" although somehow I haven't turned this into "here's the rest of the reviews from New York." I do, however, have my review of A Life in the Theater done, about which I can say: gosh, what a fun show. I like Patrick Stewart on stage: he is a very skilled actor. No explaining why he wasted so much time in television but I'm glad he's made it back to his home!

Er. So. Today. Um. Work? Went to the gym for the first and only time this week if you discount Pilates. Stressed over whether or not I'm going to get a lodger in this month (I'll know tomorrow). Stressed over money. Bid the day a happy adieu at 6 and went to [livejournal.com profile] booklectic's for [livejournal.com profile] dr_d's birthday dinner, which was [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy's Mighty Meaty Meatballs. They went over a treat and even H dug in seriously. Afterward we all played The Polling Game, a gift (of a sort) from [livejournal.com profile] wechlser, and it was good fun. I drank kind of a lot of wine.

Tomorrow: spending the day in Bracknell looking at demo of test platform I've had created for me. I expect stars to shine brightly over the town tonight; rumor has it I'm visiting with Three Wise Men, or at least one, plus me. Then I will see if I have a roomie and then I will go see Birmingham Royal Ballet. Sometime this weekend I'll write, under a f_lock, in much greater depth about the reorg at work. It's getting to be either like The Deerhunter or Deliverance, take your pick. I will also do some gardening, as my flowers have shown up from both the Hortus Bulborum and Alan Shipp hyacinths. Chances are I should put in a fat order from Dobbies, but I've been too lazy. Hmmm ... but I'm gardening next Saturday as well ... maybe I should go for it!
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Today was my last full day in New York and I started with a big plate of pancakes at a restaurant called Farm in Brooklyn. Service was good, the pancakes were large, but I was really turned off by the bacon, which was almost entirely fat with a shocking lack of meat in it. I guess it was gourmet by American standards but ... has living in England turned me?

Then it was off to Lincoln Center (after a few shopping stops) and my last trip to City Ballet. I got lucky in that the middle piece (by Millepied) was replaced with "Glass Pieces," the one piece of rep I really wanted to see but had decided to pass on in favor of getting to the airport at a more reasonable time. Trying to pack as much in as possible, I dashed from Lincoln Center to the Whitney - walking the whole way as I was unable to find a cross town bus (though this meant I got to hear a Beatles singalong at Strawberry Fields as I crossed Central Park) - but then discovered they were a "pay full price place" instead of "by donation" at least until 5:30 when they were free - but I picked up a map to figure out what I wanted to see and I got in for free, hurray!

Unfortunately I didn't get to see any Kienholz or George Still (though some Hoppers & a few other modern masterpieces, including a lovely Claus Oldenburg floppy toilet), but I went down to the temp exhibition area and saw an awesome show by Charles Burchfield, who did kind of psychedelic landscape paintings (at least that's what I saw in his work). It was the kind of really inspiring show that made you want to get out there and start doing art. (My favorite painting was The Sphinx and the Milky Way, but I can't find a picture, alas.) I was inspired enough to buy the book, then was chased out of the museum. Oops!

With almost two hours to my show, it seemed like the perfect time to ... go shoe shopping! I took [livejournal.com profile] koaloha's advice and went to Harry's Shoes, which was, for me, the ultimate shoe shopping experience - a whole store full of brands I like, with many I did not know but developed a craving for, salespeople who knew their stuff (she went EXACTLY to a low heeled, waterproof boot available in wides), and YUM I could have really dropped a packet. As it was, I got replacement boots for this winter and managed to make it to New Pizza Town on 78th AND get to Times Square in time for my show.

Time Stands Still had a celeb heavy cast but a story I was not enjoying: basically, a couple that's been together for a long time has their relationship fracture as they want different things and both are failing to make the other happy. The man has unresolved anger at the woman. The show ends with them going their different directions. A real pick-me-up, eh? To make it worse, the young woman played by Christina Ricci was nauseating as a character, too sweet to be believed. Bleah. Laura Linney's character was great, though. Ah well, with my last seat at the top of the balcony for $25, I guess I got what I paid for.

After this it was back to Brooklyn with my ill-gotten gains (candy from Walgreens, boots) and time for bed! Tomorrow I'm skipping shows in favor of spending more time with folks and not rushing around so much. K needs me to get up at a reasonable time as she's heading off to the airport and needs to return the part of the flat I've been sleeping in to a less bed-like state ... and I am tired. Man, I am actually looking forward to getting home - wish I was leaving earlier!
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Today I woke up with my legs and feet aching and things didn't really get better for them. However, I did discover the most charming Flying Saucer Cafe at 199 Atlantic Avenue, which is like a blast from the 1980s coffeshop past, only with a really nice garden in back. I was met there by L and her mom, and we headed off to Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island tour.

However, since it was a FABULOUS day, the whole world apparently had the same idea, and we had to wait 90 minutes between the time we bought our tickets and the time we actually got on the boat. This made me decide to skip the Statue of Liberty, as I felt like I was barely going to get to see Ellis Island in the time before it closed. I was right; by 5 PM I'd only seen the interior of the main building, and not even most of the exhibits inside. But I was tired and it was time for me to get a move on, so I said goodbye to L&T and headed back to Manhattan.

Next stop was the TKTS office right near the South Street Seaport Museum, where they had Scottsboro Boys tickets but for $30 more than my coupon and cash only. So I gave up and headed to the subway, stopping by L&L Hawaiian Barbeque at 64th Fulton Street to get a plate lunch. Oh man, Hawaiian teriyaki beef on rice with MAC and salad and only $7! I was in heaven. I took it with me to Union Square and ate it in the remaining sunlight, admiring the rather thick bunch of freaks hanging out in the park. Then (boring bit) I attempted to shop, buy neither DSW or the Shoe Palace (or whatever it was called) understood the idea of a sensible, waterproof, low heeled boot in a 7 1/2 wide, so I gave up in frustration and headed up to Times Square.

I managed to get "the only ticket left your coupon is valid for" in the princely row N of the orchestra/stalls for Scottsboro Boys. It was really quite a show - not as musical as I was hoping, more of an experience. I sat around afterwards and talked to some black women about the show. Both of them found bits of it genuinely offensive. I'll try to do a good write up of it but ... later. It was good and I'm glad I went, but it didn't make me feel like I have to go back tomorrow and see it again. Instead, I'll be doing the Brooklyn Flea, then a 2 PM ballet, then ... well, who knows what the evening holds. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to hang out with ... so I can do whatever I want! I just don't know what that will be. Stay tuned for tomorrow!
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Today seemed like one in which I could have fit a bit more in ... but am glad I didn't. Up in the morning, S went to get a new computer while I chilled in the flat and slowly packed. We checked out at about the last moment possible, then went to the South Street Seaport Museum to see the Stieglitz exhibit we'd missed on Monday. We also got to see an exhibit all about the French luxury liner The Normandie (the interior of which we'd admired the day before at the Met), and toured a ... um, wooden masted boat, the Peking. Then it was off for slices at Lisa's Pizza and S and I ended our trip together.

I then went to Brooklyn to find [livejournal.com profile] koaloha, who appeared shortly after I arrived at her flat near Atlantic Avenue. We sat in the back and had tea and gossiped, then I dashed off to the very nearby Target and felt my pent up consumer desire blow a hole through my wallet (resulting in new socks, underwear, pyjamas, and cute Halloween t-shirts - plus BooBerry). I came back in good time for us to head back into the city for a 7 PM showing of A Life in the Theater after first stopping for a quick slice at a place called, I think, New York Pizza, about which I want to say IT AIN'T WORTH $6 A SLICE BUDDY. But I did manage to get some Red Hots at the Walgreens on the way, so yay for that!

The show was funny and a bit hammy (the audience was eating out of Patrick Stewart's hands) though ultimately enjoyable (though $75 was rich for my tastes). We finished nice and early at 8:30 (hurray for 90 minute shows with no interval) and headed to Chelsea to the Tipsy Parson, home of good Southern food (bbq ribs, thyme biscuit, and fried green tomatoes for me).

We ended the night at Marie's Crisis, which was suffering a bit from non-local-itis due to an article about it appearing in the New York Times last week, but we ignored the looky loos and got our groove on, signing along to South Pacific and Anything Goes medlies, enjoying some gorgeous solos, and making my own contribution ("I Enjoy Being a Girl") to the night. (Comment: "My God, an actual woman is going to sing that song?") We got home at about 12:30 and then puttered around the house until I was absolutely sure I'd lost my computer cable somewhere, mostly likely at the hotel. Boo. Time for bed now, and I'll get that show review written sometime ... tomorrow.
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Ah, work. As usual coming back from vacation meant my motivation was gone and everything seemed more unreal than usual. As the work on the reorg continues, this is especially true; no one seems to have any motivation or focus, and God knows I've got no feedback on anything I've been doing for well over a month. My boss is gone for the next two weeks, and due to so many other people being on vacation, apparently I'm Big Man On Campus next week and get to go to the Very Very Big Meeting on Friday (I will wear my nicest suit even though it's casual day on Fridays; it's a good chance for me to raise my profile to upper management). I've been thinking about bringing my tiara to make sure people know I'm the queen next week; for a while on Friday I was wearing a bean bag frog on my head to get people (including me) used to the idea. I'm sure it created exactly the right impression.

I'm trying to live a slightly less mad life these days (i.e. now that summer is, basically, over) and as part of that I'm visiting [livejournal.com profile] booklectic once a week. My thought is that I could go over, make dinner, and have a visit, ensuring she's got company on [livejournal.com profile] dr_d's karate night and giving me a chance to hang out with someone I like (as with a new baby she's not exactly getting out a lot). This Thursday was my first go of that and it was really just very fun; it was fun to cook for a group again ([livejournal.com profile] dr_d was actually there this time and apparently will get home in time to eat leftovers, so I will make sure to cook for three regularly). I have not been motivated to do much in the kitchen these several months, and that plus the visit with my friend(s actually) made for a really good evening.

Friday was see Scott Pilgrim night and I really enjoyed it. I went with someone I mostly only know off of Twitter; at the end of the night (after the Japanese dinner where we discovered a shared, hearty enthusiasm for ELO's Time album), as we parted at the platform for the Northern Line, he asked, "So what is your real name, then?" It was perfect as I didn't know his, either. Ah, social networking, so much potential and yet frequently so limiting. At least it got me someone to go see a movie with Friday and we did really have a good time.

Today was supposed to be Spend The Day With [livejournal.com profile] wechsler day, but he decided to bail on Accomplice in favor of chill-out time. This means I saw it with someone I didn't know well, but she and I had a great time (review here). I liked the whole run-around-outside-treasure-hunt-mystery thing, and liked even more that it was set on the South Bank, which I visit a lot; each spot we stopped at will be a little special to me now.

Actually a funny thing is that we crossed places I'd been earlier in the day with W, first the Rabat Cocoa Estate shop (where we got caffeinated beverages and I was plied with chocolate numerous times while waiting for said beverages, you can bet I'll be back), then the Southwark Cathedral where we'd sat and ate our lunch after buying the ingredients for dinner. Returning there after we split up gave the day a somewhat circular kind of feeling. At any rate, when the show wrapped up, I headed home and gave a go to a recipe I'd seen in the New York Times two years back: Pisto Manchego, a veggie soup made of yellow and green summer squash (zukes/courgettes, I used pattypan squash), tomatoes, garlic and eggs (simmered in the sauce right before serving, you could skip them if you want and make it vegan). It was fab and just perfect with the solid whole-wheat bread W'd picked up at the market. It's hours later and I'm still full, too. Time possibly to move onto the new Sookie Stackhouse book [livejournal.com profile] booklectic lent me: hard to believe I've had it for two whole days and not finished it already!
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MAN. I came home last night just DYING to see what happened with Elizabeth & Mr Darcy and I wound up staying up half an hour past my late bedtime to find out. Not good. Still, happy ending!

My trip to Dubrovnik ended with a last swim and an on time flight complete with cheap local booze purchases at duty free (5 euro bottle of vodka, anyone?). I was hardcore and went home directly to drop off my bags before going into town to see Clybourne Park at the Royal Court. It's a good show, about a house in which, in the 50s, a black family is about to move, then, in 2009, a white family. I enjoyed the play, and I enjoyed the company even more, as the West End Whingers were there which meant I had someone to hang out with. I wound up staying way too late afterwards - just a complete lack of control on my part, good wine and good company mean I forget to check my watch. Very naughty, but a great way to come back to London and feel happy about it.

Work fortunately was not a pain yesterday, and I had Pilates at Alison's to look forward to. I went early intending to leave early, but instead I got a 70 minute work out (which I can really feel this morning). I then booked all the way across town to Putney so I could have dinner at [livejournal.com profile] wechsler's - after being gone for so long, we had a lot of visiting to do. It was fun; we ended the night looking at Amy's pictures from our trip. It was a good night and made me glad to be back home.
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I've been very actively working on keeping myself busy this summer, and as part of this program I went to Brighton this weekend to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] eglantinedreams. It was really just an inexpressably perfect and relaxed weekend; I slept as late as I wanted to Saturday before heading out; we did almost nothing at her flat before going up the street to a friend of hers' house (over a pub) for a girl movie night (500 Days and, um, the roller derby one) and ate pizzas and bad food; we went downstairs to the pub at 11ish and drank and danced and bullshitted until 1:30; we slept in (slight error with the air mattress but I managed well enough on the loveseat); she played me fabulous Dilly Keane while I made breakfast (blueberry buckwheat pancakes YUM); I then tried to make sense of the mess her ex-roommate had dumped on her while singing along to the Drowsy Chaperone soundtrack; she made me a yummy lunch while I pontificated on more bullshit; we strolled down the Laines (?) via several thrift shops and arrived at Scoop and Crumb just three minutes before closing yet with just enough time for me to get a scoop of both cherry and raspberry white chocolate ice cream and take it to the beach; then she took me to a bus stop and then I was on my way to the station and home at about 7:30. I made more yummy food (the arugula/rocket & cherry tomatoes pasta thing) under her influence (lunch had lemon juice and capers in it, yum!), drank some red wine, and got thoroughly caught up in Don't Tell Alfred (Nancy Mitford). I came back home with a copy of The Death of Grass. It was a good time.

Monday was work work work but with lots of transportation irritation to make it seem extra Monday-like (as I was working in Bracknell). After the ticket machine not producing my pre-paid ticket, missing a train due to late, I then was kicked off the train at Staines (with everyone else) as it had "a fault." The good news is that Staines station has a very nice book stand with things priced at 20 and 30 p, and I did manage to pick up five books in one fell swoop, thereby ruining my near perfect bought-to-read ratio for the year.

The evening ended on a high note with a trip to the Noel Coward theater to see Deathtrap, which I enjoyed despite it not being in the least deep (my review has no spoilers). I got quite a kick out of a murder-mystery play that was about people writing a murder-mystery play; I really wasn't expecting it to be so meta, or so funny. Also, one of the male characters is apparently in Glee, not that I would have known but he was a hottie. Oddly everyone did their normal accent, I think, mostly, as Simon Russell Beale just went for an English accent and a lot of the other actors were American (including the one who talked with the Swedish accent - I think).

Anyway, today was WFH day, which is good as I was too wound up after the show to get up at a decent hour, but I did spend the day being much too spaced out anyhow. And then I went into town for dinner with [livejournal.com profile] robot_mel and [livejournal.com profile] beluosus, in which their very high qualities as friends and dinner (and drinking) company was reaffirmed, and they shall be coming over for tacos before too long, oh yes they shall.
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So I went to see a play last night, La Bete (link goes to my review), which had all sorts of airs of familiarity about it which I almost entirely got wrong. First, I thought I knew the playwright, but it turns out it wasn't some old Moliere thing with a fresh new translation, but rather a relatively new play by an American playwright. Then I thought it had someone who was a cartoon voice (in some animated series or movie), but it turns out the person I heard speaking who sounded familiar wasn't the voice of Sideshow Bob at all, but just Kelsey Grammar David Hyde Pierce, who I didn't even know did stage plays (and whom I didn't recognize as being American for at least half of the show, oops). Finally, I thought there was only one actor I knew in the show, but it turned out that I was very familiar with the lead female role in the play, as it was Joanna Lumley of Absolutely Fabulous! It seemed rather pathetic that I didn't recognize her at all during the entire the show and that Mr. Not Actually Sideshow Bob didn't register either. Ah well.

Anyway, it was a good show and won bonus points from me for being less than two hours long, though of course really what I will remember of my evening was the joy of [livejournal.com profile] eglantinedreams' company. It's so nice to hang out with people who get your creative juices going, especially when you're prone to feeling like you have no creativity. That said, it was the first time I saw someone take a dump on the stage, but I think I want to forget rather than remember that.

Meanwhile, today was a grand old Work From Home day, with extra added [livejournal.com profile] wechsler to make it all just a little bit better. I made him tacos and now we're playing Carcasonne. It's a quiet evening but a good one for me, I think, especially since he keeps making swearing noises like I'm beating him, which, I'm sure, means that he's winning as usual.
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MAN. Today marks the start of TAKING A BREAK from shows. I think I went out to an average of one a night for the last three weeks and I am exhausted. I think the nail in my exhaustion coffin was Earthquakes in London, which was just shy of three and a half hours long. It is bad and wrong for me to get back home at nearly 12 on a school night and to make it worse I needed to leave early yesterday for an off-site meeting. Now, the play was nearly great, but feel prey to becoming a lecture on environmental screed about 1/3 of the way in. For those of you who have taken up the banner of fighting climate change, this is your play. If you haven't, it's a bit too focused on making a point over telling a story which is to me a cardinal sin.

Last night was the last show I'm likely to see of the Bolshoi's London tour: Le Corsaire. It's fun but I started losing my energy at 10 PM and couldn't handle staying for the last act. It was sad but I was tired so there you have it. I just didn't want to spend the day strung out at work. It's quiet right now and no pressure is on (yay) so I don't have adrenaline keeping me awake. It's possible I should write it up: I have a reputation to maintain now that I've made it into Time Out as a blogger to watch out for! That was the big news of yesterday. I've gone out and bought a copy so I could actually see it; it's very gratifying.

Anyway, my only real plans for tonight and tomorrow are pilates, and next week likewise has two nights blocked out for Pilates and two nights that actually have nothing going on but which I'm thinking one of them might be a theater night. But I'm taking a rest. It'll be good for me (and my wallet). I'm 25 shows ahead of what I saw last year and it's time to chillll out.


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