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I did not get my week off to a great start by rushing home from the Nureyev Gala at the ballet only to stay up late writing my review. The event was fun, though I wish it had started on time and the interval had either ended on time or maybe even a little earlier (half an hour is a long time to stand around). I especially like that I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] pimm2005, someone I'd been stalking on Twitter for a while.

I also got my review of Friday night's Macbeth by Cheek By Jowl posted. I'd finished writing it already, but the extra time to post was time I could have spent in bed.

So I started yesterday off a little tired, then proceeded to have it WHOOSH by me. We're doing personnel reviews, and I spent at least three and a half hours working very hard on writing them and talking to people about them. At one point I realized I had no one hanging over me and whipped out a quick but unnecessary overview of the Oliviers, the UK version of the Tonys. The big surprise was that The Mountaintop, a play about Martin Luther King's last night, won best play; I had enjoyed it a lot and was really pleased.

Then it was a quick trip to the gym, discussions about staffing, more reviews, my review, discussions about budget, and WHEW it was 5 PM and I had a special triage meeting for a project I said needed triage meetings. One of the guys in it was so good I went and congratulated him afterwards for skill in being tough with whiny developers. Then it was reviews and a quick visit to the presentation I'm giving today and WHEW there was my phone call from J liberating me.

Off we went to the Pho restaurant for a nice bowl of soup, perfect on the chilly, wet day Monday had somehow turned into. Then it was off to the Barbican for the Magnetic Fields. I hadn't expected that it would be a show with a zither, a cheesy electric piano, a guitar, a cello, and a ukelele, but suddenly the sound of the band made sense. And the lead singer, the man who croons to me with the deepest voice ever used for pop songs, well, he's a man probably in his late 40s who looks like a cabbie. And the music was wonderful.

But still, back home at 11, and tired again today. White Guard tonight at the National; since it's the official opening night, it's starting early. Thank God. I need the sleep.

Oh yeah. Results of three posts in 12 hours? HIGHEST HITS EVER on my theater blog. You know I'm excited about it.
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I am tired this afternoon. It might have been from all of the iced tea I had yesterday afternoon after our big steak dinner, though I'd expect the cider would have slowed me down enough for later.

McKanna steak, salad w rasp vinaigrette, French cider, potato... on Twitpic

It might be because I haven't been to the gym in two weeks - my membership has expired and I don't really feel like spending £99 for two months of gymming. Last week I was happy not to have it as the AC at LA Fitness is NOT very good and I expected I would have fallen over dead from heat exhaustion if I'd gone in.

But today it's nice and cool and after going to the doctor and discovering I'm at an all-time weight high and my blood pressure is up, it seems like it would be a very good thing to be getting some exercise today (and tomorrow, and the next day). But I just missed on getting a deal for £75 for THREE months and I don't want to sign up for the outrageous terms just described.

It seems, in fact, that all of the energy I have in my body can be described as "just about enough to look at adorable pictures of baby hedgehogs" (and then make a new user icon out of them).

Schedule: tomorrow Time and the Conways (for only £10, no, really, join us if you'd like), then Last Seen at the Almeida Theatre's Summer Festival (join us for that too if you'd like, we're going to the 7 PM one), then off to Scarborough for a lovely weekend courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] the_same_sky. I think it will be a nice week overall.
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1. Bad to have heavy conversations at bedtime.
2. Worse when it's after bedtime.
3. Not wise to be unable to fall asleep when waiting for houseguests to come home ("OMG did they miss last train?")
4. It gets bright too damned early.
5. The alarm clock does not care that you're tired and will go off at its normal time.
6. Work also will start at it's normal time, and today is the WORST DAY OF THE LAST 20 to take off to sleep.
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There's an interesting article in the New York Timese about how people's sleep patterns vary, both over age groups and just across different people based on genetics. Reading this:

"Bright light has a powerful effect in shifting the phase of our body clock, and if we don’t see much bright light — and many office workers do not — then our circadian health suffers."

made me wonder if a lot of the decrease in my insomnia (anyone notice a reduction in my complaints about a lack of sleep?) has actually been related to getting a window office at work, which happened, what, in the summer last year? I fought hard to get the one window seat in my team, and if I'm not mistaken, that benefit is still paying off.

Otherwise, my health is improved again today, though I'm trying to figure out what to do with a free night ... maybe I can get a ticket to see Man of Aran - might be a nice mental companion to Riders to the Sea. Pop-up tea room for lunch today, that's for sure!
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Gah, what a morning. In addition to just sleeping restlessly (somehow I'm sure I won't be walking on the ocean floor at low tide when I go to Palermo), the cat decided it was long past her feeding time and let us know about 30 minutes before wakeup time. Bleah. I managed to make nice bacon and egg muffins in good time but somehow got out the house late. I'm at work, bleary, and the cup of Princeton Darjeeling doesn't seem like nearly enough to wake me up.

This is all extra sad because I had a really nice night at Wahaca celebrating C's birthday and actually got into bed at 11 PM! And I only had two margaritas. It's all about sleep dep. Stupid cat.

Other news: I'm trying to make my phone last on about 60 p until tomorrow, so that I can get "free texts all weekend" on Tmobile, I'm spending Friday night in Cambridge, and I'm seeing another silent movie tonight.

Also, I finished Deanna Raybourn's Silent in the Grave this morning on my way into work, and I was right about "whodunnit!" How fun. I like these mysteries set in Victorian times - hits a lot of my "enjoy a book" bones. I guess I should try to write Victorian detective novels with Vampire protagonists - bet they'd go over a storm! (If only I could write fiction ...)
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Okay, I think this is GREAT NEWS and have to share it.

"There is no cure for the common cold, but in an experiment that deliberately infected volunteers with a virus, researchers have shown that getting less sleep can substantially increase the risk of catching one."

I have often felt that the amount of sleep I get is directly related to my ability to ward off infection, and since I started, er, drinking red wine to stave off the effects of aging (per another article) and generally getting 8 hours a night (I think these things are related), I have managed to fight off cold after cold. I firmly believe that eating well and getting enough sleep and regular hand washing (and not getting colds) is the best way to avoid getting colds ... and I am right in one of these things! I have felt one after another hit this winter but I've just had a runny nose that was gone the next day - a huge improvement over last year. I've also been trying to adjust my schedule so that I'm not getting home after 10:30 so I have enough time to wind down before bed, and I feel like this has been paying off.

(The "don't get a cold to keep you from getting a cold" sounds redundant but I need something to explain the fact that when you get one you tend to get a million in a row due to your immune system being overtaxed or something like that.)

Also, some further advice about avoiding heart attacks: get tested for C-reactive protein, Mediterranean diet (the Sicilian cooking will serve me well), take care of your teeth, avoid chronic stress (like I had all of the last five months of this year), get enough sleep, and a bit of cardio. Time to add in a bit more cardio - brisk walking will work and I note it's sunny outside. :-)
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Hmm, we went to sleep at 1:30 last night ...

then woke up at 12:30 today.

I know there's some jet lag and some melatonin action happening here, but MAN I felt like we overslept. And the whole point of leaving the party at 12:30 was to try to get us back on a UK schedule!
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Wow, my uncle leaves tomorrow morning. I'll be sorry to see him go but I'm completely exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in and doing sweet f-a tomorrow.

I didn't even read my LJ flist today. Now THAT is busy.

Tomorrow I'll write about the Darwin exhibit and also work on reviewing the three shows I've seen the last three days. But right now, really, what I think I'm going to do is go sleep.
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So instead of going from strength to strength, I've gone from illness to illness, from last week's cold (that pretty well bounced off of me) to this weeks, which I really don't think is the leftovers of last week's. This has a tight and tickly throat, one that had me coughing delicately for hours last night - just enough to keep me awake.

Gah. It was miserable. I was so tired but still, there was the cough.

Eventually I went and slept in the guest room so I wasn't keeping [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy up, and I did get some sleep, but I'm destroyed today.
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I dreamed I was working at a coffee shop slash art gallery slash theater that I'd taken over so that it wouldn't close. That meant that I got to make all of the customers' orders, bus tables, and wash dishes while other people were performing on stage. I also got to spend my paycheck from my real job buying supplies as there wasn't actually enough money coming in to, oh, buy coffee and dish soap.

I also dreamed I saw someone on the streets outside the coffee shop skateboarding on the walls - dressed like Guy Fawkes - having a shootout with some invisible people driving a van.

When I woke up, I noticed that I was on the edge of the bed, [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy was in the middle and had both pulled the blankets off (making me cold) and colonized fully half of the bed, and the cat had taken over an entire half of the bed to herself - roughly three times the space I was occupying. No wonder I wasn't sleeping well - and let's not get into the dream about the time travelling ninjas.
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Why was last night the night I had to wake up, completely alert, in the middle of the night?

Why was [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy also so restless in bed?

Why couldn't I even fall asleep in the guest bedroom for ages? Why did I have to have dreams about sharks when I finally fell asleep, and then wake up an hour early, heart racing?

All of this really undoes going to bed early.
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I think the Chinese tea I had with dinner last night got to me, based on my heart rate at about 12:30 AM. It was the only reason why I wasn't sleeping that came to mind - I seemed tired enough.

I slept in later but I'm still exhausted. I should have been in bed earlier anyway, but, wow, I'm so woozy. I am also sore from the Pilates yesterday, but I'm okay with that. I just wish I wasn't so tired.

So tired.

Mar. 15th, 2008 08:20 am
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I want to sleep until 10 like I do most Saturdays.

[livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy woke up at 4:30 AM and couldn't really get back to sleep before 5, when he was intending on getting up to get ready for his taxi.

I went to sleep just a little later than usual (11:40) but the being awake in the middle of the night has left me so tired.

So tired. Aargh. Wish I wasn't working today. Going in anyway as, well, that's what you do when you say you're going to be into work, you go. Aaagh.
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Wow, WORLD CLASS craptacular night's sleep last night. I was in bed with my eyes shut at 11:10 and awake when [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy came to bed half an hour later. Then it was a fair bit of free association (trip to Madrid, my friend Helen Hestenes from the Phoenix days, how I can get work to send me to that conference, what I'm supposed to be doing there today) and at 12:45 I decided to have a look at the clock just to see how I was doing. I finally broke down at that point and took some melatonin (I'd already been up, what, four times) even though I knew it was going to make getting up that much harder. But hey, I was up at 5:45 and 6:30 anyway, or at least I looked at the clock then, and finally gave up and got out of bed a few minutes ago. It's not like I was sleeping. (My normal get out of bed time is 7:20, for those who care).

I really, really try for 8 hours of sleep a night lest I sit in bed - I mean, sit in my chair - doing little other than keeping it warm. I have to be able to do some good thinking to get my work done and even a little sleep dep seriously impairs my performance. I'm screwed for today.

It makes me bitter to see how pitch black it is outside right now and how little traffic there is on the streets. I feel like I'm up at the crack of fucking dawn right now only it's not even dawn yet and most of London looks like they're taking today off, too, damn their sleeping eyes.

I don't know how much of this is due to how lackadaisical my sleep patterns have been over the last ten days or if maybe the five little cups of "competition grade Ti Kuan Yin" tea I had during the four o'clock hour yesterday really got to me or what. And I've heard melatonin cannot be bought here and I'm down to three tabs. That's going to make me seriously miserable.

That said, yesterday was a pretty fun day. [livejournal.com profile] butterbee appears to be coming down with a cold and was moving pretty slowly for most of the day, so we never really left the house. Instead, [livejournal.com profile] wechsler came over in the afternoon and spent the day hanging out with us. We played Puerto Rico (we all were not on top of our game) in the afternoon, had dinner, then got in a round of Guillotine afterwards. At some point, [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and I moved the new chest of drawers into the bedroom, and I spent a bit of time reshuffling my clothes out of the old one and into the new. The transfer isn't finished yet, but it does look pretty handsome and I do have a lot more room that before.

God, I must have breakfast now. AAARGH. All of those days of 10 hours of sleep undone at one blow!
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I nearly had a meltdown on the way back home yesterday. By this I mean I nearly yelled at a London paper hawker who kept his freaking arm stretched out long enough that the woman coming toward me bumped me trying to avoid him. I wanted to say, "GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY AND STOP BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK, YOU MORON!" but it's not really the London way. Truthfully, the little old man with a cane that was blocking the way earlier (due to a bad situation with scaffolding and "Buy our shit" sandwichboard signs on lower Oxford Street) didn't cause the same reaction; instead I wanted to hurl the signs into the shops and tell THEM to, "STOP BLOCKING (etc. rage)!".

I think this was all because of not getting enough sleep the night before. [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy noted I looked very tired when I met him after work, and during work (during the marathon "meet everybody who works on this website" session that had me being introduced to 40 people) I was getting kind of punchy, alternating between rambling endlessly and sitting their like a sack of rocks.

Tonight, at least, I've slept enough - in bed at 10:30 (after nearly falling asleep on my feet at 10), awake at 6:50, in bed hoping to fall back asleep until 7:30 but feeling good for a change. Whew. I even brewed a cup of tea this morning, and the very sweet [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy is making me a bacon sandwich. I like that. Now I'm going to read LJ, because I can't really during the day, and still no IM (grr). I am supposed to get my new computer with my lovely admin priveleges, so I should break through the cyber ceiling today.

Tonight: All About My Mother at the Old Vic with [livejournal.com profile] scarlettina. Feel free to join us, not that we have an extra ticket or anything, but, you know, it would be nice to see some of my friends. I miss you guys!
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Yesterday afternoon I left work a little early to go to a talk on "Why Agile Teams Fail." I went with four of my coworkers who are on the Agile project we're having shoved down our throats at work and met [livejournal.com profile] wechsler there. The talk was good: as I thought, what we're doing at work has little to do with Agile per se and a whole lot to do with "using catch-phrases that let us ignore the spirit of the whole thing." So we're being graded on whether or not we have white boards to put our issues on and whether or not QA is running meetings to measure "quality" but ignoring the important stuff like "let developers drive what is happening" and "be flexible." On the other hand, I got the great idea of having lava lamps sitting in my team's area to show whether or not we have a working build in QA: a blue lava lamp for yes, a red lava lamp for no. And my efforts to keep team morale high may be far more important than I've ever suspected.

Unfortunately the talk did go for two entire hours, and as I hadn't had anything to eat (no money in my wallet, very bad), I was near dead from hunger long before the talk wrapped up and had little option but to go get some food immediately afterwards. This meant another trip to the Japanese restaurant [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and I went to Friday night, and this time [livejournal.com profile] wechsler got the five-kinds-of-sushi-don and I got entirely new things, such as mini-chicken teriyaki, pork belly skewers, duck skewers, and quail egg skewers. It was so lovely and homey; all I wanted to do is order more plum wine and sit there and chat all night long.

Well, the bad part is that I didn't get back to the flat until WAY too late, and it took me a while to chill out, and even though I tried to get into bed in short order, I was too cold, it was too noisy, EVERYTHING worked against me and I think I've had about six hours of sleep (I know I slept because I was dreaming about Dawn dolls and Chicago and horseback riding). It's not a good way to start the day at the office that's devoted to report writing, and not a good way to set myself up for a night at the ballet, but ... what am I supposed to do. At least I feel empowered to send an email out about the talk last night that's going to be a big stick right up the ass of Mr. Pink Cuffs.
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You can do the PacMan.

Fuck yeah.
Read more... )
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I had a good afternoon today. I left work early (well, after I'd been there for 9 hours) and headed off to a doctor's appointment. This time I got a good doctor; she diagnosed what I came to see her about AND gave me a referral for physical therapy for my knee. Hurray! She also helped me understand how she came to her diagnosis and gave me some information on figuring out how to use my employer health insurance. Oddly my blood pressure also was lower than it was when I was there earlier - go figure.

Then it was time for a bit of tottering around the high street as my ridiculous waking hour started to take its toll. I managed to find a copy of Kavalier and Clay (sp?) for £1 at one of the charity shops and my (free in the UK!) prescription at Boots, but at some point in the Sainsbury's I got a little brain dead and started feeling quite upset that I couldn't figure out where they were hiding the English muffins or the cookies that I wanted (Weston's Wagon Wheels, were you to be found with the "tea" items, the various cakes served with tea, the chocolate, or the snack foods?). This kind of near-breakdown is typical of me in an exhausted state, and I was fortunately saved by a phone call from [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy, who managed to talk me out of the store and back to the house, where I took a nap.

So a good afternoon all in all, and a pleasant slack evening with company for my Moroccan chicken with stewed squash and prunes (still working on that one) and doing little else. Hopefully I'll get enough sleep and tomorrow will go well - I'm excited because I'm taking my team out for a pizza party for lunch.
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Shall I wake up, or shall I continue fighting demons with buttons I've pulled off of my coat? It's difficult to decide ... but I think saving the world usually holds precedence in these cases ...
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Insomnia. It's not a romantic disease. Can't it just stick to nights when I don't have anything to do in the morning?

Got through the first four chapters of Harry Potter last night.


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