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You know, I wasn't going to do it but I went ahead and wrote up the Eva Yerbabuena show from Friday. Most of my good memories are of sitting in my seat with Alison on my side making comments on the boy dancers' cute butts but I didn't add that into the review - let's just call it some flavor.

Yesterday was just full up, I felt at one point like I was going to have a nervous breakdown but I was pretty sure I'd just had way, way too much caffeine. I was up at 10, at Oval at 12:30 to meet Josh and Mark (I'm in love with Mark, he's the smarted guy I've met in ages and a sweetheart, very happy for Josh to have found such a good partner), spent 90 minutes gossiping about my trainwreck of a life but then wonderfully transitioning into talk about Egypt and Johnny's Seasoned Salt and all other sorts of nonsense, then back to theirs for a brief visit.

They drove me to Marylebone (what! Driving to John Lewis - in Central London? Shock!) for my spa appointment with [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug. This turned out to be a bit of a joke as the address on the Groupon did NOT match the location of the spa. It took us almost an hour to get to where it actually is, and then we had to wait for another 30 minutes or so to be seen. Still, we had a great visit, we loved being steamed and exfoliated (though I got a little overheated in the steam room - lightheaded - and had to go cool off), and we were both nice and mellow for sitting on the soft couches and decompressing afterward. So yay in general.

Then believe it or not it was rush back to Tooting to meet a total stranger for dinner at 7:30. We had a good chat about horses and plants over a bottle of wine and plates of Indian food and it looks like I've found someone to go to the Bartabas horse/man show at Sadler's Wells. We yapped on until 9:30. Overall, a good day but MAN I do not know the concept of a "relaxing Sunday."
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Friday night after a mind-numbing day at work (four hour meetings will do that to you), I went to see Eva Yerbabuena at Sadler's Wells with my Pilates instructor (she just got herself a website so I had to give it a link). She's really fantastic company but I wish the dance had been a little more on - it was trying too hard to be artsy and forgot to crank out more dance. And if you judged it my modern dance standards rather than flamenco, it was really amateur, despite having some fantastic dancers performing it ("with pert butts!" Alison would add).

Then, as it was early and I was only one tube stop away, I popped over to [livejournal.com profile] palmer1984's birthday drinks. Comically, my husband was there, too, only exactly not at the time I was. Like he left just before I got there and then returned after I left. I find this funny and telling.

The next day he and I went to Dover to see the castle. It was a really well preserved medieval-style castle (or well restored, who knows), which in addition had a fabulous World War II connection thanks to the underground bunkers all over the site from which things such as the evacuation of Dunkirk took place (my entire knowledge of this comes from reading Connie Willis' Blackout). And there was a bonus Roman building in the form of a lighthouse turned into a belltower for the church.

Unfortunately it has become very cold this week with constant misting rain and I just got too, too cold to enjoy myself at the site (no point wandering the grounds, there was no view and it was miserably wet). This meant I gave up on seeing my sixth play in six days and instead went home to warm up then went out to dinner (with J again). He then went to strike his show while I went to drink red wine and watch David Attenborough at Amy's house. While there, I got a call from Josela inviting me to brunch, which is where I am now going, after which [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug and I will hit a spa. Not a bad weekend overall.
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I have actually been going like mad for a week - party Saturday, movie Sunday, hard hard work Monday and Tuesday (with a trip to Anansi's Tales at Southwark Playhouse and On the Twentieth Century at the Union Theatre afterwards, even though I was nearly falling over from exhaustion), chillax at home with David Attenborough and [livejournal.com profile] wechsler after the work lunch on Wednesday (Private Life of Plants molto bene), Christmas concert yesterday, and incredibly bad Original Nutcracker with Exedore tonight. I am now three behind on the number of reviews I have to write, or could write. The one show I have written up is On the Twentieth Century, which was the best of the plays but possibly not as good as the choral concert, which had music from Britten and Gorecki and nearly made me cry probably twice. I blame this on the lack of sleep this week and physical exhaustion but you all gotta know the truth, emotions run high in the holidays. Speaking of which I wanted to share this post from [livejournal.com profile] mr_sadhead that I think bears rebroadcasting:

This holiday season is rucking up a lot of ugly feelings in people it seems like. A lot of the old self-hatreds and memories of mistreatments are coming back out. I'm not immune to it. People, don't let the whispering evil voices get to you this time. You are good, you are worthy, the past is dead, you can allow yourself to be happy.

Back to me: if you feel like getting down with some tears trickling down your snow covered cheeks, let it be for something beautiful, like the following, Gorecki Symphony No. 3:

Alternately take yourself on a walking tour of the snowy streets of the city of London and find the locations of Susan Philipsz's "Surround Me" sound installations. She set out to "convey a poignant sense of absence and loss in the contemporary City of London" - and based on the four I've seen, she succeeded. The exhibit is only up on weekends and there are only three more weekends when you can experience it. Go, I say, go. I will be out tomorrow with all of my layers on because I love beautiful sad things.
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My goal from back in February is to "get the drama out of my life," and I think that continues to be a really good goal. Drama is SO exciting, you know, but it really is much nicer when it's on the stage and you can leave it behind when you leave the theater. I have had my LDA (Lifetime Daily Allowance) and while I realize that's not going to give me a free pass from more later (there will be deaths, it's unavoidable), I think a 14 month break would be a good start.

Also I'm desperately trying to finish a book in time to give it to someone as a (slightly used) Christmas present. And morale at work continues to be low. And I'm very tired today due to staying up far too late talking on the phone.
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Yesterday was my very favorite kind of day at work; lots of stuff to do, but not lots of meetings. I raced through doing interview feedback, getting a presentation updated, managing timesheets and expenses, reviewing some documents (oops, think I missed one) and so forth. This was all in preparation for my Grand Departure at 5:30 and dash to the Y for Pilates with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler. Afterwards we did our usual and had Korean food and a nice bottle of Shochu (at Po Cha if you care, wasn't up for the basement at Assa) and got kind of silly: I was picking the baby octopi out of his rice & wanting to give them a decent burial; he kept stealing them back (and eating them).

Reviewing-wise the story of the week is definitely that the all-male "Iolanthe" at the Union Theatre is just the tops. It was incredibly well acted and while the singing was a bit thin (mostly in the first scene, not all of the guys had well-developed falsettos), the production was delicious. Actually, it was kind of soft porn for people who like to see pretty men in lingerie (as the guys were wearing, as it were, the contents of an old closet to make all of their costumes). I found it embarassing how much I was enjoying it aesthetically when I should have been revelling in the artistry, but it WAS good and not just juicy, I promise!

The review I did managed to post is for Saturday's Jack and the Beanstalk at the Hackney Empire, which was fun to be sure and had a nice two-for-one offer good through this weekend. However, what won't get posted is that I also went to see Heaven 17 on Sunday, performing "Penthouse and Pavement" in its entirety. (I was thinking of [livejournal.com profile] poh most of the evening - you should have been there!) Instead of being arrogant saddos bitter at the fact they've disappeared in the dust of time, the guys put on a fantastic show, proving that they STILL had the funk. And man, the bass lines were SO strong, and the lyrics about money ruling over all etc. were just as true in 1980 as they are now, and the lead singer still has a pretty creamy voice. I danced all night and sang along to all of the songs (they did one I hadn't heard of, Soul Warfare) right next to all of the other, aging non-hipsters like myself. It was great.

And now it's Tuesday and it snowed last night and I have to spend today working retail at a branch of my employer somewhat near me, though I'm going to have to run off and do a presentation at 2 back at the main office. Later, Pilates and drinkies .... it should be a good day and very busy. Also cold.

The lodger

Oct. 24th, 2010 12:32 am
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So just how much do I explain my personal life to my lodger?

I think the answer is: not at all.

Great night watching musical Juliet and Me at the Finborough: there was tap dancing and an actor inadvertently launched a maraca at me during a very strange "south of the border" sequence. But the highlight was really the nice visit I had with the guy I went to the show with; we have far more in common than I thought. He may be my post-[livejournal.com profile] theta_g lodger: the need for one is clearly not going away.

Tomorrow is book club and a movie at the Barbican; I need to get 40 pages more read of Lady Chatterley's Lover before then. I don't think it will be too hard; it's actually a very good book, and very thoughtful. What I want to do is have pancakes for breakfast with someone and go for a walk in Richmond Park as it's supposed to be sunny, but that kind of stuff is all part of my old life and learning to live without it is part of my new one.
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I am having a work from home day because I am meeting the landlord so that he can look at the dead tree in the middle of the backyard (and hopefully decide it's time to cut it out instead of just letting it fall down over my head). It's raining impressively outside; I looked out and discovered that all of the mail I settled down to read in the backyard when I came home Sunday was left outside and is no soaking wet. Bad me! When I picked it up, I found another Guernsey pound note. Man, why did that wallet have to have useless money in it? I want a 20 pound note to show up in my back yard - that would be great!

So the one thing this day needs to be a perfect stay at home day is MORE SPRING WATER because without it I am doomed to not have good tea to drink. However, there was enough for one cup, and after the landlord has gone I can go to the corner shop and buy another giant bottle of it.

In summary

Aug. 6th, 2010 08:17 am
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This has been a pretty good week for me.

I may make a long post tonight or this weekend, but this wasn't a week in which anything special happened; but I may want to write more anyway.
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MAN. Today marks the start of TAKING A BREAK from shows. I think I went out to an average of one a night for the last three weeks and I am exhausted. I think the nail in my exhaustion coffin was Earthquakes in London, which was just shy of three and a half hours long. It is bad and wrong for me to get back home at nearly 12 on a school night and to make it worse I needed to leave early yesterday for an off-site meeting. Now, the play was nearly great, but feel prey to becoming a lecture on environmental screed about 1/3 of the way in. For those of you who have taken up the banner of fighting climate change, this is your play. If you haven't, it's a bit too focused on making a point over telling a story which is to me a cardinal sin.

Last night was the last show I'm likely to see of the Bolshoi's London tour: Le Corsaire. It's fun but I started losing my energy at 10 PM and couldn't handle staying for the last act. It was sad but I was tired so there you have it. I just didn't want to spend the day strung out at work. It's quiet right now and no pressure is on (yay) so I don't have adrenaline keeping me awake. It's possible I should write it up: I have a reputation to maintain now that I've made it into Time Out as a blogger to watch out for! That was the big news of yesterday. I've gone out and bought a copy so I could actually see it; it's very gratifying.

Anyway, my only real plans for tonight and tomorrow are pilates, and next week likewise has two nights blocked out for Pilates and two nights that actually have nothing going on but which I'm thinking one of them might be a theater night. But I'm taking a rest. It'll be good for me (and my wallet). I'm 25 shows ahead of what I saw last year and it's time to chillll out.
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Our March came in like a lamb yesterday, a dry, sunny day that heralded warmer temperatures to come. In fact, it wasn't even that cold - I was able to go to work not wearing wool for the first time in months.

I can see the light bouncing off fo th white window frames of the houses across the street right now which means more of the same today.

Sadly, yesterday I was only out of the office for a grand total of 15 minutes during the work day, which means I totally missed the sun - well, except for 15 minutes - and I stayed too long, getting one thing after another done after 5 PM, so no sun on the way back home for me. It was a silly day. I had dropped everything to prep for a presentation at 1 PM, and as I was heading out the door to the conference center we use for things like this (a 20 minute walk from work), I ran into the girl who was organizing the event - who told me we were only meeting to _talk_ about the talk at 1, and we were meeting in our normal offices. So I didn't get done nearly what I wanted to as we pretty much plunged right into discussing the talk I'd prepared and then getting into this long discussion about how our teams could work together to improve project quality by "driving quality into requirements," going straight through any lunch hour and beyond. Truth be told I would have loved the walk to get there, but I'm glad I got to do something productive with the rest of my day.

But ... I am wanting to do some gym time. And some sun time. Today is all meetings, mostly, from 9-noon and then from 1:30-4:30. I think I can get some gym time in, and maybe even a walk if I try. Then it's dinner in Streatham. It should be a good, if busy, day.
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So tell me how this is so much like my life in Seattle was.

This morning. Slept in. Fed nice breakfast.

Out at one. Off to see art exhibit (Kinetica art show, would go over well with steampunk types and moving art enthusiasts.) Yeah, I wrote a play review on the way up there, but I didn't finish it. Bought lunch and then ...

Off to [Art Movie House] (BFI) to see [art movie] (Late Summer). Totally grooved on utterly raw exposure to very different culture in a historically different era (really like the scenes set at the Kabuki-za - did the women really dress up with the crazy wigs like that? - and also was shocked by family's horror at daughter marrying a "widower with a child" - was that really seen as such a bad match?).

Home at 6:30 and attempting to make miracles happen. Produced cheese enchiladas and all the fixin's plus bonus brownies for[friend] ( a [livejournal.com profile] booklectic and [livejournal.com profile] dr_d), with plenty of time for [game} (Agricola). Played, had fun, had a "brownies a la mode" first harvest round and am now trying to figure out when we can do it again.

I was worried about when we could go on a trip with [livejournal.com profile] booklectic again, but then I realized, yeah, sure, she's having a baby this summer, but we've got the rest of our lives, right? Because clearly I ain't goin' nowhere.

Finishing my review and the rest of the bottle of wine I opened earlier tonight. See you all on the flip side. :-)
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Pictures from Istanbul are on FB. If you haven't added me there and want to see them, I'm "TL" and my last name. Comment if you need help finding me. I'm not going to also upload them here as it's just too much work to do both.

Hmm. I thought about resolving to get a UK driver's license, but I don't know if I want to drive here. I thought about resolving to read more books, and hey, I can do that, hopefully 50 this year though that's not really stretching it as I read 47 books this year while making very little effort. The first book of the year is going to be "Their Eyes Were Watching God," as I am hoping to continue to read more classics - I read both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights this year and enjoyed them immensely. Tube travel really does give you a lot more time to read and I am enjoying this chance to expand my literary horizons. Thanks so much to all of my high school literature teachers for giving me the educational basis that let me be able to read these kind of books for pleasure. Unfortunately Tristam Shandy didn't make the cut as "reading for pleasure" but, oh well, maybe another decade it will work for me.

Last year was one of the lowest on record for me. I cried at least weekly for the first four months of the year. I would like this year to see a lot less crying, a lot less of the "can't get off the couch, can't get motivated to get out of bed" depression. I am expecting it is still going to be a fairly rough year for me, though, due to the hangover of last year's bad (why do you think my back is wound up so much it twitches?), so I guess I will "resolve" to try to keep my shit together while the bad has its impending explosions while simultaneously working to keep the damage as limited as possible.

My happiest memory of last year is undoubtedly going to Madeira with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler, and I'm hoping to have a similar lovely time when we go again at the end of this month. I would resolve to travel less this year, but ... a lot of times I left to get some mental space from the situation here and I know it was good for my head to leave. I realized while in Turkey that I will have gone out of the country every month August to January and that actually it's all a bit tiring and expensive and perhaps I will choose to do something more like every other month for 2010 - living so close to so many fantastic things, it's hard not to want to dip in. But I kind of would like to save up to buy a house, and that will require spending less, and it does still all add up, and and and. We'll see. I still want to see Iceland and Riga, and I want to visit my sister in July, so there is some traveling yet to happen. And Greece was really nice.

On the good side of 2009, I said, "Hey, my job sucks, I want a new one," and BOOM I was offered a job less than a week later. There was some faffing about doing other interviews and waiting to get my paperwork approved and such, but it came right down to: Thursday, submit resume; Monday, screening interview; Tuesday, interview and "we want to hire you if you can jump through the other hoops." It's almost embarrassing for me because so many of my friends and family are struggling for work, but this was practically dropped in my lap. On the other hand, after six months of struggling at Tango Foxtrot and receiving an effective "field demotion" to burger flipper, suddenly I've got a job that actually challenges me in ways I feel like I've been trying to get for years. My opinion matters and I can really make things happen. It's a job I don't think I could have got back home, and it's a job I think will open the doors to the rest of my career when I've finally had my fill of it. That, really, was the star accomplishment of this year; getting out of a dead-end job and into a really good one. I wish such luck to all of you who are out of work: J, C, M, Ms. B, A, and there is a lot more of you whom I can only refer to by your LJ handles, but my fingers are crossed that more jobs will start happening somehow.

I would also like to see less plays that I don't enjoy, and more movies. This can be solved by seeing less plays period and going to more movies (I only saw 14 movies this year, a low since I've been recording them on my blog). I'll be getting that off to a roaring start this year by hitting up the Ozu festival in January and February at the BFI - at least half of the movies they're showing weren't a part of the Northwest Film Forum's Ozu festival four/five years ago so I've got a lot of holes to fill in. Pity I haven't found a Japanese film buff to drag along to them with me but hey, at least the movies are happening.

And with that: on to watching a movie of some sort on Ye Olde Wide-Screen Computer. Go team lazy. And happy new year to all of you.
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Well, here it is a Saturday and I'm sitting around the house by myself. Now, I've got an invite to go to Streatham - which I may likely take up - but I also have an utterly filthy house and hair looking so bedraggled I really must get it dyed up. So despite the numerous things I might be doing today (it's open day at Kensal Green and that looks great, too), I have a feeling I'm going to 1) do my hair 2) do the dishes 3) fall asleep. We'll see. I'm going clubbing tonight so I want to not work super hard during the day today, though, really,w hen you look around the house at the mess it's clear I do need to really make an effort.

Also, J got a tank for the grill he inherited last weekend, and has filled it with gas, and we're now set to spend the rest of the summer grilling in the backyard. I've anticipated this by buying nice steaks. YUM.

And for those of you who are wanting to do the cheap theater thing, the National is selling tickets for Time and the Conways for £10 (details here). J and I are going Tuesday if you'd like to go with us.

Okay, off to touch up the dye now!
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Today I spent my time inside a building in the cool old heart of London, being trained in the use of a content management system. It's knowledge I hope to not really have to use. As I was getting through the lessons pretty quickly, I was able to spend some time writing up my review of Forbidden Broadway, which I went to see on Tuesday with J and [livejournal.com profile] booklectic and [livejournal.com profile] wechsler. It was really just a grand time and I'd like to go back.

View from St Michael's Churchyard, while on my back in the gr... on TwitpicAfter killing a bit more time at St. Michael's Churchyard (next to the site of the first coffee shop in London, a deliciously old part of town), I headed over to Waterloo and thence to Worcester Park, where [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and I enjoyed a meal made by [livejournal.com profile] adjectivemarcus and then watched True Blood with him and [livejournal.com profile] booklectic and [livejournal.com profile] dr_d. It was a really good evening and we even made it back home before 11 PM. I want to watch some more of it soon; we only got to the middle of the second episode. But we had raspberry whirl ice cream with fresh, delicious strawberries so I thought it couldn't be seen as anything other than a great evening. This means I'm four for four this week; except for the sleep, things are definitely going well, though it's actually still running rather warm for London. Remember, there's no AC almost anywhere, even in most offices, people don't have it at home, and the tube gets up to 100 degrees and more - it was at least 95 on the Central line around noon on Monday and Tuesday, and when you're commuting for an hour it can get brutal.To this I say, "Moo." on Twitpic
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Oh dear. The last two night I've been rather irresponsible.

Last night: three hour long dinner (with 5 people total). Two bottles of wine. Home 11:20.

Tonight: hysterical Forbidden Broadway at the Menier (with the Westend Whingers, who were namechecked on stage, during a song. Oh, the envy). This was followed by more white wine, poured by a lovely gentleman who was regaling me with tales of singing "I Feel Pretty" with a men's chorus in Norway. Time flew. Home at 11:15.

Ah, summer. These long days just encourage staying out too late and the heat leads to grabbing whatever beverage is at hand - too frequently something with alcohol in it.

I am, however, having rather a good time. Hope the rest of the week goes as well as these last two days have!
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It's a muggy and unpleasant day today, though the office ACs managed to keep it at around 78 or so, which I can work in. I helped by dressing in linen. Unfortunately my much loved linen capris suffered some sort of catastrophic structural failure along the lines of Galloping Gertie the bridge - I can only imagine that my "wardrobe malfunction" was narrowly averted by the fact that they were lined. I guess I got four years of wear out of them.

Best part of my day so far was my field trip to St. Paul's cathedral to watch English National Ballet's School and the Central School of Ballet perform on the steps in front of the building. It was sticky outside but somehow the dancers did not pass out in the heat. I live tweeted it like a lunatic (for once I could type without worrying about irritating other people and take pictures knowing it was legal) and basically enjoyed myself quite a bit, in part because it felt a lot like playing hooky. Even better, as I was heading back to the Tube, I saw [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug, and I think we'll watch tomorrow's performance together.

Other things that distracted me today: four books arrived from Amazon; I'm wanting to find a hotel I can afford near Olbia so I can take a weekend holiday there that doesn't break the bank (the £80 RT fare is very attractive); and I won some very cute plate on Ebay that I need to go pay for now. And Annie Get Your Gun is looking on for October 5th and my trip to Penzance is completely sorted. So there are things to look forward to.

Speaking of which: this quote, a key element of a gorgeous illustrated article in the New York Times, is really wonderful:

"Time wastes too fast : every letter I trace tells me with what rapidity Life follows my pen ; the days and hours of it, more precious, my dear Jenny! than the rubies about thy neck, are flying over our heads like light clouds of a windy day, never to return more -- every thing presses on -- whilst thou are twisting that lock, -- see! it grows grey ; and every time I kiss thy hand to bid adieu, and every absence which follows it, are preludes to that eternal separation which we are shortly to make. --"

Now we're off to, um, kill some time before dinner, as we're meeting some people in Soho at some nice Italian joint in two hours - their treat. I think pre-show gelato and even Pimms is called for here.
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First, I have two tickets available for Exquisite Corpse, a cut-up play, at Southwark Theater tomorrow. ([livejournal.com profile] mirrorshard? [livejournal.com profile] booklectic, ideas via email?) Tickets were £8 but if you're broke, I'm sure we can come to an arrangement (as in "a gift"). Comment if you want to go.

Work: busy.
Review of Aunt Dan & Lemon: done.
Trip to post office today: likely
Arrival of brownies to clean my apartment: still waiting
Tonight: Wuthering Heights, the ballet, preceeded by trip to Baozi Inn for dan dan noodles.
Packing: not started, not even the list.
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This has been really a very good week for me. We came back from Sicily in plenty of time to actually get a good night's sleep and do a little catching up. Tuesday I turned my certificates from Air Lingus into tickets to Nice (for the beginning of June) and my friend [livejournal.com profile] butterbee told me that she and her partner are coming to visit in May. That night I went to see Birmingham Royal Ballet with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler (while J went to a rehearsal). We both enjoyed the show quite a lot.

The next day I threw my hat in the ring for two job opportunities and applied for extra vacation days during the day; in the evening [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and I went to see Wayne Macgregor's Dido at the Royal Opera House. It was a good show but I was suffering a bit from exhaustion and couldn't bear the thought of getting home at 11:30 like I had the previous evening, so we left after intermission. This led to a much better day at work yesterday than I would have had yesterday.

Other random good news: it looks highly likely that we'll have a new set of tenants in the house on time, as planned, saving us the hassle (to put it lightly) of coming up with all of the mortgage out of our own pockets. Unfortunately we'll have to pay half rent to our property manager to cover the cost of finding new tenants :-( but we'll manage, really, and it is a lot of work that we couldn't possibly do from over here. And once the new tenants are moved in, our monthly transfers to the US will go down by £100, which is going to put a smile in my budgeting.

Also, work yesterday announced that in lieu of giving us payrises, they're going to give us an extra day vacation, this year, for free. So I immediately went back and reduced my vacation buy by one day, so I at least will see a tiny rise in pay next month. :-) And overall, even after the trip, the finances aren't looking like shit warmed over, and it's just a huge relief to me given the panic I felt when I realized how much we were going to have to fork over to the property manager. The effect of the lower rent is finally showing, and the amount of savings we managed by living as paupers for the last two months really paid off (as it were) when it came to the trip not putting us totally in the hole. This means I can start going to the gym again, which I'm probably going to do starting on Monday. W00T!

Last night I had a great evening at the BFI with J, [livejournal.com profile] wechsler, and three people I haven't seen in a dog's age even though we're practially neighbors now - [livejournal.com profile] werenerd, The Person Formerly Known As Somefox and [livejournal.com profile] postmodern_minx. We saw Dr No and, wow, the print was amazing. I had no idea the film was so well made! It makes me want to go see more in the series, but it's going to be hard to fit them in given the usual madness in my schedule, so my guess is with luck perhaps I could see one more. But, really, the exciting-est part was getting to see my friends again.

This weekend is looking to be very social and fun. Tonight I've got [livejournal.com profile] trishpiglet and [livejournal.com profile] babysimon over for T's belated birthday dinner (Sicilian food, don'tcha know), tomorrow we're going to the WestEnd Whingers party, and Sunday I'm having W and [livejournal.com profile] souldier_blue over for MahJong and tacos. At some point I'm going to spend a lot of time doing house work and planting the rest of my flowers - that, at least I will very much enjoy.

So, really, life is looking kind of good right now! I just wonder why now ... is it because it's spring?
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All things considered, there were so many things to recommend about this day that I think it was, on the whole, "nearly perfect."

Good things:
half day at work, actually did some useful stuff while I was there
realized I could squeeze in a lecture before my evening show and bought tickets to same :-)
got to Paradiso on time
[livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy was totally up for taking a nap and skipping paying 20 quid to see art
nap was irresistibly delicious and walk home was gorgeous and sunny
got some new food at Chatkhara (an Afghani kind of biryani) and sweets at Royal Sweets
Alain de Botton was fantastic - made funny points about life (i.e. "There are all of these regulations regarding not having sexual relations with your coworkers at many companies - God forbid you should enjoy sex more than you do trying to get rich")
the biryani stuff was yummy
we found the gorgeous back entry to the Barbican (from Moorgate), which makes it look like a futurist fantasy - I thought "Hanging Gardens of Babylon," J thought "Cloud City"
we were on time for Inferno
we made it home at a decent hour
we're nearly packed

Things that could have made it bad:
Inferno and Paradiso were, um ... not nearly as good as de Botton.
I am having to figure out how to use my two free round trip tickets to Nice in a way that's likely to disappoint someone.
It's after midnight and I haven't finished my review of the shows we saw earlier.

Still, really, that's just not much to complain about! And tomorrow it's Sicily until I've had all of the red wine and marzipan a girl can fit in her. I can't wait!
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I never walked out the door of my house today. However, my leg of lamb was some world of awesome (recipe will follow), and the house is in general leaning more toward what I want it to look like - the kitchen is clean, the bathroom degrubbified, the walking areas generally more open. I got very lost going through a box that had things in it like letters from my grandma and old photographs - sorted out the things I thought I might use immediately (for change of address letters) and then just put it all back inside another, prettier box.

I've decided to have a ladies' Spring tea party in a few weeks. I have about convinced J (who will have to be here to help me get it to happen - last time I was frantic) that it won't be a huge pain in the ass. The last one I had was before I moved and I'm overdue. Wish I could have the same friends here as before, but ... I think half the people I invited last time weren't really hanging out with me anymore before I left, anyway, so I guess no point in getting all nostalgic about that!

Anyway, since dinner was early (4:30), tonight we got to sit down and play Agricola. [livejournal.com profile] wechsler has spent the weekend with us, which has been really nice and meant we could really go to town on the gaming. Unsurprisingly, he won, but only by two points - we're really still figuring it out. I figure a few more games and we'll be ready to move on to the "full" version, but we're going to have to not wait two months between games or we're not going to be able to build enough momentum to make the leap.

The week is looking busy and fun - two silent movies, a Flamenco music concert, and a trip to Cambridge. I expect by the time next Sunday comes around I'll be grateful, once again, to have a whole day to just sit around in the house and take it easy - by which I mean clean, organize, and (with luck) garden.


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