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Right ...

The kitchen and the hallway are cleaned. This is sad as they were only #2 and 3 on the list of what needed to be cleaned, but they do look spectacularly better.

The living room, #1 on the list, can probably be finished in about five to ten more minutes, but it's 10:30 and I'm feeling suspicious of doing any more work.

The cat has found the catnip mouse and is very excited about it.

The back bedroom is far more usable at present, which is a lot to say given that when we came home tonight it wasn't even an acceptable place to put coats. All we need to do is make the bed and it will be in great shape.

My leftover chicken was really good. I had used my superpower of creating gravy to make some godhead chicken gravy when I first roasted it up and basically I just wanted an excuse to get through it. Yum yum!

In the spirit of having less things to put away I finished a bottle of Amontillado sherry and the rest of a really big chocolate bar. I also started in on a box of Sugar Babies but *ahem* they're not done yet so I'm taking them to work with me. It's all very public spirited of me, you see.

I will probably work on the master bedroom just a little more tomorrow so it's actually in the kind of shape where I can show it off to people (or give people a tour without burning with shame) after I get home from work, but basically I have to accept the fact that what I go to bed with is about what we're getting tomorrow. So with that in mind ... I'm getting offline and getting back to work. Mmm mmm, working myself to exhaustion, it's so ingrained I don't even think about it any more.
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Right, I think in two hours we got around 10-12 boxes unpacked.

I think that means, at 9:40, we can stop for the night. The boxes have been broken down and a new bookshelf has been built. I still haven't found the blue plates or my favorite moisturizer, but I did find the box of bandaids (which were sadly needed as the house god - the Lar? - demanded another blood sacrifice) and the box with my back stash of Red Peach Keemun.

Anyway, I've got a bottle of 5 year old Malmsy (the sugariest of the Madeiras) from Blandy's, and we're going to give it a go. Yum!
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We still don't have broadband because we still don't have a freaking landline.

We do still have boxes.

Work is too busy.

Going home now.
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I counted 91 boxes tonight, though I may have missed a few.

I only unpacked one, though I did empty my suitcase, and plant some of the sedums I brought back from Madeira.

We still don't have a landline, and thus no broadband. And we don't have the deposit check back, and the check for the inadequate apartment and carpet cleaning hasn't cleared yet.

I sure would like the check from the deposit back. And I'd like to be through with unpacking. Doubtlessly part of tonight should have been spent getting the bookcases set up, but sick [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy fell asleep on the couch instead.

Done for tonight, though, and time for a shower.
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After a day of high QA comedy at work, I attempted to book out of the office in time to meet [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy in Battersea and go look at some storage units that had caught my eye. However, reality intervened when I went to re-print the map and discovered they were open until 7 on Thursdays ... and only 6 on Wednesday.

Rethinking the evening, we decided to just meet in Tooting at the Wheatsheaf pub and see if the "removals" company near the tube station had anything suitable. I got there 5 minutes before closing, and what they had was miscellaneous junk of the sort I'd expect to see at a Salvation Army - none of which we needed. We each had a quick half (he was already inside the pub and agreed with my read of the furniture), then got some takeaway to fortify us for a fairly heavy night of unboxing.

Two plates of saag paneer, okra chile death masala, unusual dal, and rice later, we plunged into the kitchen. [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy did some dishes while I started moving the spice jars into the bread box, then rearranging the cabinets to open up space, then slowly moving the contents of two boxes marked "tea" into the cabinet - onto and in front of the breadbox - and all over the many remaining (full) boxes in the kitchen. Hrmph. Quite a bit of work to do there still and yet it seems like we may be at the maximum capacity possible for the current set of cabinets.

[livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy meanwhile had dragged the stuff from the nook in front of the bathroom (bags, squashed boxes, and cardboard) into the spare bedroom and built some shelves (that I'd salvaged from the street in front of our old place) within the nook, then removed the various bags full of bathroom goodies from their former squashed boxes and placed said bags on or in front of the shelves. When I finished the tea, I got to work trying to make some sense of these bags. I got the pile down to just two or three remaining large tote bags full of stuff; they'll probably all fit in the space available, even with all of the other stuff there. This is good.

And yet, despite all of this, I was unable to find my favoritist moisturizer that had been sitting on the bathroom counter before we moved. Oh great moving gods, you have taken from me my large bottle of Estee Lauder eye makeup remover (with its cracked and leaking lid): please don't also claim my Neutragena ultra rich regenerating night creme! (I did find all of my travel shampoo and conditioner bottles, as well as the sun tan lotions and bonus sunglasses, so the effort wasn't without value, but still, I am looking for one tiny silver tube and I'd like to find it before another week goes by.)

I am stumped now by what we are going to do about the kitchen. I haven't even finished unpacking our supply of staples, much less things like the waffle iron and slow cooker, and there is just no more space to put things. Well, we'll try to make it to Battersea again tomorrow, and perhaps we'll have luck.

*sigh* Oh, and I've started reading Gulliver's Travels. It's actually pretty good.
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Have a feeling I'll be spending the evening looking at Argos's shelving options, which is depressing. I want this or these (would look good in the back bedroom!) or this cute kitchen cabinet but I'm not really enjoying shopping and I would just really like things to magically show up in my house so I can use them without the hassle of having to pick out from the ten million things available the one thing that I can both afford and tolerate.


Time to go back to cinder blocks and planks, really ...

(At least this post makes me feel good about the hood - gonna try the Thai place they recommended tonight.)
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Well, we've made our way down from Tuesday's 163 boxes (which I'm assuming included suitcases shoved full of clothes) to a mere 129, and this morning we've emptied a giant suitcase and a very large box (that was actually already half empty) full of clothing. We've also wasted some time online looking at "storage solutions," my current favorite currently being this kichen cabinet, though we also need things to store towels and books in. I'm now fantasizing about bookshelves, one of those rolling liquor cabinet things (for the dining room), and a gorgeous cabinet for the kitchen - and setting us a budget of 400 pounds for the next six months, which should keep us from embracing further debt. We have decided that towels can be stored in emtpy suitcases for now - we have them and it will take care of the primary need of "keeping the clean towels from getting dirty."

The cat's being a lovely friendly ball of fluff today and generally keeping me happy. We're going to head out in a bit and see about getting a dosa at the place on the high street we went to on our day of nightmarish flat hunting; it's the kind of thing I'd like to have be a part of our new Sunday routine for living here, a "Sunday Roast" kinda thing that's all about the tasty Indian food. And with the sunshine today, a walk would be excellent, even if Boo has other ideas about how I should spend my day.
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Well, we've hit an exciting bit of unpacking - we've got to some of the boxes that were never opened in London. These are mostly boxes of art, which is exciting enough - some of these paintings I'd forgotten I'd bought, and they're still gorgeous - but also we've found some strange miscellanea such as a small hand-knotted rug (circa 1935) and my T-shirts, which had been put in a box marked "J's Books" and were forgotten about. A sweater I've been thinking of replacing is in there, as is the infamous Aleister Crowley T-shirt I've had such a good time wearing ... over the decades ... (scary, isn't it?) and a T-shirt from HiScore, my old Seattle hangout (before it got turned into condos).

Now it's on to some grunt unpacking, but also we've got some errands to run, buying some things that we don't have and are missing badly, like garbage cans and a broom. And it's a lovely sunny day, perfect for walking around and running errands. I also need to call BT and ask them what happened to my phone line (it's three days since it was promised). Later on we'll go to the Union Theatre to see "It's Behind You!" and then off to a birthday party. I'm expecting this will b a good Saturday - sunny ones always have so much promise.

And I'm leaving Friday for a looong weekend in Funchal. I can't believe it's so soon, but, I have to say, given that I've been stretched to breaking at work the last two weeks, I really, really need it.
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The plants make me happy.

Maybe I'll make some chocolate chip cookies later on today. It would be a good way to use the pecans.
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Here's a picture of me during the move from yesterday.

Drinking tea now. Off to the flat to let in the cleaning service in a bit.
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Just finished reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The ending has left me feeling rather sad, which I take as, in part, a sign of exhaustion. I think I'll nap on the couch if the guys won't be leaving for another half hour or so. Then at 3 [livejournal.com profile] wechsler has got a van that he and I will fill with groceries and boozes and a Boo Kitty and take to the new place, where [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy will already be waiting for us (only room for three in the truck).

1006 pages really isn't all that much. If I have some time I might check to see if I've read all of the footnotes, but later (after unpacking) I can also enjoy reading The Ladies of Grace Adieu, which was alluded to in this book.
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Outside the window, the river is covered in fog. It's kind of like a picture of my brain. I wonder what the rowers represent? Do the singles mean something different than the doubles?

I slept hard, which is good, much better than the option of "fitfully due to worrying about things." I dreamed about [livejournal.com profile] silkyraven, who'd fallen asleep on my couch.

I awoke ravenous. Fortunately, I bought some things for breakfast yesterday. I didn't think I'd be this hungry, though.

Time to cook and then get the bed ready to be packed. It would be cool if I got a full eight hours tonight.
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It's funny how "at freezing" kinda seems balmy after New York. It helps that its sunny gorgeous outside. We've got the windows open at the flat, my little Nonesuch Palace, and it's doing its best to say, "Look how gorgeous it is and how you will miss me! I will make it nice for your remaining time here." Of course, having the curtains open means waves of ice are coming off of the windows, but we'll manage. And when it gets dark, we'll close the curtains and that will be that.

I'm remembering why I have all of these sweat shirts; they were for when I was working at the chocolate factory, which wasn't really heated in the winter. I had to have clothes that kept me fairly warm and handled repeated washings well (as they were constantly getting chocolate splashed on them). Ive kept thinking about taking them to the thrift store but for some reason held on to them. They've been great for packing - I can get them covered with ink without guilt and they keep me warm (still).

We left at 1 without incident. I actually got all of the work done that had been on my plate for the week. I know more was coming this afternoon that I was going to miss because of leaving early, but it's not like I don't need to be here now, or even that I was able to focus particularly well given the load of work I have to get done to be ready for the truck tomorrow morning.

Well, I've eaten and secured tomorrow's breakfast. I don't really need to leave the flat at all before 10 AM. The sad thing is, what I'd really like to do is finish reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, if only. And I can tell that I'm pretty tired and could use a nap, but I don't imagine I'd really be able to relax enough to sleep, not now that it's almost four PM.
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Wow. So many boxes. And not nearly enough.

I feel like packing some more right now.

Dreamed of moving disasters last night - someone came by and stole all of our clothes from our unemptied closets, something caught on fire. I also dreamed of a horse that could climb over giant cement walls and driving around and getting lost, and [livejournal.com profile] m_cobweb.

We have a list of things to pack every day, and we don't seem to be ever hitting the targets. The books are all now packed (finally), but the china cabinet isn't, and I don't think we got enough done on the kitchen to ... eh whatever. Tonight.

The current landlord called last night and she's mad about the cat. Oh well. I'm mad she hasn't fixed the floor. She also doesn't seem to want to replace the junky furniture (in the living room) that was here when I moved in, despite saying at the time I could bin it all. I think she's replacing the paper thin mattress for the full sized bed, which is good as I'd like to take that with me to the new place. Talking to her stressed me out. Which reminds me, I need to find some professional cleaners to do the joint today. The ones I called yesterday weren't available.

I woke up in the middle of the night and turned down the heat, which we'd taken off timer because doing that left the house at something like 50 when we wake up. I have three pairs of flannel pyjamas and one of polartec, and they've been getting good workouts this week. Warm is sexy. Cold is not sexy. I imagine I feel like a big cuddly stuffed toy, but I suppose, to J, I just really feel "warm," which is good enough.

Usually in the morning the cat and I fight over her desire to sit on my lap while I use the computer, but she's found a new, uncomfortable way to arrange herself, and I've decided the inconvenience is now worth having a warm lap. Even having the laptop sitting on my legs is nice.

It's early. I'm rambling. Time to find another version of "two layers of wool, knee socks, thick pants" and go to work.
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We went to Tooting and signed the papers on the flat tonight. We didn't get home until 7:30, then had a call from the current landlord about some questions we had for her (i.e. are they fixing the tile, can we take the chairs that are all beat up, etc.). We ate the boxes of biryani we'd picked up in Tooting, then got to work with the boxes.

Again I feel like we didn't get too many done, really. That said, 10:30 was my cut off and now I'm having a giant green tea martini, for which I had open a few boxes in search of the vodka. It's the last of the Zen Green Tea liqueur, which, as near as I can tell, I can't buy here in the UK. It was on my shopping list for the US but I was sure I could find it here so I didn't look all that hard in New York. To which I now say, foo.
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The estate agents have received our rent payment, and we're off to officially sign the lease papers today. Yay!

Then we'll go home and pack some more. *sigh*
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Just for the reference: if it says 12 people ahead of you on the phone queue, you can expect 27 minutes wait for someone to answer the phone.

Fortunately I can send of a fair amount of emails and such while I'm on hold.

15 MINUTES LATER: Well, the good news is that our council tax is going down by about £30 a month (from £88 for E to about £60 for C band, whatever that means), but the bad news is that we'll have to pay for three months all at the same time. Bleah.
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This morning the apartment is COLD COLD COLD.

This makes me think I won't miss living here nearly as much as I might.

On the other hand, we've got the fireplace on to try to warm up the living room, which is nice and something I don't think I'll be able to do in the future. I'll miss that.

I slept great last night. I fell asleep dreaming about a screen saver where, as the screen slowly turned dark, the letters on the screen turned into buttterflies, slowly flapping their wings. After the screen got dark, they slowly started flying away, one by one.
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Well, we didn't accomplish all I wanted to for the weekend - the bookshelves aren't really emptied (though the ones in the living room are close), I didn't get all of the dishes emptied out of the china cabinet (though probably 3/4 - we ran out of paper at a critical moment). However, I feel like we may be about a quarter of the way packed. THis seems not so bad. I dont' feel panicky - we had a box finding recon mission this afternoon (in addition to the trip to Argos, home of the cheapest box pack out there) and came back with another twenty smallish boxes are so. I'm sure we've got enough to do the books now - the question for me is getting all of the china and stuff packed, which is actually a big bunch of work.

One thing I did accomplish was to clean every dirty item of clothing in the house not requiring dry cleaning (other than what we're wearing now). My suspicion is that a sort of power vortex has been created and things are going to magically start appearing in other areas of the house, or the laundry basket is going to suck other things in the bedroom into it - probably unused boxes and bubble wrap.

I also did an Iron Chef Putney lamb shoulder for dinner (cover with chopped garlic and fresh rosemary, slow roast in some leftover wine from the party), which worked out okay. About an hour later [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy completely hit the wall, and I was willing to be distracted and somehow convinced him to play another round of Agricola, which I just really enjoyed. It's funny to think we're playing the "easy" version right now, as we're still kind of wrapping our heads around it even after the second time. I can't wait to try it out full bore - sometime after we've moved.

My favorite online blogger has talked me out of seeing Ondine on Tuesday, which is probably for the best. This means the calendar is completely clear for the week - all I need to do is pack and eat and clean. Wonder if we'll actually be ready to move on Saturday? That would be great, much better than Sunday.

Payday is Tuesday. Other than getting that all-important paycheck, I'm not eager about going back to work (we were moved while I was gone and my first task will be unpacking, bleah). Two weeks off has been pretty darned good. All I can hope is that the stupid jet lag has loosened its hold on me! And once we've moved, I've got La Cage Aux Folles stars in my eyes. It's a damned shame Panto season is pretty much over!
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Blah blah packing blah blah more clothes blah blah more boxes no, I don't have time to pet you Boo

Blah blah lunch and with that I'm off to the store.

And I want a nap.

And a pony.


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