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1. Mice in my fridge, eating olives. ICK.
2. Trying to take my cousin, my stepdad, and [livejournal.com profile] lovely_bug and [livejournal.com profile] ciphergoth to an Indian Food dinner together. WHY?
3. The joy of catching buses in American, with two miles between bus stops, when the driver passes your stop by.
4. Talking to fun and fuzzy stuffed animals.

Bad sleep in general, unfortunately. If I'd slept better I wouldn't remember all of this crap. And I'd already be on my way to work.
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I've been waking up at a little after 6 every day this week. This is pretty much an hour and a half before I get up and it SUCKS. However, I think the time is changing this weekend, so I should be lined up correctly in short order.

My last hour of sleep was further disturbed by a dream in which I was trying and failing to get on a Eurostar train. The deal was that there was huge lines of people waiting to get on, due to low capacity, and every time I'd clear security, the train that was just about to go would leave, and the guards would FORCE ME BACK THROUGH SECURITY where I'd wait at the end of the line again. By the end of the dream I was trying to sneak through with large families and finally I tried to make the last wild dash for the train on horseback (including a jump on sidesaddle - don't think I could manage that in real life!). The extra irritating deal was that I had been trying to get back home to spend just a few hours with [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy after a work event, only as I was heading to the train he said it had all turned into quite a boozer and he didn't think he'd be getting home until well after I did. So I woke up already stressed out for the day.

And yet somehow it is Friday. That is good. Tonight I'm going to see Lily Allen. But first, I must get out the door ...
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This morning the apartment is COLD COLD COLD.

This makes me think I won't miss living here nearly as much as I might.

On the other hand, we've got the fireplace on to try to warm up the living room, which is nice and something I don't think I'll be able to do in the future. I'll miss that.

I slept great last night. I fell asleep dreaming about a screen saver where, as the screen slowly turned dark, the letters on the screen turned into buttterflies, slowly flapping their wings. After the screen got dark, they slowly started flying away, one by one.
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Awakened at 6 AM by two restless so and so's - one feline, the other supine (in three different positions - no, five - six - AARGH!). Sorta fell back asleep about ten minutes before I needed to wake up. Do I need to go into work today? Can I call in ... meetings, do I have ...

Oh yeah. I have a huge box of Christmas presents I'm expecting to show up today. Bah. In I must go.

In other news, I finished my review of [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy's "Christmas Carol." It's already sold out through Christmas, which means he might actually be paid. If you'd like to see it and you're feeling skint, there's a half price ticket deal valid "16 Dec – 4 Jan at 6.30pm, weekend and midweek matinees." Call the box office on 0870 890 0149 and quote Evening Standard offer (if you can stomach it, but to save 15 pounds I suspect many of us must).

Hi ho, work. Bleah. I want to sleep until ten then pack for my trip.
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If you ignore the food poisoning, there's one great thing I can say about the last week and a half: I have been sleeping like a rock. Actually, I even slept great in Italy, probably because I was walking myself to a state of exhaustion daily, but there was only one day when I spent my night worrying about us not getting somewhere on time and lost sleep because of this. So every day I've felt in good shape in regards to my sleep level - a nice change from normal.

I've also been drinking a lot of red wine during this period of time. I wonder if there's a connection?

Proust is at page 309 - in good shape for me to complete the book(s) before the end of the month, I think. I just finished a section about a famous actress (sort of a Sarah Bernhardt) having a tea party that no one could bother to attend because they were off to see The Next Big Thing. The actress herself is dying and working herself into a quicker grave to take care of her daughter, who doesn't appreciate it. The whole thing seemed like a kind of death watch for the entire social order he's documented in his series of books, and I found it kind of funny to read, almost as much as reading about the granny who took the deaths of any of her aquaintances as being sort of a win for her. "Hah! Outlives old Solange after all. That'll show her!"

For fun I've been reading Stross' The Jennifer Morgue (at home, a gift from [livejournal.com profile] topbit) and Fforde's The Fourth Bear (at the gym), where the lead character has just bought a horrible car from Dorian Grey - it has a portrait of itself in the trunk. Stross is into heavy James Bond paralleling right now, so I'll probably recommend this to J when I'm done.
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Q: Am I tired today?
A: When was the last time you wore your glasses into the shower? And how long did it take you to realize you had them on?
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So instead of going from strength to strength, I've gone from illness to illness, from last week's cold (that pretty well bounced off of me) to this weeks, which I really don't think is the leftovers of last week's. This has a tight and tickly throat, one that had me coughing delicately for hours last night - just enough to keep me awake.

Gah. It was miserable. I was so tired but still, there was the cough.

Eventually I went and slept in the guest room so I wasn't keeping [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy up, and I did get some sleep, but I'm destroyed today.
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I am so tired of waking up an hour earlier than I need to get up and not being able to fall back asleep. It's not like I don't need the sleep. I'm guaranteed to be exhausted for much of the rest of the day now. I tried to not lay there and worry about the stupid test thing, but who knows, maybe that was what was keeping me up.

Sadly, I also had a hard time falling alseep, even though I was tired for most of the evening. I just now found out [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy also couldn't fall asleep, and that when I gave up and went into the guest bedroom, he gave up and turned on the lights and read a book until 2 AM. So now we're both really tired. What a great start to our week! How can I sleep so well on weekends and then totally fail to get enough on a night when I need the sleep?

God I wish I'd taken melatonin last night.
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Had a rancid evening after I realized my normal catsitter wasn't available when I thought said person would be, which led to stressing out about that and many other things while I was trying to pack. AARGH why am I not friends with someone in my building who could do this?

Then had a very non-sleeping, overwarm person next to me in bed KEEPING ME AWAKE. Sleep FAIL.

Finally fell asleep and dreamed about my trip ... which was now WITH MY GRANDMOTHER to Peru. We arrived in Peru and I realized I hadn't made hotel reservations and was running around trying to figure out just where we could sleep. (Possibly this was triggered by the hotelier calling me last night to say, "It's 10 PM, why aren't you here yet?" This was because we were actually due ON WEDNESDAY.) Later we were supposed to meet my dad and go somewhere else, which (in my dream) was why he was taking care of my cat while I was gone. I got up and read LJ this morning and discovered that in reality land, it's my dad's birthday today. Present purchase FAIL. (I got them for my sister and her kids, though, who's birthdays are all within a few days of each other, so I didn't do too badly.)

Shadowdaddy made me a lovely breakfast and now that I've eaten it it's time to get moving, finish packing, and get the hell out of Dodge.
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I hate the banks, I hate the bureaucracy that makes the rules about the visas (and keeps changing these rules), I hate LA Fitness, I hate how badly I slept last night (due to the bedroom being too warm), and I hate that I feel dizzy right now.

Hate hate hate.

I hate that I haven't been able to submit my work permit application this morning like I thought I would be able to two weeks ago because I don't have all of the documents together because the rules keep changing on me and I hate that this had me up at 6 AM stressing and HSBC is making me wait four days for the document I requested today.

Bought a Matcha "chiller" at eat to try to help with the tired and the dizzy.

HSBC can bite me, though.
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Last night our trip back ("Northern Line or Picadilly?") was marred by wrong decision making. We had a delicious transfer straight on to a Wimbledon train at Earl's Court - then sat there for six minutes or so. It pulled out of the station ... and then we were in West Kensington! Blast! Everyone on the train was quite pissed off and the driver apologized and said he'd been given signals to go to THIS station and not Wimbledon as his train had said. I think there were about 200 people that all got off and had to go UP and OVER to the other platform, then wait for another eight minutes or so, then go DOWN and under and just miss a Wimbledon train, then wait for about 12 minutes for the next one. So we got home at about ten 'til midnight. GRRRR.

Then I remembered we are supposed to gather our American bank account statements so we can take them into the lawyer (see yesterday's post re: work permit). So we dug around and discovered, lo, we are on a paperless system with them, which means we need to have them print out and then mail us certified copies of our statements. GRRR.

So finally I'm getting ready to go to bed, taking out my contact lenses, and I can hear the cat scratching in her litterbox. I go into the bathroom - and she's missed the litterbox entirely for some reason unknown. Cue find paper towels, remove bathmat, apply spray bleach, sweep, etc., get washer going to deal with bathmat.

Going to bed at a decent time? FAIL.
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Unsurprisingly, after going to the gym and swimming yesterday, I slept like a rock last night. I'm very happy about this.
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Why was last night the night I had to wake up, completely alert, in the middle of the night?

Why was [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy also so restless in bed?

Why couldn't I even fall asleep in the guest bedroom for ages? Why did I have to have dreams about sharks when I finally fell asleep, and then wake up an hour early, heart racing?

All of this really undoes going to bed early.
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I think the Chinese tea I had with dinner last night got to me, based on my heart rate at about 12:30 AM. It was the only reason why I wasn't sleeping that came to mind - I seemed tired enough.

I slept in later but I'm still exhausted. I should have been in bed earlier anyway, but, wow, I'm so woozy. I am also sore from the Pilates yesterday, but I'm okay with that. I just wish I wasn't so tired.
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Wow, I just slept until 12:30. Great day for sleeping, though - rain and ick outside.

Just to be clear, I didn't really "sleep" through until now ... I was up at 5, at 8, at 11:00 ... with hour long breaks marked by coughing and nose gunk. I'd get up, take more sudafed and cough syrup, and wait for them to kick in. I got my pillows adjusted so I was more or less sleeping sitting up - rather necessary due to the congestion and the horrible crick my neck has developed from, er, the coughing and the stress caused by the estate agent thing. (Realized I don't have enough money saved up to put a deposit down on a new place and this made me rather unhappy, among other things.)

The cold has been great for my "get rid of the Christmas poundage" though, as I've got from about 178 (full stomach, Christmas dinner) to 170.6 or something this morning (empty stomach and likely dehydrated to boot). So I'm holding off on the WeightWatchers for now, partially to save money.Read more... ) It's also now one week until my trip and WeightWatchers isn't so good at "one serving Mystery Food" or really almost anything that isn't standard American. I'll give them credit, they've got Pad Thai, but when I like Dan Dan Noodles and Bee Bim Bap and Okonomiyaki (and Thai green curry), I'm just out of their zone. So ... after the trip, then. I've reduced portions and my appetite, and if I just listen to that it'll help. Oh, and no 4 PM potato chip break.

I'm having some Innnocent smoothie stuff [livejournal.com profile] wechsler brought over last night (yum, a cup of fruit in a glass, no added sugar) and am about to head into some Darjeeling oolong tea from Mariage Freres.I have to go to the porters lodge to pick up what I think is a late Christmas present (from [livejournal.com profile] irrationalrobot and [livejournal.com profile] wordknitter, though I know they mailed it in December) and I may heed [livejournal.com profile] cookwitch's text and trot up the street to Whittard and take advantage of their 75% off sale, but that looks to be it for me for the day. So TGIF, you know?

I'll say this: Boo thinks that me being sick is the best thing eve - I get up at all hours just to pet her, she had TWO warm bodies to curl up and nap with it's the middle of the day and someone is sitting on the couch and making a lap for her. It's a cat's life, innit?
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I am not getting sound enough sleep (either due just to the cold or due to the pseudoephedrine messing me up, not sure). Sunday nights I had horrible dreams in which [livejournal.com profile] ciphergoth and I truly disturbing, my apologies for the bad dreams, may squick ) Then there was a tornado and the house began to float away into the air with us in it ...

This night was dreaming about 1) murdering my stepfather (I turned him into a quesadilla and semi-inadvertendly left him on the griddle too long - people kept asking what had happened to him and I really couldn't explain it very well - [livejournal.com profile] friend_of_tofu turned out to have been his probation officer) and 2) being welcomed back into the arms of my former best friend Ann Donovan and her boyfriend Randy Pape. I'm not sure which was more disturbing, but waking up and discovering I was still in the same situation I have been - utterly rejected by someone I adored for no discernable reason - still had that sting.

I'm exhausted. The cars outside my window wake me up too early and I keep having to look across the bed at the clock to see if I'm supposed to get up soon or if I still have time to try to get back to bed, which wakes me up more. I went to sleep at a not bad time (bit held up reading Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley) but was undone by being unable to actually fall asleep (the cold). I just want to stay home and sleep all day but instead I'll shuffle in. I need a quieter bedroom and an alarm clock on my side of the bed.

Tonight, Les Patineurs and the Beatrix Potter ballet at the Royal Opera House - my first show of the year (good lord, what was I waiting for, week three?). The rest of the week I'm expecting will be pretty quiet.
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Wow, WORLD CLASS craptacular night's sleep last night. I was in bed with my eyes shut at 11:10 and awake when [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy came to bed half an hour later. Then it was a fair bit of free association (trip to Madrid, my friend Helen Hestenes from the Phoenix days, how I can get work to send me to that conference, what I'm supposed to be doing there today) and at 12:45 I decided to have a look at the clock just to see how I was doing. I finally broke down at that point and took some melatonin (I'd already been up, what, four times) even though I knew it was going to make getting up that much harder. But hey, I was up at 5:45 and 6:30 anyway, or at least I looked at the clock then, and finally gave up and got out of bed a few minutes ago. It's not like I was sleeping. (My normal get out of bed time is 7:20, for those who care).

I really, really try for 8 hours of sleep a night lest I sit in bed - I mean, sit in my chair - doing little other than keeping it warm. I have to be able to do some good thinking to get my work done and even a little sleep dep seriously impairs my performance. I'm screwed for today.

It makes me bitter to see how pitch black it is outside right now and how little traffic there is on the streets. I feel like I'm up at the crack of fucking dawn right now only it's not even dawn yet and most of London looks like they're taking today off, too, damn their sleeping eyes.

I don't know how much of this is due to how lackadaisical my sleep patterns have been over the last ten days or if maybe the five little cups of "competition grade Ti Kuan Yin" tea I had during the four o'clock hour yesterday really got to me or what. And I've heard melatonin cannot be bought here and I'm down to three tabs. That's going to make me seriously miserable.

That said, yesterday was a pretty fun day. [livejournal.com profile] butterbee appears to be coming down with a cold and was moving pretty slowly for most of the day, so we never really left the house. Instead, [livejournal.com profile] wechsler came over in the afternoon and spent the day hanging out with us. We played Puerto Rico (we all were not on top of our game) in the afternoon, had dinner, then got in a round of Guillotine afterwards. At some point, [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and I moved the new chest of drawers into the bedroom, and I spent a bit of time reshuffling my clothes out of the old one and into the new. The transfer isn't finished yet, but it does look pretty handsome and I do have a lot more room that before.

God, I must have breakfast now. AAARGH. All of those days of 10 hours of sleep undone at one blow!
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Well, I was up coughing and didn't get to bed until about 1. The cough syrup my uncle bought for me was the "daytime" version, and I think it had extra added caffeine, or something, because it had kept me up the night before. This means day two with not enough sleep and I'm going to be a mess at the South African Magic Flute tonight. Bah. My enthusiasm is also dampened by having just seen Kenneth Branagh's Magic Flute (the movie) at the Barbican on Sunday. It was long and while the I enjoyed being able to hear all of the lyrics (which were apparently quite "adapted" from the original) - as they were sung in English - it just didn't really have any sparkle for me. Movie magic? Only in my head. Maybe I just don't like opera and should stop trying.

Last night was what shall be known as the Ian McKellan King Lear at the New London Theater (where my uncle saw Cats "back when they were just kittens"), which the three of us saw with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler. I wish I could go on and on about how brilliant it was, but it was as brilliant as a Lexus or something - really well designed but not, somehow, compelling. Yeah, Sir Ian handled Lear's entire mental arc very nicely, but I just didn't really care. I was bizarrely caught up in the Gloucester story, which, truth (and uncle) be told, could have been utterly excised and left the plot intact. It was neat to really catch Cordelia's humiliation, and Goneril and Regan were just brilliantly evil, but ... I don't know. We had good seats. I was not moved. ([livejournal.com profile] wechsler was moved to leave during intermission due to post-new-flat exhaustion. I was a bit sorry I hadn't just been able to scalp his ticket, but there you go.) Also, it appears "the second Doctor" or some such was in this show as the Jester, but I don't know one from the other and didn't buy a program. At the end there was a bit of a standing ovation, but I'm not going to clap for Sir Ian because he's Sir Ian, I would only clap for the actor who played Lear last night, and he was good, but he didn't move me. Maybe the show's just been running for so long that it's lost all of its energy. God only knows I've lost most of mine.

Given the lack of travelling companion for my weekend away, I've cancelled my Monday off work and decided to stay here. Would anyone like to go out with me Saturday night to see Gekidan Kaitaisha's "Bye Bye Reflection," "a harsh and critical portrayal of war, violence and prejudice inspired by the terrorist attacks of 11 September?" (They were written up in the Metro today, if the name rings a bit of a bell.) I think I can get free tickets, at least per the letter I got in the mail from Riverside two days ago. Let me know.
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Oh fucking fuckity fucksticks. Yes, I was up at (what is now) 5:40. I decided to sleep in the back bedroom for a bit, which is quieter, then woke up some time later (yay for "get up" cueing light coming in the window), fumbled around for too long, found the clock which said 8 AM!!! and bounded out of bed. I fed the cat, then saw the clock on the stove said, well, let's just say a good half hour before I need to get up. Dammit. I did try going back to bed but I'm basically screwed - I'll be spending this whole day dragging my carcass around, wishing like hell I'd got even eight hours of sleep. This is admittedly partially my fault for being up at 11:30 at night instead of already being in bed, but something about getting home around 10:30 makes it a bit hard for me to wind back down.

Argh. At least I'll be able to enjoy a decent cup of tea at work today, since [livejournal.com profile] wechsler has given me his travel tea pot. He also brought by an electric mixer, which was very handy when I was making banana bread yesterday. Now I am fully baking-enabled.

Tonight: Persepolis, thanks to the kindness of [livejournal.com profile] julietk. We have a late-arriving schedule readjustment on Thursday, when the lovely folks we had over for tacos go out with us for some sizzling Mexican food. [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy may bet to meet some folks from PunchDrunk, too, which would be pretty cool, y'know? It was the night we'd had scheduled for Poppea, but bad Baroque opera is a badness of, what .... Baroque proportions ... to be avoided at all costs.

And the sun just broke through and suddenly it's gorgeous outside. Wow. Must bring camera with me.
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I nearly had a meltdown on the way back home yesterday. By this I mean I nearly yelled at a London paper hawker who kept his freaking arm stretched out long enough that the woman coming toward me bumped me trying to avoid him. I wanted to say, "GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY AND STOP BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK, YOU MORON!" but it's not really the London way. Truthfully, the little old man with a cane that was blocking the way earlier (due to a bad situation with scaffolding and "Buy our shit" sandwichboard signs on lower Oxford Street) didn't cause the same reaction; instead I wanted to hurl the signs into the shops and tell THEM to, "STOP BLOCKING (etc. rage)!".

I think this was all because of not getting enough sleep the night before. [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy noted I looked very tired when I met him after work, and during work (during the marathon "meet everybody who works on this website" session that had me being introduced to 40 people) I was getting kind of punchy, alternating between rambling endlessly and sitting their like a sack of rocks.

Tonight, at least, I've slept enough - in bed at 10:30 (after nearly falling asleep on my feet at 10), awake at 6:50, in bed hoping to fall back asleep until 7:30 but feeling good for a change. Whew. I even brewed a cup of tea this morning, and the very sweet [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy is making me a bacon sandwich. I like that. Now I'm going to read LJ, because I can't really during the day, and still no IM (grr). I am supposed to get my new computer with my lovely admin priveleges, so I should break through the cyber ceiling today.

Tonight: All About My Mother at the Old Vic with [livejournal.com profile] scarlettina. Feel free to join us, not that we have an extra ticket or anything, but, you know, it would be nice to see some of my friends. I miss you guys!


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