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Man, I almost did six shows in six days, and then I got rescued when a sold out show I had scheduled for Thursday got a bad review in the Metro. Monteverdi's Ulysses, we shall have to wait for another occasion; I shall use this time to do Pilates and chill out instead.

Meanwhile it's been chockablock the past week with two work offsites and shows Sunday (Band Wagon at Sadler's Wells) through Wednesday (the only other review I've got up is for Rocket to the Moon. I'm having a hard time keeping up with reviews due to work and, er, shows, so maybe they'll get done ... on Sunday. Advice: see the One on One festival at the Battersea Arts Center, it's AWESOME.
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I was feeling fussy because I hadn't seen enough shows lately to have anything much to write about for my blog - only one entry last week though I saw a second show (it was bad). And my stats are suffering: they've been averaging around 200 a day lately, really poor. But I'm catching up a bit this week, with Peter Brook's Magic Flute last night and a triple bill at the Royal Ballet tonight (which I may or may not write up), plus Eight Women at Southwark Playhouse on Friday. And as a reward for my one post, my stats went up to over three hundred today. Really, the writing is a cruel taskmaster; if only I were making money off of it or creating something I considered to be of lasting value the time I spend on it might make some sense rather than seeming like a strange obsession.

Work is going well. I had an all-day training session with my staff today, and when it wrapped I had a meeting with my boss to go over the week. He told me his boss had expressed her take that my team was incredibly effective and the "unsung heroes" of our group; he said he told her it was really all due to me and not him. I have to admit, that unexpected praise made my head swell up. In fact, when I got back to my desk I sat and looked at suits on Ebay for a while, thinking maybe this manager lark thing is going to stick. After all of the struggle and strife I've had with my various jobs over the years, to be somewhere where I'm praised more than once in a blue moon is actually a bit hard for me to process.

The rest of my life continues to be rather a minefield. I'm faced with a bunch of cold hard facts making it kind of clear what I ought to be doing with myself but I'm not being disciplined enough to take the hand I've been dealt and (if I'm getting the metaphor right) fold. I'm sure it's just weakness on my part, and that I'll be kicking myself later for not taking strong action earlier rather than later; I frankly have little idea which monkey is driving the tiger right now. And I don't know where the tiger is going.

Is there a final thing to say on this post? Oh yes, my weekend in Inverness with [livejournal.com profile] noirem and her fella has resulted in some of the most porcelain like complexion I've experienced in ages. Something about the whole thing, whether it was the weather or the food or the incredible spoiling (so much wine!) or hanging around people for four straight days (I was never alone and let's just be clear, that's how I like it) really worked for me. She's coming down tomorrow and I'm really regretting I won't be able to spoil her as much, but still; Scotland appears to be good for my skin.
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The last twenty-four hours have been very difficult for personal and work reasons, and for that reason I think counseling tonight focused on my immediate issues rather than anything deeper ("but the surface reflects the turmoil beneath," the counselor said). I thanked him for his advice in dealing with my work issues (which were hopefully wrapped up Monday in the mediation session I went to, which, shall we say, completely blew my ability to do anything else for the rest of the day other than sleep on the train). He's said my boss is protective toward women, and that showing him some emotional response would probably aid my cause; I feel it's bad form to do anything more than stick to the facts when dealing with work people, but, well, needs must and they did.

Otherwise, well, I think we talked a bit about my abandonment issues (although he found it very interesting that I'd rather be by myself than live with someone who hates me), and rather a lot about my life right now, and that's not something I particularly feel like sharing with the world as it's not so much about dealing with my big issues and learning about schema therapy as it is about the wonderful world of wishes and horses.

I was filling out a form in which I had to say "agree/disagree" (on a scale) to statements like, "I don't deserve things I enjoy" and "I try to do things to distract myself from my problems." I'll be doing distracting the next few days. Thank God I've been very seriously engaged in project Get Happy as I don't think I'd have been able to bounce back from all this stress as soon as I'm sure I will, but my feeling is that a little push today, some good company tonight, and everything will be right as rain. That big picture stuff ("Do you avoid thinking about your life?") can just sit on the burner, I've got to Get Happy Now and I know I can do it.

Also, Pilates yesterday kicked my ass, with the immediate result that I'm ready to do it again ASAP. :-D
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This is a week where I will have seen six shows in six days. Fortunately last night's show I won't review, as it was a flamenco guitar performance (Tomatito) at Sadler's Wells; I realized I couldn't say anything intelligent about it so didn't bother taking notes. However, Monday night I went and saw Frankenstein at the National Theater and had rather a lot to say. Spelling Bee at the Donmar, well, hopefully I'll finish the review today.

Work-wise this has been a flat week. My boss is ill and there's a lack of energy in the office. Still, I visited my nothern outpost (Chesterfield) yesterday and had a perfectly nice time; made the train with 3 minutes to spare, got writing in and revised my automation presentation on the way up, bought all sorts of yumyums at the bakery when I arrived, had a meeting, had a lunch meeting (with a half roasted chicken for lunch for 3.50, a deal!), did my presentation (the video crashed the slideshow, oops), did about 10 minutes of email, went back to the train station, and caught a nap on the train on the way back. Really, it all went perfectly in my book.
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So all energy has been sucked out of work since this summer, when we started getting going on this reorg that's cost 30% of the workforce their jobs. Morale has continued to be down. In addition to all the people that are going to be leaving still hanging around (they're making them work out their three months notice, it's inhuman), we also have a serious problem with not knowing what projects are coming up and just having a general lack of vision about where we're going. The new way of work? We don't know what it is. Yesterday, I looked at all of the people shuffling around and I felt like I was in the middle of a zombie attack.

"Morale is low," we say every week at my Thursday meeting. Nobody knows what to do. But get this: we're having a desk move on Monday, and because we don't have the money to pay the folks who do our IT stuff, everybody is getting a new phone. I can accept you have to push your tiny filing cabinet to your new desk, but the fact that everyone is expected to call the operator so they can figure out what their new phone number is just flabbergasts me.

All those years at Tripadelic, I hated how we handled reorgs and how often they happened. That said, Tripadelic looks like a model of efficiency and good management compared to how Il Postino is handling things. Dragging it out for six months? Insult to injury? Thank God I'm going on vacation at the end of this month, I'm probably not going for long enough!
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So I am totally Office Job Girl. I have been since 1995. But today I worked retail - not a full eight hours but very close, including a stint from 11:30 until 2 that I don't really remember. Basically I looked up, I looked down, WHOOSH time had passed. At one point we had almost 90 people in line, four people trying to help them get through faster (here's a speedy check out that only sells two items and is cash only! here is a self-check out! here is someone to help you find the right line! here is me helping you do other things!), and 12 tills manned and we just could not do it fast enough. Later the manager says he gets letters from Central HQ telling him off for not meeting the serving customers fast enough targets and asking what he's going to do to fix it. I don't know, can he magically hire more people and build more counters and make everyone not come to our shops on the last posting day before Christmas? Wel,l not really, but they still ask, and he hates it.

Man, and everyone treated me like one of the team, and I felt really useful, and it was WAY more fun than being in No Morale Town for the day.

Afterwards I decided to see a play with Jonathan rather than going to Pilates all alone and that was decidedly not a bad plan despite the fact I felt like I'd been run over by all of Santa's reindeer. The good thing is that I still have the massively ugly shoes I bought back in Tempe when I worked at Coffee Plantation so I have excellent support and no shin splints tonight. Also no aching toes. When I bought those shoes they cost me half a months' pay, and by God they are still earning their keep. Finn Comfort, I swear by them.

Anyway, I'm going back in tomorrow, but first I'm going to clean just a few more dishes from the party. Woo woo!

Oh the icon? That's my managerial tiara. Me working retail is me walking the walk, because I firmly believe you can't ask of people what you won't do yourself. And I have to ask for four days of this a year; and to have pride in myself, I can't give myself a free ride, but I have to get out there and do it myself. Walking the walk, baby, I do it and hold my chin up high. See you on the shop floor manana.
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The weekend seems to have flown by. I spent rather a lot of time socializing with [livejournal.com profile] theta_g, who went to see Red Riding Hood panto at Stratford East with me Friday & had lunch & breakfast with me today ([livejournal.com profile] noirem's Scottish oats, very good). Yesterday was nearly entirely wrapped up in party prep & party. I felt like I spent almost half of it wrapped up in private conversations (read: hiding) in my room, but I also know I got out and socialized. About 30 people made it, so it was a good turnout, and I'm convinced people were having fun, which is what really counts. I ended the night with more booze and cheese than I did at the beginning, so that's positive.

Today was comedown day and I was rather blue and lonely, but I picked up at the thought of dinner with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler so much that I post-party tidied like a whirlwind and then went to see "Uncle Boonmee and His Past Live" on Panton Street. It was an odd film, briefly reminding me of Picnic at Hanging Rock, and rather more about death than I expected. Then it was Putney for dinner, and now home. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be working the retail side of my company's operation: feel free to come by and have a laugh at me. If nothing else, I know these two days will most certainly fly by.
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Work was weird. Left a meeting early to do something else; had someone start telling me off for leaving the meeting and practically call me a liar for doing so. Very Not On. Will need to confront him about it tomorrow; he just got a promotion and suddenly he's a bully? Thing is, he's still not my boss. Shame on him.

In other news (and God I'm so tired I can hardly write), I've got my review of Matthew Bourne's Cinderella up on my blog now. I could write more about the last few days, but I just can't managed. If you're really interested, it's all there in Twitter (and half of it's on FB as well). Night all!
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Well, we're starting December with a thick blanket of snow in England. It's rather less in London but still there's plenty there; today is supposed to be sunny but below freezing. Next up: sheets of ice. I am NOT looking forward to another tailbone cracking incident. Fortunately the Pilates has been helping me keep my balance and I haven't fallen so far though I've slipped many times. And it's giving me lots of time to work on my reviews: I've finished my (girlishly enthusiastic) Iolanthe write up, and hopefully I'll get Black Watch and the Northern Ballet's Nutcracker in the bag by the end of today.

In major packing fail, I got a back together for an overnight and brought the top but NOT the bottoms of my flannel pjs. How did that happen? I also forgot toothpaste but found a teensy container in with a travel toothbrush that had been rolling around in the bottom of my bag forever. All of this was eclipsed by my losing the panther charm off of my Les Nereides bracelet I bought myself as a "you've been working very hard and deserve something nice" present last summer; it must have got caught by my coat when I was taking it off (or putting it on) and snapped off. It made me happy every time I put it on. Wah. :-(

In other news I haven't the faintest idea what my life is going to look like at the end of January other than I think I'll still be working for Il Postino and living in the same house. Everything else feels up in the air. I realize that a long time ago I accepted the fact that most of life was just making it up as you go along, but this all just seems a bit ridiculous.
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Yesterday was my very favorite kind of day at work; lots of stuff to do, but not lots of meetings. I raced through doing interview feedback, getting a presentation updated, managing timesheets and expenses, reviewing some documents (oops, think I missed one) and so forth. This was all in preparation for my Grand Departure at 5:30 and dash to the Y for Pilates with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler. Afterwards we did our usual and had Korean food and a nice bottle of Shochu (at Po Cha if you care, wasn't up for the basement at Assa) and got kind of silly: I was picking the baby octopi out of his rice & wanting to give them a decent burial; he kept stealing them back (and eating them).

Reviewing-wise the story of the week is definitely that the all-male "Iolanthe" at the Union Theatre is just the tops. It was incredibly well acted and while the singing was a bit thin (mostly in the first scene, not all of the guys had well-developed falsettos), the production was delicious. Actually, it was kind of soft porn for people who like to see pretty men in lingerie (as the guys were wearing, as it were, the contents of an old closet to make all of their costumes). I found it embarassing how much I was enjoying it aesthetically when I should have been revelling in the artistry, but it WAS good and not just juicy, I promise!

The review I did managed to post is for Saturday's Jack and the Beanstalk at the Hackney Empire, which was fun to be sure and had a nice two-for-one offer good through this weekend. However, what won't get posted is that I also went to see Heaven 17 on Sunday, performing "Penthouse and Pavement" in its entirety. (I was thinking of [livejournal.com profile] poh most of the evening - you should have been there!) Instead of being arrogant saddos bitter at the fact they've disappeared in the dust of time, the guys put on a fantastic show, proving that they STILL had the funk. And man, the bass lines were SO strong, and the lyrics about money ruling over all etc. were just as true in 1980 as they are now, and the lead singer still has a pretty creamy voice. I danced all night and sang along to all of the songs (they did one I hadn't heard of, Soul Warfare) right next to all of the other, aging non-hipsters like myself. It was great.

And now it's Tuesday and it snowed last night and I have to spend today working retail at a branch of my employer somewhat near me, though I'm going to have to run off and do a presentation at 2 back at the main office. Later, Pilates and drinkies .... it should be a good day and very busy. Also cold.
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Things are bizarre at work. Morale is low. This led to this discussion, in which every person speaking has at least 7 people reporting to them:

PM A: Morale is low!
PM B: It's lower than last week!
PM C: It's because nobody knows what's going on!
PM A: Yes, the all-staff call is a week late!
PM B: People want to know what's going on, but they don't!
PM C: People just want to hear something!
Me: Hey, why don't we do a weekly chat with the whole group, all 70 of them, and just tell them what we do know, what progress we've made, what we don't know still, and then maybe let them ask questions?
PM A: ...
PM B: I'm not doing it.
Me: I'll bring cake.
PM C: This will be better how?
Me: We'll be doing something, even if it's just a little thing. And people like cake.

Yep, my American genius AT WORK. Behold.

In other news, I wrote up the dance show I saw last night, FAR, by the Wayne McGregor/Random Dance company. The sad thing is that I yawned all the way through it and could not really keep focused on what was going on - not a problem with the Bolshoi as I recall. I'm also helping set up a theater blogger's get-together, where we're going to discuss forming an "association," kinda to help combat the shitty things people say about bloggers in the print media but also maybe to help set standards and maybe get free tickets. I was offended enough by some print journalist's random snark yesterday to write this essay in support of bloggers: I hope you will read it.
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Work has been a mess this week due to the reorg. I don't feel motivated to do my longer term focused work as I've been too busy catching up on "do you have a job" and "what are you going to do" and "can I leave at 4:30 today like everyone else" although somehow I haven't turned this into "here's the rest of the reviews from New York." I do, however, have my review of A Life in the Theater done, about which I can say: gosh, what a fun show. I like Patrick Stewart on stage: he is a very skilled actor. No explaining why he wasted so much time in television but I'm glad he's made it back to his home!

Er. So. Today. Um. Work? Went to the gym for the first and only time this week if you discount Pilates. Stressed over whether or not I'm going to get a lodger in this month (I'll know tomorrow). Stressed over money. Bid the day a happy adieu at 6 and went to [livejournal.com profile] booklectic's for [livejournal.com profile] dr_d's birthday dinner, which was [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy's Mighty Meaty Meatballs. They went over a treat and even H dug in seriously. Afterward we all played The Polling Game, a gift (of a sort) from [livejournal.com profile] wechlser, and it was good fun. I drank kind of a lot of wine.

Tomorrow: spending the day in Bracknell looking at demo of test platform I've had created for me. I expect stars to shine brightly over the town tonight; rumor has it I'm visiting with Three Wise Men, or at least one, plus me. Then I will see if I have a roomie and then I will go see Birmingham Royal Ballet. Sometime this weekend I'll write, under a f_lock, in much greater depth about the reorg at work. It's getting to be either like The Deerhunter or Deliverance, take your pick. I will also do some gardening, as my flowers have shown up from both the Hortus Bulborum and Alan Shipp hyacinths. Chances are I should put in a fat order from Dobbies, but I've been too lazy. Hmmm ... but I'm gardening next Saturday as well ... maybe I should go for it!
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My last day in New York went pretty fast. I went by my brother-in-law's for brunch: he of course didn't hear his bell ring & left me on the doorstep panicking. I then went to the restaurant thinking he'd be there. He wasn't, but they let me use their phone, and I called him (waking him up I think) and he came over. Breakfast was good (pancakes & bacon); afterwards I went to his apartment to BS for a while & pick up the crap I'd had shipped there. The 2 new pairs of boots & shoes looked great (I'm wearing the shoes now); Sierra Trading Post rocks! On the other hand, Skirt Sports screwed up and sent me a plain red shirt instead of one with dragons on it. Fail.

Bizarrely, BIL's parting to me was, "Safe flight and have a nice life." It was kind of grim and dispiriting. Thanks, Jeff, no need for me to ever see you again either if that's how you want things to be.

Then it was back to [livejournal.com profile] koaloha's to deposit my ill-gotten gains (let's not forget the bagels!) and then head to Leia's. She was done with hanging with her mom for the now and came across the street to sit in the cool outdoor bar and drink vodka lemonade with me in the obscenely pleasant Indian Summer sunshine while little plates of food came by our picnic table. It was really a great visit: highlight - she asked me, "How are you really doing?" No one really seems to ask me that ever, probably because they don't want to hear the answer; given the freedom to speak, I seriously unloaded. Hell, she and I might not see each other for another two years: you have to build the bonds when you have the opportunity. I left feeling much better than I did earlier. It was nice. It's good to have friends that you know are out there for you even if they can't be in the same place as you.

Then it was back to K's with a slight detour (AHEM) through Target to see if I could find an appropriate T-shirt for [livejournal.com profile] robotmel (grey with bats or black with silver cobwebs?-your choice) and a box of Count Chocula for [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy. Then I repacked and reweighed my suitcases, just skidding below the 50 pound max for Big Red, and headed to the airport via the Long Island Railroad and Air Train.

After that everything went like clockwork, including a lovely 5 hour snooze on the plane and an otherwise unremarkable flight and arrival. When I landed, I got my first text about the reorg from my wingman; my second came an hour later, as I headed from Hammersmith underground on the Picadilly: there were no job losses in my team, not one. In retrospect, as I came back to the kicked pile of ants that is Il Postino this week, I discovered 23% losses across the board and some job groups in which 50 people are going for 35 jobs. I've felt embarassed about going around talking up my team to various groups over the last year, like it's the kind of work that only a useless tick would do; but now I feel like I must have done something right, because all my little chickens are safe in the henhouse, every single one. It's a huge relief.

I should write more about the week since I've been back, but it's really been so busy I haven't (and don't) have time, but I can say this: Pilates twice, ballet once (Birmingham Royal Ballet's Romeo and Juliet), dinner with (kinda mentally messed up) team last night, dinner for [livejournal.com profile] dr_d tonight. I'm also showing a potential short-term tenant the house tonight and hoping he'll say yes. Meanwhile I'm backlogged on reviews: I wrote up The Scottsboro Boys (new Kander and Ebb!) while I was on the plane, but I still haven't got around to Time Stands Still. Someday, someday.
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My boss came back from a two week vacation on Tuesday, and yesterday suddenly I felt like I was back in the game, like enough things that I'd spent the summer trying to get to take root were now bearing fruit. My request for money to fund a project to get a diverse group of companies providing our testing services went through; the project to get new automation that will speed up the regression testing of our point of sale software by a factor of 20 now has the new boss's boss (replacement for the Silver Fox, no nickname yet) wanting to be its executive sponsor (she volunteered!). And I did a presentation to the VP of Marketing (a followup form last year's) where I showed what I had done to start using automation in our organization that went over fantastically (I got softball questions like, "So tell me, how can we use this more?" and "Isn't it true that if we use this more we can actually release things sooner?"); afterwards he said my presentation was the Jazz Singer of powerpoints as it had this nice embedded movie showing Quick Test Pro doing its thing. Woo woo, go me. Actually, go me as in I should get off the couch and go to work about now so I'm not late.

It's also been a mad week for shows. I made it to Faust Tuesday night with [livejournal.com profile] booklectic (so yay!) and a guy I met off of Twitter who got us upgraded to dress circle seats, SO COOL. Sadly I haven't had time to review that yet (in short: too long), but I did get The Fantastic Mr Fox puppet show cranked out yesterday and then last night was aggravated enough by the dance/opera piece Pleasure's Progress that I wrote it up on my phone on the Tube ride home. And with that, really, I must get going for work.
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Erk. So I have a tenant staying here for 2 weeks - he's a post doc studying at UCL.

Last night (after working from home, managed to squeeze in my Darling of the Day review before I left), I headed into town to [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy's birthday party. Saw a few people I knew but oddly kinda didn't feel like it was ... well, like I wasn't really supposed to be there. Which was all good enough as I'd planned to go to the Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, and I did, and it was funny but still got me home before too late.

Today was a rather spiritless day at work. We had a meeting about the reorg; people will lose their jobs (we're "profitable" but have "negative cash flow" due as near as I can tell to our pensions being a mess), but we won't know whom until the end of the year. Bah. Later, they announced we're on track to get a raise; looks like it will be below inflation. Woo. Better than nothing; thank God the union is raising a stink. Motivation at work was LOW today, I tell you.

Tonight was better: [livejournal.com profile] wechsler and I went to the Queen Elizabeth Hall and saw a performance of Brian Eno's "Apollo" music, performed to movies of a space mission (not sure which one). It was all kinda sad making; everything looked so very old, and the optimism the images once inspired now seems as old as the movies, like we've given up on all of that "Let's build a rocket and go to the moon and discover neat stuff!" and are now just obsessed with finding better ways to kill people. *sigh*

Tomorrow I'll spend learning about software testing. It will be a nice break from work. And thanks to the tenant I'm not totally broke this month. I shall have to look at finding one of these more frequently; but I think the people on Craigslist looking for a home away from home so they can take their tricks somewhere are not really the kind of tenants I'm looking for at present.
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I'm trying to dial it down, way down, this week. What does that mean? Getting home before 11 every night; getting home by 10 most nights. (Small steps, eh?) This should slowly add to my candle even if both wicks are still lit.

Last night I went out to see a really lovely little "circus" called "Le Cirque Invisible" at Queen Elizabeth hall: the whole thing was not performy but more spectacle-y and reminded me of City of Lost Children. It was entirely too slow to be a circus; I was happy to relax and watch the pretty pictures unfolding before me.

Otherwise mostly this week has been about Pilates, lots of Pilates. In fact, there will be Pilates three times before the week is over, in no small part because the Y is having a half-priced Pilates promotion this month. But in addition to Pilates, there is Going To See Toy Story, which W and I did tonight. I enjoyed it and cried just a tiny bit, mostly because I was dying of cute at the very end.

Then I got home and discovered I'd left my keys at work, and happily I did not cry.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the meeting I had today (at work of course) in which we watched a safety presentation and the whole thing became like people reading out their fortunes from Chinese cookies with everyone adding "in bed" on the end. The woman doing the presentation was literally in tears at the end. What horrible people I work with! I mean, you know, because they all laugh so hard and are so very silly. Anyway, with luck, more about this tomorrow.
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1. Had a female person who works for me say (when asked if my hair was okay), "All I can see is how good your skin is." Aww!

2. Had a near total stranger tell me in a "how to give a presentation" workshop (in which we gave presentations and were critiqued) that I was inherently interesting to listen to because of my accent. Well well!

Also I passed probation (an official step at work in the UK, after which you get "full benefits" and are much more difficult to fire, only I don't get "full benefits," ie retirement plan and sick pay, until I've actually been here for a year) this week and had the boss say all sorts of nice stuff about me, like maybe I should consider aiming for a director position. I wrote about a lot of that on my Twitter feed, so all old news, but really, this has been a good week at work.

And look at that sunshine. Why am I inside again? Oh yeah, paycheck. Work. Being responsible. Bleah.
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OOOH yesterday was quite a day. I was scheduled to train/lecture my team for four hours in the afternoon and, despite spending two or three hours prepping for it on Sunday (and another two hours on Friday), I was still galloping to meet my 1 PM start time. Part of this was because of my home computer saving my presentation in PPTX instead of PPT (our computers are locked down so tight here we can't even download the viewer - why the hell doesn't MS build in backward compatibility for their own products?), then I realized about twenty minutes beforehand that I needed to create a quick presentation on the projects coming up in the next (fiscal) year. EEP.

Anyway, 3 1/2 hours in, I was exhausted, and we'd had such a long discussion on one topic that I'd decided to cut out the final (40) minute presentation and save it for the next time (in 2 months). But instead of leaving early, I wound up having an impromptu one to one with someone (who works for me) that I don't get to see in person much. SO TIRED.

I'm still exhausted today. And what do I have in my email? Two more requests to speak at OTHER teams meetings. So I ask myself - is this a reward or a punishment?

At any rate, I'm off to the gym.
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I thought I'd give you all a little more of an update about work - something more than just humorous anecdotes.

I started making a list of all of the things I've been learning how to do since I took this job - things that are _entirely new to me_ and not what I was expecting to be doing. I now have to:
1) Read contracts and provide intelligent feedback on them
2) Negotiate with software and hardware providers regarding things my team uses
3) Predict my team's needs over a three year timeline (people, hardware, software, training)
4) Negotiate with software creators about products we've contracted with them to create - to try to make what they produce actually match what we expect, and to enable my team, or people we've contracted (again) to do testing, to be able to do their work
5) Cheerlead my team
6) Analyze processes all over the company - all the way back to requirements, and even to when projects are being just considered for possible sponsorship (like "how much would this cost, what would it do, and do we want to do it?") - and work to try to get people to think about testing/quality assurance at the very beginning
7) Go onsite to other companies and "quality assure" their processes
8) Deal with scum "talent" agency people who want me to hire their people. Most of them, telling them to "get approval to work with us" is enough to get them to go away.
9) Deal with charming "talent" agency people from whom we are already hiring their people. These people know more about what is going on that I do, and they're not trying to convince me to outsource all of my work to a foreign country.

Wow, huh? This is all a big learning curve for me, still, but I seem to have made a good enough impression of "knowing what she's doing" that I'm able to just get on with the process and keep trying to figure it out without having people getting in my way or making me afraid to just keep trying. And there are lots of skilled people out there to help me. I just hope that while I'm doing my razzle-dazzle tightwalk tapdance that I don't somehow miss out on something important.

If I do manage to do this job right, I'm going to come out of it all a much more skilled person than I came in. Of course, who knows, maybe I'll still get shitcanned before the year is even out. Either way, at least I'm not bored.
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Got a call from a salesman today who really wanted to have a meeting with me. I finally agreed to something in May. He said, "Great! I'll make sure to bring my colleague xxx, who's been working with Axx Pxxx."

"Ann Post?" - said. "I don't think we've met."

And then the laughter ensued, as I discovered that An Post is the name for the Irish Post Office ...


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