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So tell me how this is so much like my life in Seattle was.

This morning. Slept in. Fed nice breakfast.

Out at one. Off to see art exhibit (Kinetica art show, would go over well with steampunk types and moving art enthusiasts.) Yeah, I wrote a play review on the way up there, but I didn't finish it. Bought lunch and then ...

Off to [Art Movie House] (BFI) to see [art movie] (Late Summer). Totally grooved on utterly raw exposure to very different culture in a historically different era (really like the scenes set at the Kabuki-za - did the women really dress up with the crazy wigs like that? - and also was shocked by family's horror at daughter marrying a "widower with a child" - was that really seen as such a bad match?).

Home at 6:30 and attempting to make miracles happen. Produced cheese enchiladas and all the fixin's plus bonus brownies for[friend] ( a [livejournal.com profile] booklectic and [livejournal.com profile] dr_d), with plenty of time for [game} (Agricola). Played, had fun, had a "brownies a la mode" first harvest round and am now trying to figure out when we can do it again.

I was worried about when we could go on a trip with [livejournal.com profile] booklectic again, but then I realized, yeah, sure, she's having a baby this summer, but we've got the rest of our lives, right? Because clearly I ain't goin' nowhere.

Finishing my review and the rest of the bottle of wine I opened earlier tonight. See you all on the flip side. :-)
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This video, a sort of gay response to the anti-gay videos/propaganda out right now, is really great. Plus it's full of hot people being sassy and dancing! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lastwordy_mcgee for this one!

Also, just finished playing one on one Agricola, which I won. :-) And I'm full of wine. A good evening!
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Right, it's after 11 and for some reason I've been spending my time finishing my review of Jordi Savall and the Tiger Lillies when I should be in bed already. I had a great evening playing Agricola with [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and [livejournal.com profile] wechsler after we'd had dinner (which I cooked) and we came back from seeing Tunnel 228. But no time to describe Tunnel 228, I've got to get myself some sleep, and I have set myself up to need to take a shower tomorrow morning since I didn't take one today! Where are my priorities?
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Me: And I ended my Tweet with, "Celebratory shot of Port, meeples?"
W: Wouldn't that be "Tweeples?"
Me: I guess you already tweepled the meeples ... wait, those were camels.
W: Is port a desert wine?
J: LA LA LA! I can't hear this conversation!
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My brain is currently blasting one thought: WE NEED MORE BOXES. Somehow the huge pile we had stashed in the guest bedroom turned into containers for maybe half of our books AND WE HAVEN'T PACKED ANYTHING ELSE. So we can't really even START packing tomorrow until item one, FIND MORE BOXES, has been taken care of.

The good thing is that this bad news made it possible to focus on more realistic items tonight, such as doing laundry (no sense moving with dirty stuff), washing dishes, writing theater reviews (ahem), making dinner (mac & cheese and the remainder of the ham, which, whoops, wasn't really enough for three), and ... wow, look at all of that free time ... playing Agricola. This was a game I brought back from NYC (I'd wanted it since my birthday) and it was the first time any of us had played it. Fortunately we're all fairly experienced game players, so we managed to stumble through fairly successfully, though some of the end of game scoring penalties caught us by surprise. Still, given that [livejournal.com profile] wechsler had 80% of his farmland occupied, it's no surprise he ultimately won the game. However, the "30 minutes per player" thing was of course an inaccurate lie for a bunch of newbies trying to work it out from the rule book. Still, I think we all had a good time. Now J and I just need the melatonin to hit so we can somehow pull a day of major packing out of the remaining time in the weekend - all while finding more boxes. BOXES. It's what's for breakfast.
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1. Made enchiladas. Yum!
2. Tried making sangria with white wine. Yum! (It doesn't really taste like sangria but whatever.)
3. Beat [livejournal.com profile] wechsler and [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy decisively at Through the Desert. (I was making it up, however. I will be beaten again the next time we play.)
4. Bought tickets for two more movies in the Guy Maddin series: Archangel (Friday 18 July 2008 at 18:30, seats F5 - F6), and Brand Upon the Brain! (Tuesday 15 July 2008 at 18:20, J4 - J5, and only 5 quid). If anyone else wants to come to these shows with us, please do!
5. Tried and failed to get tickets to see Faeries, which is well on its way to selling out. I am not happy about not being able to get tickets to this show on a schedule convenient to me because the show requires that adults bring a child. What's up, if I went to this show as an adult I must be a pedophile? Is this really legal? To me it's blatant discrimination against the childless and it pisses me off.
6. Bought a second copy of a Proust book, Following Proust: Norman Churches, Cathedrals, and Paris Paintings, that I'd ordered before as a present to me from my dad.
7. Tried to get a copy of Finding Time Again, as I'm getting darned near to the end of my current book and it's become very interesting.
8. Put in some laundry, including all of the clothes the rain soaked through while in York.

Oh, also I found the program from Friday night's Emma Kirkby show, and I'm going to reprint a poem from it (though what I should be doing is writing it up for my other blog). I found it, on Independence Day, a sort of 9/11 reflection on a fallen America, but I'm now much better able to understand what they mean, in a pre-Christian era tribal society, when they are talking about someone being a widow and what that has to say about what would happen to their status in society. It was sung in German and I found it very moving. Anyway, Lamentations 1: 1, (2,) 8, (9,) 12, (20, and 21) for the original.

How desolate lies the city/ Wie liegt die Stadt so wuste
that was so full of people/ die voll Volkes war.
She is like a widow/ Sie ist wie eine Witwe.
She who was a princess among the heathen/ Die eine Furstin unter den Heiden
and a queen in the provinces / und eine Konigen in den Landern war
must now serve/ muss nun dienen.

She weeps in the night so that (Look and see!) / Sie weinet des Nachts (Schauet doch und sehet!)
tears run down her cheeks / dass ihr die Tranen uber die Wangen fliessen,
and no one among all of her lovers / und ist niemand unter allen ihren Freunden
will comfort her/ der sie troste.

All those who were close to her despise her/ Alle ihre Nachsten verachten sie
and have become her enemies / und sind ihre Feinde worden.

Anyway, from this poem to the Trojan Woman to today, the tale of being left desolate by war and death and crying to yourself hopelessly really hit me. It was really lovely listening to the three gambas and two violins of the London Baroque accompanying Emma Kirkby and baritone Peter Harvey (the "beholds" above) as they sang this song, the "Klaglied" by Buxtehude and written upon the death of his father. Sadness, it is truly something that transcends all history. Is joy not the greater surprise?
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Hello, folks. I am looking to add to my games collections while I am in the US, and I am looking for recommendations for new games to buy. I tend to like resource aquisition games and not care for war/bidding/abstract strategy games. My favorites in the last few years have included Puerto Rico, Carcasonne, Citadels, Alhambra, and Ticket to Ride. I also enjoy silly games, like Zombie Fluxx, Chez Geek, and The Big Idea - games that get people talking but still have a little bit of strategy.

That said ... what games should I bring home with me? They should probably be no more than two years old or I've probably already seen and rejected them. The current list is:

Through the Desert
Zombie Fluxx

Other ideas? (And nothing with figurines or anything collectible. I want to win based on strategy, not my purchasing power.)
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Tonight I went to this event called "Hide and Seek: the Sandpit" held at Shunt Lounge.

Wow. The space. All of these bricked arches high overhead. A bit musty. All of these bizarre set pieces tucked in here and there. A 50's game hall. A Turkish den. A house, in the distance.

Where I was going, there was piles of people playing games. A lot of them were the standard Fluxx/Chez Geek/Werewolf, but there were also games being trialled. I tried "Gossip," a version of werewolf in which you try to discover the dirty secret and down-low lover of your hated rival. I was the Cobbler, I hated the carpenter, I was dating the Actress and I .... was a flasher. Or so it said on my card. The actress and I secretly exchanged yellow roses at some point. It was fun but all took a little long. That said, the space was exquisite and I would like to make it my little private get together place, permanently.

Earlier in the evening I met [livejournal.com profile] babysimon in "Hoxton" and had dinner at Shish. This was supposed to be the "catch up with Simon and listen to what he's been up to" session but somehow I wound up talking rather a lot. It's been a long ten weeks and I've been a bit holed up over here in my flat, what with Christmas and the cold and the houseguest and all, and actually I had some stuff I've been sitting on, mentally. It was good to unload and while I'd feel like a bad friend for not listening more, it was probably a pretty equal exchange, so that's just what being friends is, isn't it?

Unfortunately at some point this evening (I suspect in the bar) I lost my lovely red and black paisley 100% acrylic pashmina. Oh pashmina of colors rare, when will I ever see your like again? And with that, it's time to donate some money to Obama and go to bed.
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Had a nice night with [livejournal.com profile] alextiefling and [livejournal.com profile] friend_of_tofu, in which I fed them kale and bean minestra (from Sundays at Moosewood, and I've notice that the pages are starting to fall out of my copy) and they gave me my ass on a platter. Seriously, Ms. Tofu played a GREAT game of Alhambra, despite her "oh I'm not sure if I should do this" WHAM! technique which brought [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy in mind of my grandmother. I was reminded of Nina, who's technique was, "Argh! Terrible! Hard! Um ... I won!" They also brought over cider and TWO kinds of chocolate, so that makes them extra great houseguests.

I've also noticed that I'm well enough to be annoyed at people again. Woo. Work induced tension back-ache!

Anyway, busy, just wanted to let you know that my health continues to improve, before I grab myself some second breakfast.
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Proust (Sodom and Gomorrah) currently at page 376. He's got insomnia; I had it, too. I dreamed I had been arrested for getting on a freight train instead of the tube and was being held in an ignorant commuter reeducation center, but they kept forgetting I was there, forgetting to educate me, forgetting to feed me. I called my mom in the hospital to let her know I was going to be very late getting home. Finally, I asked a man who looked like he was in charge to call a cab to take me home, and he did, but the cab also just basically never showed up ... and then I woke up.

We had [livejournal.com profile] alex_tiefling and [livejournal.com profile] friend_of_tofu over for pasta e fagiole and a round of Alhambra last night (I won by four points; A, despite being a newb, played a VERY competetive game and it was only my amazing Exterior Wall Of 11 Points in the first round that pushed me over the top). After they left, I had a great chat with my sister in Arizona. She'll definitely be coming out in April, with her husband, for a combination UK/Italy tour, sometime in late April. It will be a blast!

Meanwhile, I want Santa to bring me this, but I would have had to put in a request before he went to Vegas. Oh well.
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If you like video games at all, read this.

Or read it anyway because it's an interesting story, if you get to the end. Wow.
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[livejournal.com profile] irrationalrobot: 36
[livejournal.com profile] wordknitter: 24
[livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy: 19 (with bonues "map room")
Me: 15 (thanks to the above person murdering my Cathedral in the last room, spiteful bastard)
[livejournal.com profile] scarlettina: asleep.

I am looking for some poop stickers to use to "perk up" the Posh "Fashion" posters I've been seeing all over the place, but the Google search results are scaring me a bit, not that I haven't been interested to learn about lucky poop and all, but still, the glow pirate monkey skull is far more likely to win my loyalty than any pigeon splat sticker.
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Spent a nice evening at the College Arms on Store Street with a games group that James Wallis (of Once Upon a Time fame) had invited me to sit in on. I was feeling rather stupid and out of place for rather a long while as the conversation was sticking quite firmly to video/online games (about which I am slightly more conversant than I am about sports but let's face it, Joust was about the last game played on a screen I gave a rip about), though I did win props for the "I'm wearing a shirt" concept t-shirt.

Finally, James said, "Hey, is that a game in your bag?" and we settled down with "Robin" to play a game of Modern Art (breaking in my copy, as a matter of fact). Final score was 523-456-423, which I thought was quite good considering we didn't know how to play and were just figuring it out from the rules.

Even better than the game was the company. James was really nice (he's going to be a daddy any hour now - or day), and Robin and I totally hit it off - I'm supposed to invite her and her husband over for tacos, games, and a tequila tasting session. All in all, it was a very good night!

EDIT: Group on Yahoo: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/londongamergeeks/ .
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I'm not exactly happy now but I'll stop the non-posting thing and see if I get back into the swing of things (or if maybe I'll just dial down to once a day or something - no point in posting stuff that's just boring to most of the world). The urge to burst into tears mostly faded after Wednesday, but I still feel like a big beast is sitting on my chest sucking the happiness out of my pores. I'm also still not over my cold and I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday to see if she can make it go away. It's cool to think that I might be dying of consumption, because then I can lounge around in white gowns and spend a lot of time on the couch, but I'm suspecting something more pedestrian like pneumonia or tuberculosis (hah hah, or rather, I sure hope not). At any rate, it's ridiculous that I cough like I smoke a pack of day and I'm ready for it to be over.

The weekend in short: I saw three movies, one after another, three afternoons in a row. Friday was work time, work dime for the Simpsons movie (fun and a good night out), Saturday was Tales of Earthsea with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler (the new Ghibli movie, totally worth the crappy seats we had off to the side, and GORGEOUS), today was Yearning with [livejournal.com profile] mabel_morgan (hurray for coming out with me!), last in the NFT's Naruse series and a very worthy trip to Southbank. This weekend I wouldn't have even left my flat if I hadn't been seeing movies, so it was good to have that motivation forcing me out the door no matter how much my mood said, "Lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling." I liked the Earthsea movie the most, no surprise, and have fantasies of buying the box set with the "picture books," whatever they may be.

I also saw a great musical this week, The Drowsy Chaperone, which is unfortunately closing next weekend. Try to see it before it closes if you like musical.

Final note: my brother is coming to visit, yay! I did break in Cartagena and have now paid it about three times in less than 24 hours - and I'm going to go play it again now. Thanks!
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I've spent my night slowly dying from the gunk that I got from [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and which I'm sure he picked up from hanging around with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler. From 5 to 6 AM I was up, constantly coughing. Yuck. I finally manage to prop myself sitting up in a position that let me sleep and drain and then got some sleep between 6-6:30 and 9 AM.

A million thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wordknitter, who saved the day (for the cat) by sending a bag (in a box) of catfood and our mail to us at the aunt's. We also got a box with birthday games from my brother, [livejournal.com profile] irrationalrobot: Cartagena and Grave Robbers from Outer Space. They both look fun. That means we're coming home about six games richer than when we left, after our stop at the store in Lansing. I'll have to actually list all of the games we have now, after the purge in Seattle.

I'm actually sitting here using the computer with my glasses. This is cool. I can see the screen and I haven't put my contacts in yet! I think maybe I spent more on glasses here than I would have if I'd bought them in England, but, well, I do have them now. I miss having vision coverage, though.

We've got several other boxes to open today, too. Four pairs of shoes came to us from Sierra Trading Post: sadly, the Mephisto heels are going back (gorgeous but not my idea of a 7 1/2, nor my foot's idea) as are the black Ecco sandals (cuts into the arch of my foot). It works out to be one pair for me and one for [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy, so that's okay. Still MIA are my new camera, two orders of tea, a Lands' End order with pants for both of us, and a few books. The new red sandals are pretty adorable, though - I think I'll wear them to the art museum. To be answered: will it all fit in the luggage, and will it be cool enough that we can take the cat?
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So somewhere between five and six I went from maybe one guest tonight to two people for dinner and games (aside from me and [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy), so behold, I am the maker of tacos and player of Puerto Rico. Guests were the delightful [livejournal.com profile] envoy (amazing how many ways I can misspell that after a bit of rum) and [livejournal.com profile] thekumquat, who delighted me by correctly dating the hardbound copy of the A to Zed I picked up from the bookstore near the Putney Bridge Station. And after the tacos I pulled out the drinkies and the playing got all loose.

Behold, I am maker of tacos and player of Puerto Rico. We gamed, we gamed, we gamed, ending up with a tight score of 47/46/45/38 (don't be mistaken, she's a powerhouse and will win soon and anyone who knows that much about the Tube is a goddess) and an empty bottle of honey rum (darn). Sweet to get such a high score with no large buildings (which I know means nothing to most of you but still a miracle).

Man, good times. I'm happy with life even if I'm bored with work. I can make tacos for four in about 45 minutes and I even made enchiladas just because I could. And if I spelled this all right, it was a miracle. Miss you [livejournal.com profile] irrationalrobot.

Off to read my Charlie Stross and call it a night.
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Well, I slept quite late as befitting a night in which I consumed about a pint of alcohol (and spent the night hydrating myself frantically, resulting in No Headache this morning, but still Tired Me). Once I roused myself, I made poached eggs on crumpets and sausage for the three of us, then ... returned to the couch and bid [livejournal.com profile] wechsler goodbye as he headed out to enjoy the sunny day at the waterfowl refuge a pleasant stroll up the river from our house.

One long nap with my head pillowed on [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy's legs later and I was ready to finally face the extremely gorgeous day. We decided to go to Notting Hill and check it out. What do you know; Sunday is the day there is NO market on Portobello Road, but there was enough good window shopping and a couple of cool outdoor stalls and MANY fewer people than on a normal day and it all seemed quite worthwhile. I found some 20s era prints of sea life - cuttlefish (I think; octopus faces but no tentacles), seahorses, and corals and sea anemones; and I allowed myself to be seduced by their watery charms and took them all (the three of them) home with me. I'll find some of that blue sticky stuff and put it on the walls in the flat in their plastic bags eventually.

After this we walked up to Hyde Park and did the whole stroll on the north end of the park. I finally got to see Speakers' Corner, which reminded me of a scene from the Life of Brian. Is this traditionally a place for religious fanatics to spout their poison? We'd spent some two hours in the sunshine under the leafless trees enjoying our day, and the effect of Speakers' Corner was jarring and had me hurrying back to the flat.

We'd asked [livejournal.com profile] wechsler to pick us up some ingredients for grub, and (after a cup of tea) I got down to it, whipping up a rather traditional Southern dinner (all inspired by the excess cheese from the party). Once dinner had settled a bit, we returned to the dining table for a round of Tigris, which [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy won rather handily, in part due to my uncontrolled meddling. I love watching people fight in this game, but I really ought to pay attention to the occasional unanticipated outcome, as my thoughtlessness basically set him up to win. Oh well, we all had a lot of fun. Now it's time to put the tapioca in the fridge, stretch my quads and do my various other physio exercises, and call it a night.

PS: Proust now at page 750.
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Well, since there's no B-movie (official announcement here), Ceili dancing this Friday is definitely happening. Anyone want to come with? I feel a bit stupid for not going to B-Movie more over the last five months - it's like taking a friend for granted and having them up and join the Peace Corps on you.

Tonight I've been wanting to see a movie, but I'm having a hard time getting excited about the price of The Science of Sleep and the lack of friendly viewing times. Ah, were I only on Orange and getting a two for one deal today! (I would need two other people to make this work were anyone to offer ...) I was also thinking about Volver at the Riverside studios, but since it's two hours long and starts at 8:45 it would have me getting back home way too late. Now I'm thinking, "Ooh, I could see Hot Fuzz just across the street, getting me home half an hour earlier than Volver AND saving me from having to pay for tube travel to see Science," but then maybe what I should do is cough up £12.50 and get a ticket (well, two of them) to see Man of Mode at the National (great deals available through Friday on LastMinute.com) ... Play or movie. What should I do?

Last night [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and [livejournal.com profile] wechsler and I ate the gigantic turkey pie I made with my Thanksgiving leftovers (I kept it next to Walt Disney's body for the last four months), then broke in my copy of Pirate's Cove. It seemed like the strategy would be to be the biggest, baddest, ass-kicking-est pirate around, but it turned out that skulking around and trying to go to less desirable treasure islands worked pretty well, too, as the Dread Pirate Wechsler and I were tied at the end of the game and had to have a cannon-off. I've got two other games I've added to my collection since January (Lunch Money and, er, a horse racing game, Winner's Circle?) and I can't wait to try them ...

Meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy hears back about his interview today. My fingers are crossed.
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These are about the last pictures from the trip, and as you can see I'm doing what I think is the best possible thing to do when you've got 6 hours to kill before your plane leaves ... When in Spain ... )

PS: I'm planning on going with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler to the 6:45 Shortbus at the Prince Charles, anyone else want to go with?
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My boss called a meeting at 5 PM that went until 6:20, so I was a bit late getting home. I was explaining to him that we couldn't just stop doing QA and then say we were releasing things using the "Agile" process; instead, I said, what we were doing might best be called "Fragile," which Wechsler later called Failure Ready AGILE. I liked this. Every one of the leads was calling it Fragile development before the meeting was over, so clearly I've tapped the group mind somehow. It's not my fault we've got a QA process that has a three week baseline, but I won't stand for cutting corners and doing stuff like crap and then saying we're following some well-documented methodology.

Anyway, home around 7, and [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy had just put the smothered chicken in the oven. Yum! [livejournal.com profile] wechsler made it over around 7:30, by which time I had just emptied one more box of crap from the old place and was busily putting things away, wherever that might be. (Seashells from Ross Island? Lovely to see again, but so few places where they could go!) J put on the potatoes, and fifteen minutes later we were tearing into the bubbling pot of chicken baked in gravy (oh, yum!).

End of night? Chez Goth, which [livejournal.com profile] wechsler had never seen before. I won, with the artist and a final play of tequila and slave collar (no joke). And now the night comes to an end, and I'm TIRED!


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