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I dreamed I'd been living with J in Phoenix, working a good job, and he'd managed to get some kind of job that he liked that was fulfilling, doing training or something like that.

And then he got an offer to get a PhD at the university of Wisconsin. So we moved there, and I was having to find college housing, trying to share space in a one bedroom apartment with a bunch of 18 year olds who hadn't learned to hold their liquor much less keep regular sleeping hours. And my stuff hadn't shown up yet. And I was being dunned for library fines for something back in 1992.

Then I got a phone call from Seattle, and BANG there was the job I'd been looking for all my life, really exciting and challenging and working with people I liked. And I went there right away, and sat drinking tea around the table with the people who would be my colleagues, and they were all glad to see me (and there was some chocolate cake). Somehow this was J's job I'd been offered, but he wanted to get his PhD, and I didn't want to go back to looking for work I didn't like and living somewhere I hated. I was so excited because I could just move back into my house in Seattle and have friends and family there and I wasn't going to feel isolated.

But J wasn't going to be there. And if he moved to Seattle, I was going to have stolen his job from him. But if I stayed in Wisconsin, I was going to have nothing.

"Oh well," I told myself,"It's not like he wanted this job. I had a job I loved and I quit it. Those two years (for the PhD) will fly by like nothing."

And I realized as I drove off with my new colleagues that I'd managed to arrive before the Fourth of July, and I was going to get to see the fireworks, and everything was going to be perfect.

No idea what this dream means, as I feel I have the job I love. It does seem to some bit like I miss having a nice house to live in.
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By the way, I'm going to see Lou Reed in April. I'm excited about that.

So I dreamed I went to the theater in London that was showing Xanadu: the Musical on the day before its last performance, and there was the woman playing Kira in the lobby, all sad and mopey. I had a program with me I'd just been giving for free because they had a lot left. "Don't worry about it closing," I said, "Xanadu is a great show. You're a great actress, umm, umm" (as I flipped through the program to find her name).

"It's XXX," she said, "and if I was great, you would have known. You didn't even bother seeing the show, did you?"

"No," I admitted. There were two more performances but I was going to slack off and hang out with my friends instead. "I love it, though, I love the music and I know all of the songs."

"That's great," she said, "I don't want to perform. You do it. You'd be better."

So ... there I was, getting the costume and makeup on, going out to perform Kira in a play. There was a scene with an old woman at the beginning, who nodded at me. It was great! It was a rush! Like magic, I knew all of the dance routines, the dialogue, everything.

During the intermission, someone came up to me: there had been a terrible tragedy. The old woman in act two had had a heart attack. Everyone in the cast was crying. The original Kira said, "I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself and go back and do the show." Since I suddenly realized I didn't know the script at all, I was okay with it, and she explained to me how it would help energize the rest of the cast. I watched the rest of the show from the wings, then came onstage to play an audience member in the final club scene.

When it all ended, I found out it was all a hoax; the old woman had never died. Since Xanadu is about a place that "makes dreams come true," every night the first act is performed by a fan, whom has to be replaced in Act 2 when the real singing chops were called for. I did tell them about my idea for Xanadude, about a guy who only wants to own a drag club. Then I woke up and realized it was all a dream, and decided (since it was nice and cold outside) I'd go back to sleep and see what other great things my brain came up with, in this case a nice conversation with me and Harold Pinter in a park.

Today is going to be all about cleaning the house - the pile of laundry in my room is at wading depth and the bathroom hasn't been touched since before I busted my tailbone. I'm pretty well healed, now, so it's time to get back on the horse. But first, breakfast.
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Was just dreaming a Silly Symphony like story called "The Swallows of Titmouse Hill," a charming tale involving swallows that swam underwater to hide from a cat, and eventually banded together and moved the church whose steeple they all lived in across a lake by putting little blades of grass in their beaks and using them to pull the church.

Details are fuzzy and getting fuzzier by the second.

My lungs seem cleaner but I'm still coughing. Hopefully I'm getting better. But I can't tell right now since I've only been up for about five minutes.
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1. Mice in my fridge, eating olives. ICK.
2. Trying to take my cousin, my stepdad, and [livejournal.com profile] lovely_bug and [livejournal.com profile] ciphergoth to an Indian Food dinner together. WHY?
3. The joy of catching buses in American, with two miles between bus stops, when the driver passes your stop by.
4. Talking to fun and fuzzy stuffed animals.

Bad sleep in general, unfortunately. If I'd slept better I wouldn't remember all of this crap. And I'd already be on my way to work.
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I dreamed last night I worked for the Obamas. I was going out to the Smithstonian Institution with them and Sasha and Melia. We ran into my brother and sister in law on the way, and when my SIL was introduced to them, she fainted. I wanted to ask Mr. Obama to find a job for my brother, but I figured I'd wait for a while rather than be pushy.

I spent this morning in training in the City, then spent my lunch hour walking around Holborn looking at "very old buildings." Tonight J and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary (two days early) by going to see Giselle. It will be the first time I have ever sat in the stalls at the Opera House, and I'm kind of excited about it.

As for right now - I'm just kind of sleepy. It's a deliciously quiet Wednesday afternoon, of the sort that would be enhanced with a cup of tea. Too bad I can't make a really good one.
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I've been waking up at a little after 6 every day this week. This is pretty much an hour and a half before I get up and it SUCKS. However, I think the time is changing this weekend, so I should be lined up correctly in short order.

My last hour of sleep was further disturbed by a dream in which I was trying and failing to get on a Eurostar train. The deal was that there was huge lines of people waiting to get on, due to low capacity, and every time I'd clear security, the train that was just about to go would leave, and the guards would FORCE ME BACK THROUGH SECURITY where I'd wait at the end of the line again. By the end of the dream I was trying to sneak through with large families and finally I tried to make the last wild dash for the train on horseback (including a jump on sidesaddle - don't think I could manage that in real life!). The extra irritating deal was that I had been trying to get back home to spend just a few hours with [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy after a work event, only as I was heading to the train he said it had all turned into quite a boozer and he didn't think he'd be getting home until well after I did. So I woke up already stressed out for the day.

And yet somehow it is Friday. That is good. Tonight I'm going to see Lily Allen. But first, I must get out the door ...

Bad dreams

Mar. 1st, 2009 11:05 am
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I dreamed one of my teeth cracked and two of them fell right out of my head.

Supposedly this is a dream about a fear of aging.

I also dreamed I was texting Ringo Starr, who was going to come over to my place for a taco night "as long as I can bring the other guys" (meaning Paul and George). This, I think, is caused by talking to [livejournal.com profile] pir last night on my way out of Vagabonds.
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Dreamed that people were cross breeding my avatar with theirs to generate interesting critters that would sometimes have horns, sometimes have saddles, and sometimes twirl rope. The critters were mostly very My Pretty Pony but with a heavy dose of kittens. And beanie babies. So I had a cage full of beanie baby kittens that had all died because I'd forgotten to feed them - so they'd gone back to just being toys because, you know, they were never alive.

Except then how did I feed them in the first place?

Encroaching sanity, the first sign of awakening from the dream world. Only I'm not quite there yet.
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So I hear water dripping and splashing ...
and homeowner that I am, my body powers me up through the seven layers of sleep to a level of consciousness suitable to go check out the noise ...
which is because it's raining outside, and I'm not used to hearing it.

Cue twenty more minutes of consciousness.

Before the alarm went off, I was dreaming I'd been in an accident on a roller coaster in Disneyland, and the doctor there was trying to push off seeing me so he could avoid a lawsuit. I also dreamed about my grandma, which was pleasant (it's the only way we get to visit these days).

Best finish off breakfast and get out the door. My boss is back today, thank goodness. Will spend a bit of time on the phone with BT asking them why we still don't have a dial tone.
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Outside the window, the river is covered in fog. It's kind of like a picture of my brain. I wonder what the rowers represent? Do the singles mean something different than the doubles?

I slept hard, which is good, much better than the option of "fitfully due to worrying about things." I dreamed about [livejournal.com profile] silkyraven, who'd fallen asleep on my couch.

I awoke ravenous. Fortunately, I bought some things for breakfast yesterday. I didn't think I'd be this hungry, though.

Time to cook and then get the bed ready to be packed. It would be cool if I got a full eight hours tonight.
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This morning the apartment is COLD COLD COLD.

This makes me think I won't miss living here nearly as much as I might.

On the other hand, we've got the fireplace on to try to warm up the living room, which is nice and something I don't think I'll be able to do in the future. I'll miss that.

I slept great last night. I fell asleep dreaming about a screen saver where, as the screen slowly turned dark, the letters on the screen turned into buttterflies, slowly flapping their wings. After the screen got dark, they slowly started flying away, one by one.
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For some reason, last night I dreamed I was at a resort hotel ...

at which Sarah Palin was teaching water aerobics.

Somehow she divined I was there to mock her and would not let me get into the swimming pool.

I also dreamed about chariots pulled by flying lions.

And it's snowing outside, but that's not a dream.
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The sun is rising and all of the sky to the right of my apartment is pink and orange and it's beautiful. I get the feeling that it's very cold out there, though.

I had some strange dreams last night (they always are when you can remember them). One had a dancing mushroom a la Fantasia bouncing around to all of the messy places in my house and making more mushrooms grow. The second had [livejournal.com profile] seph_hazard over playing cards, but I caught her trying to smoke at the table and asked her to leave. This is especially odd as I can't imagine her either being so impolite or playing cards. And for some reason I didn't dream about Mexican wrestlers at all. Go figure
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The bells of St. Mark's are ringing nine - another busy day of hustling tourists ahead.

Dreamed last night that Spikeylady got a job at my company (but only 15 hours week), while for some reason Bathtubgin was off to an interview wearing a fluffy gray wig.

I was asking my sister what her older son thought of Obama, and while she gave me a detailed answer about her son's response to Obama's stance on "the issues," she skipped what I wanted to hear about, which was whether or not he found Obama an inspiration. This morning I was wondering if her younger son found him inspiring, then realized he was so young that he would grow up never knowing a time when a black man couldn't be president. Now, _that_ was inspiring.

Two mornings ago I was sitting at breakfast and J asked me how I'd slept. "I'm still tired," I said. "I blame the penguins." "They are frequently at fault," he responded.

It is now probably time for me to not be wearing jammies and see about breakfast.
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I woke up in the middle of the night and found Boo asleep on my foot. This was warm and wonderful and I could really get used to it, if only I could sleep in th same position all night. Hah.

My dreams seemed to be all about missing airplanes and driving around in taxis trying to catch them. At the end, [livejournal.com profile] wechsler and I made it through security but lost his passport. No telling what this all means.

My shoulders are immensely tight - and I remembered that today is massage day at work. Oh happy day, calloo callay!

Enough fiddling, I must get ready for work ...
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Man, I can barely cross my legs after yesterday, and even walking is a bit of an effort.

That said, Time Regained is at page 39. The narrator has spent a bit of time talking about World War I, which is really odd given that the entire rest of the novel (all six books) has seemed nearly removed from history other than the Dreyfus affair (which was only really dealt with insofar as it made it difficult to create a invite list to a party). The discussion is focused on what people are wearing and what people are talking about at parties, however, so it still fits in with the rest of the novel, except insofar as it's now got such a particular date associated with the events that are being described that it's like someone has used a pushpin to attach the novel to a history chart.

I dreamed last night that [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy had misread the terms of our lease and decided we were moving. I came home and all sorts of our old friends (i.e. [livejournal.com profile] sallysimpleton and others) were putting things into boxes and the living room was already two thirds cleared out. I had to shoo everyone away and explain to J that we still had two months before we had to move, and since we had to pay rent during this time, we might as well stay. I was sad about leaving our place, though - where could we move that would allow me so much time to daydream? That said, I'm irritated about another £70 rise in our rent and wonder if we should look at a different apartment. A one bedroom would make a LOT of difference in our monthly rent output.

LATER: I was chatting with [livejournal.com profile] silkyraven yesterday about American culture, specifically the "pot luck" (versus having dinner parties), and I mentioned how people at really big events were a bit competitive about who would have their food finished first. What I forgot to mention was the parallel track of entering your food to be judged in the county fair. I used to do this, and brought home many ribbons for my cookies (and sometimes for my cakes) in my division. I'd do it again if I could. At any rate, fun article about this in the New York Times today (in Marquette, Michigan, of all places, long time home of [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy's younger uncle) - read it! "In judging the fair’s baked goods over the last decade, she has demonstrated almost supernatural abilities, as if she can detect margarine in your banana bread by sight." Oh yeah!
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Had a rancid evening after I realized my normal catsitter wasn't available when I thought said person would be, which led to stressing out about that and many other things while I was trying to pack. AARGH why am I not friends with someone in my building who could do this?

Then had a very non-sleeping, overwarm person next to me in bed KEEPING ME AWAKE. Sleep FAIL.

Finally fell asleep and dreamed about my trip ... which was now WITH MY GRANDMOTHER to Peru. We arrived in Peru and I realized I hadn't made hotel reservations and was running around trying to figure out just where we could sleep. (Possibly this was triggered by the hotelier calling me last night to say, "It's 10 PM, why aren't you here yet?" This was because we were actually due ON WEDNESDAY.) Later we were supposed to meet my dad and go somewhere else, which (in my dream) was why he was taking care of my cat while I was gone. I got up and read LJ this morning and discovered that in reality land, it's my dad's birthday today. Present purchase FAIL. (I got them for my sister and her kids, though, who's birthdays are all within a few days of each other, so I didn't do too badly.)

Shadowdaddy made me a lovely breakfast and now that I've eaten it it's time to get moving, finish packing, and get the hell out of Dodge.
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I dreamed I was working at a coffee shop slash art gallery slash theater that I'd taken over so that it wouldn't close. That meant that I got to make all of the customers' orders, bus tables, and wash dishes while other people were performing on stage. I also got to spend my paycheck from my real job buying supplies as there wasn't actually enough money coming in to, oh, buy coffee and dish soap.

I also dreamed I saw someone on the streets outside the coffee shop skateboarding on the walls - dressed like Guy Fawkes - having a shootout with some invisible people driving a van.

When I woke up, I noticed that I was on the edge of the bed, [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy was in the middle and had both pulled the blankets off (making me cold) and colonized fully half of the bed, and the cat had taken over an entire half of the bed to herself - roughly three times the space I was occupying. No wonder I wasn't sleeping well - and let's not get into the dream about the time travelling ninjas.
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I dreamed last night that I was back in Seattle.

The streets had changed, buildings were gone that I had known. The Coffee Messiah had been repainted - inside the walls were plain white and the furniture all made of aluminum tubes. The owner didn't care at all about the history of the place.

I went looking for [livejournal.com profile] vorona. She'd moved into a crummy but cheap shared house, and my old cat, Hestia, was walking around. I leafed through my copy of In Search of Lost Time while I was waiting for her. Inside of it, two pages had been replaced with similar ones that announced the wedding of two of my friends back in Seattle (something which really happened). I thought it was funny that they'd known they were going to get married for so long that they were able to jimmy my book like that.

And then finally I saw [livejournal.com profile] vorona and gave her a big hug. She seemed thin and fragile. I realized as I said goodbye that I didn't know when I would see her again, and it made me start crying.

So there you go - Seattle, I dream of you.
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The score is now Night Nurse: 1, Irritating Cold: 1. (Yes, I was up coughing a lot last night, and I had dreams about my mom chasing me around the house with a knife while my aunt was telling me what a bad daughter I was to her. At least I could sleep between coughing fits.) I have very charming circles under my eyes now. Clearly the going to bed at 9:30 thing is good for me as it has been giving me enough pillow time to make up for the time lost due to coughing, but my midnight return last night didn't do me any favors. And I think I forgot to take my amoxicillin this morning due to being tired - and I left it at home. Bad, tired, stupid me.

There's a travel article about Cairo in the New York Times today that includes a slide show that has the pictures I wish I had taken of modern life in Egypt. They also went places I didn't have time to make it to, but, oh well, I can always go back, after I visit Greece and Turkey and Morocco and ...

I did make it through Othello last night in one piece but I don't really have time to write a review right now. It was really cool to be about six inches away from Ewan McGregor, but we were both wearing all too many clothes for my taste.


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