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My friend [livejournal.com profile] dreamsewing came over last night to re-measure me for some clothes she's making for me, and, by golly, I done shrunk. Per her, my hips are down four inches from where they were when she measured me last, right at the start of my cold. Thank goodness the *ahem* rest of me seems to be holding steady. I could tell, anyhow, because my various black office pants are all fitting better, but still, it's wierd.

That said, I can't wait to get back to the gym and start exercising again. While I've built up an incredible band of muscles right below my rib cage (from the one thing I have been doing consistently, which is coughing my guts out), fact is the rest of my body has totally lost tone. If it's not bad enough not having endurance from my breathing not being good, I hate it that I've actually lost strength. At least the coughing has substantially died down and I'm able to walk to the tube and walk up two flights of stairs without getting winded. Still, I can haz lungs nao?

Um ... yesterday at work was really frustrating - I went to the remote location and found my 11 AM had cancelled (and given me a rude note for "presuming" to set up a meeting with her without calling first) and then my 1 PM was cancelled 30 minutes in due to no one having prepared. Pure crap, I tell you, not that I got home any earlier as plenty of people wanted to talk to me anyway and I had shit to do.
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Today consisted of a lovely couple of hours Chez [livejournal.com profile] lovelybug, where I was pleased to be presented with my long-missing Fragrances and Flavors of Sicilian Cuisine (recipe for Eggplant Enchiladas to follow). Then, exhausted, home for a shower and a soak (an attempt to work out the soreness from my coughing) and a nap. Before [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy came back from his Tour de Britain ride/watching, I finished my review of The Mysteries as performed by the South African troupe Isango Portobello. (I found it too religious for my tastes.) Then we went to [livejournal.com profile] booklectic's house for her Fete Worse Than Death, which I was unfortunately not in good enough health to truly enjoy, as, after a really nice conversation with [livejournal.com profile] notintheseheels, I decided I'd burned through my energy for the night and headed home. Which is, of course, where I am now, yawning and ready to call it a night. [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy is telling us the story of his bike ride and [livejournal.com profile] wechsler and I are both feeling much more worn out than he is, which is kinda sad. Anyway, night all.
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At the Astoria cafe on Streatham High Street and early enough for breakfast. Haven't been here for at least 2 years but the guy still recognized me. Somehow totally walked by it on my way up - don't know why. I'm really worn out from just this little bit of effort - my body's overheating and my ears are plugged up.

All things told, I think I won't be out too long this morning. I'm already worn out and I have a lot of things to do at the house. Like sleep. And, oh yeah, write up a review of the show we saw last night. And do some laundry. But seriously, I just want to lay down again. Hard to believe that decreased lung capacity could be so incapacitating. I suppose my immune system is sucking up energy just trying to make me better, too.

Mmm, but a nice cup of caf tea - milky and full of sugar. Good stuff.
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GAH. Damn this cold. Well, it's not a cold anymore, it's a chest infection, isn't it? I think it's gotten out of my lungs but I guess it's a really nice place for it to live and it doesn't really want to leave yet. I hate how this is killing my energy for anything except for sitting down. Going out and doing anything after my movie? Naaaah! I have important sitting to do, along with breathing. Xrays Tuesday if my lungs aren't cleared up tomorrow.

Today J and I went to see Cruel Story of Youth, a Breathless-like movie about two young ne'er do wells who find love (extortion, violence, rape, abortions, jail, death) with each other. It wasn't really a mood lifter but it was a great view into a Japanese society quite different from the prettified world of Ozu and Naruse. We've got three more weeks of this class about his films and three more movies to see; I have to say I'm curious about what constitutes black humor in his book. The effort of walking to the Tube stop wore me out and I gave up on having more adventures and went home right afterward. Still, I got to spend time with both [livejournal.com profile] trishpiglet and [livejournal.com profile] heiroglyphe today, so there were some very positive moments in a day that exhausted me so easily.

Tomorrow: up at 6:30 and on a train north for two hours for a three hour long meeting. Woo woo manager girl me. Tonight: dishes, laundry, and home made ice cream. Which will I enjoy most?
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Hey, it's 3 weeks, and I'm still sick! And it's in my lungs, not in my sinuses. I went to the NHS walk in clinic yesterday and was told that I should see my GP, but also given amoxycillin. I don't understand why a mere cold would move into my lungs - it didn't happen to Jason. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with them.

Last night I had my old boss over for tacos (last package of tortillas, oh no!) and got a surprise visit from Josh who was killing time while his bf was out of town. It was all fairly noisy and OB was so surprised at how taco shells were made that I laughed. OB also brought two bottles of Rioja (yay!) and was good about leaving at 10:15 so I could get enough sleep. And I remembered to take an antihistamine before I went to bed AND prop myself way, way up on the pillows, so I actually got 8 hours of sleep last night, much better than the 6 or so of the night before. Still, I'm really looking forward to the weekend and getting to sleep sleep sleep for two nights in a row.
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While Pitman Painters last night was really good (review possibly some time this weekend), I got home at 11, which meant an almost salvageable bedtime - only then it was HAck HACK hack and then, after I took some decongestant to clean me out and stop the coughing, I just couldn't sleep, still, for another hour, at least 30 minutes after my sinuses drained. So, what, third day of work, 6 hours of sleep. The good news is that we all have to clear out at 3 PM because of an office move (which is why I haven't had a desk all week). Me, I'm going to just come straight home and go to bed.

(I thought about returning the tickets to the show last night in favor of sleep, by the way.)

Still sick

Aug. 24th, 2009 06:25 pm
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I am still sick.

I am celebrating by staying home tonight.

I will celebrate tomorrow day by staying home then, too, except for going out to see Streetcar later on in the day.
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Okay, I think this is GREAT NEWS and have to share it.

"There is no cure for the common cold, but in an experiment that deliberately infected volunteers with a virus, researchers have shown that getting less sleep can substantially increase the risk of catching one."

I have often felt that the amount of sleep I get is directly related to my ability to ward off infection, and since I started, er, drinking red wine to stave off the effects of aging (per another article) and generally getting 8 hours a night (I think these things are related), I have managed to fight off cold after cold. I firmly believe that eating well and getting enough sleep and regular hand washing (and not getting colds) is the best way to avoid getting colds ... and I am right in one of these things! I have felt one after another hit this winter but I've just had a runny nose that was gone the next day - a huge improvement over last year. I've also been trying to adjust my schedule so that I'm not getting home after 10:30 so I have enough time to wind down before bed, and I feel like this has been paying off.

(The "don't get a cold to keep you from getting a cold" sounds redundant but I need something to explain the fact that when you get one you tend to get a million in a row due to your immune system being overtaxed or something like that.)

Also, some further advice about avoiding heart attacks: get tested for C-reactive protein, Mediterranean diet (the Sicilian cooking will serve me well), take care of your teeth, avoid chronic stress (like I had all of the last five months of this year), get enough sleep, and a bit of cardio. Time to add in a bit more cardio - brisk walking will work and I note it's sunny outside. :-)
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Book Meme
* Grab the nearest book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post the text of the next few sentences in your journal.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

And why not. This from my gym book (not that I've been in a week):

"He usually violently ingratiates himself into someone's house or flat and stays there for as long as he thinks he can. His 'hosts' generally don't survive the visitation, although he always makes a point of paying for any food he eats, does the laundry and then wallpapers the front room."

"Pattern or plain?"

"Pattern - and lined, too."
(Jasper Fforde, The Fourth Bear, talking about the Gingerbread Man, I think.)

Alternate (from Time Regained, about WWI draft dodgers):

"But he tried at least to extract in advance from this total and immediate victory anything likely to cause suffering to Francoise. 'It could easily get very nasty, because it seems that lots of them don't want to go, lads of sixteen in tears.'"

Still sick but strongly hoping I'll be all better in a day or so. I feel like the cold has been making me look a bit transparent - my skin has been glossy and my bones are peeking a bit more through my face than normal.
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I hate that I don't have any energy or oomph to get me through the day. It's lovely outside and I want to run around and go on long walks in Richmond Park and really enjoy it, only what I really want to do is sleep most of the day, which is utterly wrong for this kind of weather. Stupid cold.

I also need to clean the house, as my sister will be here in less than a week. That I feel confident I can manage on current energy levels. Other plans for the day will have to be examined in light of my energy levels.

Oh yeah - I weighed in at 166 today. It's a bit weird. I'm guessing it's from last night's non-dinner (two tacos at Benito's Hat, the Mexican place on Goodge Street - good margs and salsa, but they forgot to put meat in [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy's burrito), though the near-box of profiteroles I had later should have made up for it.
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In training today. Still worn out, listless. Suspect this won't really be much of a week for the gym. Still, weighed 167 this AM - lowest since February - suspect loss of appetite due to cold, and won't torture myself about not going to gym. Also beginning to fuss about non-production of my passport / visa. It is really getting down to the wire.
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It's lovely outside.

And I don't feel good.

Currently thinking that not doing much today would be better for recovery than any of the other things I might do. Also think that any "doing" might entirely wear me out and perhaps the thought that I might "do" is misguided.

Today, I think, will be a reading day - a lovely, wasted sunny day. If only it were the middle of summer and I had another hundred of these to come. Perhaps later in the day I will do a turn in Bishop's Park and then feel like I enjoyed it just a bit.
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Theme song: "What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this."

Note my coworker also has a cold. We are sharing cough drops. It's kind of cute.

It looks like we are ahead of schedule which is great as it means I might be able to go home early.

Yummy Chinese food slideshow on the New York Times today. Makes me want to go to Taiwan.

LATER: Wow, the release manager and the build engineer are both sick. This is pathetic. On the other hand, I've been passing out enough medicine that I probably ought to tape a sign to my head saying "Pharmacy."
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Wow. I think I have a night nurse hangover. My mouth tastes like cough syrup and I'm groggy in a very heavy way. (This is, of course, because it stopped working mid-sleep and I waited an hour before I finally took some more (at 4), meaning I've still got some running around in my system making me tired.)

I spent the evening sitting on the couch doing not much. J and I watched the coral reef segment of The Blue Planet ([livejournal.com profile] trenchwench, have you seen this?). I'm convinced after seeing it that Cthulu is actually a giant cuttlefish.

I am off to work in a bit - not what I need with the cold, work on a Saturday, but unfortunately I volunteered for this gig some time ago, and can't really find someone to cover for me last minute. It's going to suck today but I'll be grateful to have the money when my sister gets here and it's time to pay the tab for the hotel room in Venice. [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy is being extra nice and making me breakfast. He told me some girls he went to high school with said he would make a great second husband, you know, after they all married football players. Me, I think he makes a great first husband. I hope those women haven't spent too much of their adult lives sitting around waiting for J to come back to Ohio and show them what it's like to have a really good partner instead having of a selfish jerk around, because he didn't sit around waiting for them to finally be ready for HIM and he's not coming back on the market. Finders, keepers!
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I made it through the training session fairly well today and got some career advice from Lee Copeland ("Go out and speak more!") that I will endeavor to follow. Between that, the conversation with my boss yesterday, and the chat with Wayne Macgregor on Saturday, I've got a lot of things I could write about ...

but I'm still pretty sick and I've been putting what energy I can muster for internet things into writing in my theater blog. For example, I've just finished a review of Alan Ayckbourn's Living Together at the Old Vic. Summary: try finding a real comedy instead of this dated, limp fish. Not that I'm bitter.

[livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy was very nice and made me dinner again tonight - teriyaki steak on salad. He made a special marinade that included Chinese 5 Spice as well as soy sauce and brown sugar. The whole thing seemed to have quite a Hawaiian taste to it. That boy, he may become a chef yet.

As for me ... I am tired and worn out from my day of sitting, and I'm going to be going to sleep pretty early again tonight. I'm glad I didn't have anything tonight I couldn't get out of and also am glad I only have plans for a good night's sleep tomorrow (in preparation for working on Saturday), though I will get to see [livejournal.com profile] wechsler as he's coming back from France. I think I might be able to manage a little bit of David Attenborough before I go to bed, though.

(Note: if I make as many spelling errors as I just corrected in this post, please assume I am tired.)
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Well, I do like silents, but Pavement Butterfly didn't hit the heights I was hoping for. Yes, Anna May Wong was lovely to watch, but the plot was thin on the ground and there just weren't enough subtitles. The piano player who accompanied wasn't bad, but compared to the genius of the Mighty Wurlitzer at the Paramount Theater (and pre-created scores, and sound effects), this was just ... accompaniment. It wasn't a bad movie, just ... not great. Oh well, it was pleasant enough to get out.

That said, [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy and I are throwing the towel in on tomorrow's entertainment, a three and a half hour opera we booked tickets for back in December. Whatever, we can get our money back for these, but the thought of getting back home at 11:30 after what might or might not have been a good night's entertainment is more than either of us can bear. Benjamin Britten: better when you've got actual stamina, which we don't. We'll save our energy for other nights.
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Wow, I made it through the night without getting up to take cough syrup (or cough) once. As I fell asleep, I could feel my nose drying up, and I woke up breathing clearly. Yeah, I coughed a little later, but it seemed half-hearted. The day and night nurse are both sitting unloved and unopened. I am pleased. I feel like finally, finally, this thing has broken.

I'm also busy as crap, so back to work for me ...
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I'm still coughing rather much and it looks like my lungs are going a bit green. That's a sign of bacterial infection and I was hoping I'd knocked this thing, but I could be backsliding. That's not good news. I mean, how long is this going to drag on?

I'm also pretty tired today. Going to bed at 10 has been a really good thing for me, but I can see my bedtime sliding back day after day this week. I can't tell if I'm tired from lack of sleep or if it's cold-induced exhaustion. I was up coughing again last night so I did lose some sleep.

Anyway, it's lunchtime and I'm going to walk up the street and see about getting some various cold medicines (I appear to have run through the lot - and I've actually been at this long enough that I now know what the cheapest brands are I can buy for each of the "effects" I'm seeking). What I really want is a copy of the next Sookie Stackhouse "vampire detective" mystery. Why is she such a hard author to find? I'll be ordering this online if I can't find it by the end of this week.
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Man, where did January go? Not that you can tell by looking out the window that it's not still January: it's cold and grey and miserable. And let's hear it for the District line shenanigans yesterday that had a queue of people asking for refunds at Putney Bridge and a fat wad of them buying train tickets at the Putney mainline station yesterday. (There were also rather many of them getting tickets from the transit police at Waterloo: I suspect they'd become impatient and not waited for the queue in favor of a quicker commute.) I do now have my annual season pass, though. :-)

Yesterday was a very quick-paced day at work. I had someone grab me for a "red-issues meeting" before I'd even taken my coat off, and the rest of the day raced by. I felt pretty pleased I managed to not take any cough syrup or decongestants but I had to in the middle of the night last night and I'm really beat today, even though I tried to get to bed early. However, it probably should have been ten o'clock early instead of eleven o'clock early. I'd gone to a meeting after work and even though it wrapped near 8, it took me until 9:30 to get home an dmy energy had long left me. I did mange to pick up a paperback copy of The Prisoner and the Fugitive on my way back, but I didn't really have the energy to read it. But I've got it now: first week of February, next stop on the great Proust highway, current milage 0. It's got to be better than Brideshead Revisted. Why is that supposed to be a classic, anyway? It's incredibly boring.
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So ... the show I wanted to see today was massively sold out (20 people turned away!), so I'm not sorry I didn't haul myself over to Bermondsey to watch it. But I've made reservations, so I will be seeing Annie Get Your Gun next Thursday. I do hope I continue getting better and that in fact I'm making some real progress on the health front, which my FURTHER reduced weight speaks against (I'm now at 166, which is a bit creepy as I think I'm eating well). But I've stacked my schedule as if I'm a healthy woman, to wit:
Monday: Meeting
Tuesday: Speed the Plow at the Old Vic
Wednesday: mahjong in Greenwich (crap, could have played with [livejournal.com profile] interior_lulu while she was over for tacos tonight if I'd only remembered)
Thursday: Annie Get Your Gun (review here)
Friday: The Mikado at the Gielgud
Saturday: Chita Rivera

If I'm not healthy this is not going to be a good week, that's for sure.

Based on having no responses to most of my posts this week, I'm assuming people are bored to listening to me whinge on about my cold. Believe me, I'm sick of having it. I should have some pictures up from the trip later this week and I'm going to post one of the recipes that I made yesterday as it was quite yummy but it's now 10 PM and for the new tired (yet light weight, soon to float away) me it's time to go to bed.


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