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Last week I really loaded up for shows, in part, I guess, because I'd been out of town for several weekends in March. I thought I'd get all the reviews done this weekend, but it didn't happen; I stayed up late last night and just got to Wednesday (Umbrellas of Cherbourg, very good but sadly closing in May). The most exciting evening was probably the One to One Festival at the Battersea Arts Center, which once again featured nudity in close quarter, head fuckery, and bonus phobia triggering. Kinda like some parties I've been to.

Anyway, after all that business and not enough sleep, I had a tea party to hostess on Saturday, which I think was a raging success; saw [livejournal.com profile] elbie and bonus new child Z; had probably 15 people here in total and yet we did not run out of cake. In fact, I still have some cake sitting around and I may still be feeling a bit like I had too much to eat on Saturday. I am guessing various body parts are being replaced with butter, like fossilization but on a quicker time scale. I ended the evening playing cards with [livejournal.com profile] shadowdaddy, [livejournal.com profile] solacey_aderyn, A, and [livejournal.com profile] laurenclose. Great Dalmuti, Zombie Fluxx, and Chrononauts - a pretty good evening, really, with bonus late night drinking with L and then with my new roommate.

Sunday I went to Lewes with [livejournal.com profile] wildbadger. It's a cool town, with a castle and a torn down priory, but it also has the most amazing garden at Southover Grange which was completely full of tulips and decorated with bits of architectural salvage from the priory, totally where I would want to get married if, you know, I was doing that kind of thing these days. It was a cool day trip despite the replacement rail service (boo), which I managed to get naps on both ways (yay) but was then aggravating on the return because it missed the train I was hoping to catch by 5 minutes. Still, I got home in time to do a (gasp!) podcast - the As Yet Unnamed London Theater Podcast (it'll be up here in a day or two). I felt so 21st century, like Judy Jetson, kind of an interesting transition after spending my day in the leftovers of the 11th and 15th.Me and tulips, Southover Grange, Lewes. Really a lovely day w... on Twitpic

By the way, in addition to being temporary home to Thomas Paine, the retirement place of Anne of Cleves, and having a 15th Century bookshop, Lewes is also where a battle took place that basically gave England the right to have a house of commons in addition to a king. That, I think, is an awesome bit of history, and the guy who fought for that is right up there with Thomas Jefferson and George Washington in my book. And, you know, Thomas Paine.
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Yesterday was supposed to be Good Weather (this means sunny and very cold), and J was planning to do some sort of strenuous walking with [livejournal.com profile] djm, so I decided to head to Walmer Castle with [livejournal.com profile] wechsler. Why Walmer? Well, first, it was nearby (within 2 hours); second, it looked cool; third, it was English Heritage and thus free thanks to the Christmas present [livejournal.com profile] irrationalrobot arranged for me. It was pretty neat, I thought, nice and old looking, though I think I would have preferred to have made a day of it by seeing the other coastal castles nearby, all accessible via an attractive looking cycling network (better for the summer, though). We got very good weather though it was actually a bit too cold for me; I wound up hiding in the castle's cafe to keep warm. However, the food was excellent so it wasn't such a bad place to hide, and boy, was it scenic! Pictures here. I was also given a new life's ambition: Lord Warden of the Cinques Ports, in short, the person who's official residence is Walmer. Last notable title holder: the Queen Mother. It's ambitious, but, hey, unlike the current Lord Warden, I'd be willing to live onsite, which apparently would make the cabbie who drove us there happy.

Then (after a nap and then a large cup of tea and a train ride) it was back to London, home, and then Cafe Koha for the opening night of the Showoff Piano Bar. It was packed already when we showed up but we got a seat against the wall and in the midst of the West End Whingers' crowd, and after half an hour or so Amy showed up. We made it through two bottles of wine and I sang three songs; "I Enjoy Being A Girl," "Maybe This Time" and "Dance 10, Looks 3" (a duet with a gentleman of about 55 who had all the lyrics memorized already). I think it was a really good time and I'll be first in line March 27th - and I'll practice singing so I'm ready.Lovely @webcowgirl singing Maybe This Time from Cabaret at th... on Twitpic Now, you might have thought I was being vain by bringing a second outfit to wear, but no, I just worried about freezing on the way into town - and then melting when I got in the club. And then, well, the club turned out to be a nice temperature inside but I thought a nicer dress was still called for, and there it was in my bag, so I changed clothes in the middle of the evening.

OOOH it is so lovely and sunny today and I just want to nap but I want to enjoy the weather AND do some writing! I've got two shows to review but I also need to prep for my presentation to the British Computing Society's "Software Testing Special Interest Group" on Thursday ... what's a girl to do? I've also got the incredible burden of not having a book to read right now. I just finished Cold Comfort Farm and absolutely loved it; I saw myself both in the heroine (wants to fix everyone's lives) and the screwed up family she's living with (very emotional and tend to assume every action or word someone makes is somehow directed "to" them). I'm guessing Master and Margarita should get popped back in my bag now.


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