Mar. 10th, 2011

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Tomorrow I'm going to Lyme Regis with [ profile] robot_mel and [ profile] beluosus to spend a weekend writing and geeking and drinking and enjoying each other's company. On the way up we will have Bookclub on a Train! How cool does that sound? The Degenerate Book Club is well served by 19th century forms of transportation and, while we won't get to experience first class seating in the way that Miss Lily Bart of The House of Mirth did, I think we'll enjoy ourselves more. We're celebrating our one year anniversary as a book club; it's been a huge success and a great way for us to continue building our frienship/s.

Yesterday I met up with Robin (American moving back to US shortly) to see The Red Shoes at Battersea Arts Center. Both of us found it oddly unaffecting, perhaps because they stripped the heroine's vanity out of the retelling. Or we're just major burnouts. Either way, I'm all up for her idea of a video-game inspired "let's level up!" retelling of The Magic Flute, and Coronation of Poppea in a bar. It's a damned shame she's moving to Portland; she's the kind of friend you find once in a decade and to have her slip between my fingers so soon vexes me. We have projects! We have plans! We have conspiracies! *sigh*

Work. I am flat. Joy of the day was Josh calling to invite me to dinner at 7:10 PM, just after I finished Pilates up in Archway.

Meanwhile my ankle keeps popping out, but my Pilates instructor has done a good job of keeping me from falling over anymore. Now if only my counselor could do the same thing with my life, but I'll settle for her to see some ballet with me now and then.


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