Mar. 1st, 2011

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The cold weather is holding on. Brr.

Yesterday at work nothing happened. I'm guessing it'll go down Wednesday. Today I'm off working in our location near Reading so I get a free ride stress-wise. I slept much better last night (this night?) than I did the night before but I can tell my back is a knotted up wreck. Beforehand I'm going to try to hit the physio clinic at the hospital and see if I can actually get through the intake appointment before I need to catch a train.

I'm reading "House of Mirth" and enjoying it a lot.

Last night I went and saw Jordi Savall perform at a concert in honor of the 125th anniversary of the Spanish trade mission in London and it was GREAT. He's quite a performer, the best in the world, I think. Sunday I saw a lovely puppet show that I need to write up and then went to Drink Shop Do for afternoon tea. I loved it and want to have a pre-birthday thing there on June 20th now.

And now off the couch and down to the hospital. My ankle did its painful thing yesterday while I was getting on a bus so I'd like that to go away now, please.
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I was going to write about Schema Therapy the 7th but mostly we talked about stuff going on at work. I was also asked to explain what the rules of poly are. Basically, too much stuff to talk about on a very full stomach with half a bottle of wine and rather a lot of fried chicken in me. I made it to the physio intake session and was given some strengthening and proprioception exercises as well as a referfal for further physio this morning. Tonight I made a dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and homemade (totally from scratch) strawberry shortcake. And I had two glasses of wine and watched David Attenboroughs "these are some volcanoes" series. I'm ready to fall over now. TTYL.


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