Feb. 17th, 2011

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This is a week where I will have seen six shows in six days. Fortunately last night's show I won't review, as it was a flamenco guitar performance (Tomatito) at Sadler's Wells; I realized I couldn't say anything intelligent about it so didn't bother taking notes. However, Monday night I went and saw Frankenstein at the National Theater and had rather a lot to say. Spelling Bee at the Donmar, well, hopefully I'll finish the review today.

Work-wise this has been a flat week. My boss is ill and there's a lack of energy in the office. Still, I visited my nothern outpost (Chesterfield) yesterday and had a perfectly nice time; made the train with 3 minutes to spare, got writing in and revised my automation presentation on the way up, bought all sorts of yumyums at the bakery when I arrived, had a meeting, had a lunch meeting (with a half roasted chicken for lunch for 3.50, a deal!), did my presentation (the video crashed the slideshow, oops), did about 10 minutes of email, went back to the train station, and caught a nap on the train on the way back. Really, it all went perfectly in my book.


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